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El problema hacia la mitad de la vida, cuando el cuerpo ha llegado a su apogeo de poder y empieza a declinar, está en identificarse no con el cuerpo, que decae, sino con la conciencia de la que el cuerpo es vehículo. Joseph Campbell

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Roxie Munro
Roxie Munro ()

@ProjectLincoln She wouldn’t know a quote from Joseph Campbell from a Campbell’s soup ad.

George Henderson
George Henderson ()

@keithedwards A. Let’s ask Bill Moyer what Joseph Campbell would have thought do Ivanka Trump. B. Joe Campbell is turning in his grave. Hero’s Journey she knows nothing about. C. Whose her dermatologist

Angel Alayón
Angel Alayón ()

“The only way you can describe a human being truly is by describing his imperfections”. Joseph Campbell

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Tica Vangen
Tica Vangen ()

@ProjectLincoln Joseph Campbell is rolling in his grave having his words spoken from this mouth.

Bilbofbaggins ()

How dare you even speak Joseph Campbell’s words. Your biggest “struggle” was when your nanny put away your barbies while you were still playing! The hard ship you speak of for many is CAUSED BY YOUR DAD! Go away! $53 million last year!!!!

Lilly ()

@ProjectLincoln What a fake! Fake everything: looks, voice, her vision, and quoting Joseph Campbell? Pleeeeeze!

Mask Up 😷 + Wash Your Hands or 🦠! Laura Mac 🇺🇸
Mask Up 😷 + Wash Your Hands or 🦠! Laura Mac 🇺🇸 ()

@ProjectLincoln She scares the hell out to me. 🤡😜 The breathiness and faux intelligent references to Joseph Campbell are ridiculous.

Hi ()

@BradleyWhitford She quotes Joseph Campbell as if she has ever read any of his works outside of an entry on an inspirational website.

VP Chapman
VP Chapman ()

@ProjectLincoln No frickin way did she write this, and leave Joseph Campbell out of your hollow world

Jeff Macauley
Jeff Macauley ()

Hey, Ivanka. I know who Joseph Campbell is. I never missed an episode of “Cannon.”

Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke ()

@mommydrank Joseph Campbell is to philosophy as Ayn Rand is the philosophy. Not really philosophy, and really bad philosophy at the same time.

Truck Gray
Truck Gray ()

@ProjectLincoln One of which is Joseph Campbell’s apparition patiently explaining what role she and her father have played within the hero myth.

H.C ()

@ProjectLincoln @IvankaTrump how dare you quote Joseph Campbell??? You corrupted piece of trash!!!

Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke ()

First of all, I have more training as a philosopher than Joseph Campbell. Second, you’re looking at the first female president of the United States, and the end of the world as we know it.

solipsist ()

Joseph Campbell is trending, not because the twitterati have discovered mythology or archetypes or anything interesting, but because ivanka drumf mentioned him and now he must be weaponized against waycism.

Elaine Sundberg
Elaine Sundberg ()

@ProjectLincoln We know who Joseph Campbell is. Don’t need dimwit Ivanka ‘splaining. #Biden2020 #Biden2020ToSaveAmerica

Jonathan Jollimore
Jonathan Jollimore ()

@ProjectLincoln The fact she brings up Joseph Campbell 😑 she has no clue what she is talking

Salena Sanford
Salena Sanford ()

@ProjectLincoln DO NOT BRING JOSEPH CAMPBELL INTO THIS, you treacherous ninny. Trump is not Gilgamesh, he is Humbaba The Terrible. You have a deep ignorance of mythology & comparative religion.

Jay Louis
Jay Louis ()

@ProjectLincoln Calling Joseph Campbell a philosopher is like calling Donald Trump a businessman

DaisyRose ()

@riotwomennn @ProjectLincoln She needs to keep Joseph Campbell name out her damn phony ass mouth.

mark beam
Mark beam ()

@bblock29 Guarantee she’s never read any Joseph Campbell “philosophy.” Unless someone accidentally left one of his books in the “personal growth “ section .

Carrie B-P
Carrie B-P ()

@ProjectLincoln How dare you quote the great Joseph Campbell, you pathetic, morally bankrupt Criminal! He would turn in his grave!

Bright Side O’ Da 4ce
Bright Side O’ Da 4ce ()

@ProjectLincoln Get Joseph Campbell’s name out of your mouth

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Bobby Reiley
Bobby Reiley ()

@ProjectLincoln Did she even know who Joseph Campbell was before she read that speech?

CJ Resists!
CJ Resists! ()

@ProjectLincoln Joseph Campbell was discussing the hero’s mythical journey in FICTION. Ivanka is a totally fake person so maybe she believes the BS she’s saying.

Jo Respects Black Lives 🏳️‍🌈
Jo Respects Black Lives 🏳️‍🌈 ()

Joseph Campbell woulda had this bitch story end with her head on a pike, Gilgamesh AND Beowulf dancing around her funeral pyre.

Caitx0r ()

@ProjectLincoln How tf is Ivanka going to invoke Joseph Campbell when her father is the leader of a cult of people who celebrate ignorance?

Thom Donovan
Thom Donovan ()

@ProjectLincoln Since she mentioned Joseph Campbell, ask the Evangelicals to read The Hero with a Thousand Faces, then hold up a prop Bible and see how they react.

Carin Watson
Carin Watson ()

I love Joseph hate hearing his words out of her mouth. #OutOfTouch

Héctor Torres
Héctor Torres ()

El problema hacia la mitad de la vida, cuando el cuerpo ha llegado a su apogeo de poder y empieza a declinar, está en identificarse no con el cuerpo, que decae, sino con la conciencia de la que el cuerpo es vehículo. Joseph Campbell

☚ #nocomradeunder1k Mr. Unlimited ☛
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