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If we are being honest, Greenway should sit, but because he is new his leash is a lot longer than his teammates. Jost should never sit if he is healthy..

Clague in for Bryson✅ Olofsson in for Jost❌❌❌ That third line is going to caved in today and I’m not sure what Greenway has done to deserve first line minutes again.

@BuffaloSabres Great job scratching Jost and Olofsson. The line chemistry that was created last few games is gone. This one’s on the staff.

victor olofsson scored those two useless goals and Tyson Jost paid the price.

Suspicion is Jost is banged up. Mittelstadt played decently well against Philly at center..

this is what we deserve for making tyson jost a healthy scratch tbh.

At this point you have to assume Jost is injured. As for the Skinner and Greenway switch, it makes 0 sense. Good news here is Bryson finally sits..

@CMDeDominicis Sitting Jost who’s been arguably your best defensive forward and Peterka for Olofsson and Hinostroza is def a dumb decision.

@BrianWGR Oh Brian they are a young team is what we are going to hear. Nonsense! This is a bad Flyers team and a much needed 2 points. Granato sits Jost. Really..

@BuffaloSabres fuck you guys. Why the fuck would you sit Jost against a team like Philly?.


@BrianWGR This decision to bench Peterka and Jost for friggen Ollofson and Hinostroza is beyond comprehension and totally first wtf? moment.

greenway first line?? 37/71 second line?? no jost?? THIRD LINE?????? thank god bryson got scratched but what on earth are we doing, this is the BRUINS at HOME you may as well try and put together a solid lineup 🫠.

Seeing Clague in for Bryson seems like a positive Jost still scratched and Olofsson being given Mittelstadt and Skinner as linemates… I will just say not a positive 🫠 #Sabres #LetsGoBuffalo.


@BuffaloSabres scratch Jost, break up our best line (by putting a plug there). are we even trying?.

@LLysowski The great move of ollofson and hinestroza For jost and peterka working just the way they planned.

So is Jost still carrying a little injury or is Granato just being a complete goofball.

Greenway is a bust. Had a feeling after reading MN fans, but have now seen it myself. Imagine if he and Zemgus were out for Peterka and Jost. If they treat UPL like garbage, my enthusiasm is gonna really tank..

You benched Jost and Peterka. You got what you Deserved Granato. This Loss is on You! #Sabres.


Sabres continue to play down to the competition. Get your head out of your asses and play your game. There’s still time tonight to get back in it. Also, never sit Jost! #LetsGoBuffalo.

@TheChargingBUF With Peterka and Jost in the press box while Greenway and Olofsson are on the ice. Absolute fucking disgrace.

71 is so useless!!!!!! Why is he in for jost or JJ. Wtf was this coaching Staff thinking.

@ByMHarrington At thus point the Sabres do not want to lower Olofsson’s trade value. Ideally he scores a few goals now B4 they trade him this summer. Jost should be the 13 or 14 forward for a playoff team in 2024..

@MikeyC641983 Honestly he’s an idiot, taking out JJ & Jost when they were playing well, for Olofsson and Vinny is a joke, he makes horrible decisions all the time..


@LLysowski This is on Granato, for changing out Jost and Peterka…what’s HORRIBLE move.


@BillHoppeNHL This decision to bench Peterka and Jost for friggen Ollofson and Hinostroza is beyond comprehension and totally first wtf? moment.

@BuffaloSabres Jost: scores great goal vs. Caps To the press box! Greenway: allows the highly elusive Tom Wilson to beat him to the slot and score the tying goal vs. Caps To the top line! 🙄.

Jost be might carrying an injury but if not, I’d be pretty ticked off at getting scratched while also seeing the team’s worst forward in this recent stretch getting a first line promotion.

jost made casey a way better player since being in buffalo why they are scratching him with no explanation is BEYOND ME😭.

@ByMHarrington Wow…..You really have to feel for Jost. No clue what he has done to deserve being sat..

#Sabres Good thing Donny Meatballs sat Peterka and Jost and played Olofsson tonight. Moronic coaching..

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