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Here are the finalists for AP NFL MVP: -Josh Allen, Bills -Joe Burrow, Bengals -Jalen Hurts, Eagles -Justin Jefferson, Vikings -Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs See the finalists for AP Offensive, Defensive and Comeback Players of the Year here:.

@BigT44DFS Brandon Beane sucked bad enough to draft Justin Jefferson, but he traded that pick to the Vikings Stephon Diggs who he now pays a Hefty number. He should stop making excuses..

@iHardMan302 @CINClothingCo They traded a first rd for diggs that pick was Jefferson I don’t wanna hear it.

The @PFWAwriters Have named Patrick Mahomes MVP, Justin Jefferson OPOTY and Nick Bosa DPOTY #NFL.

@BabzOnTheMic What he said doesn’t even make sense lol you don’t have to draft that high to get great receivers… Justin jefferson literally got drafted with THEIR pick that they traded away 😂😂😂 AJ Brown, DK Metcalf, Etc. Were all after the first round, not sure what he’s talking about.

Vikings’ Justin Jefferson, four QBs are finalists for MVP award.

@MikeBusch89 @barstoolsports You literally could have had Justin Jefferson on a rookie deal, but chose to trade for Diggs. 💀.

@C2Cnerd22 @4WhomJBellTolls Justin Jefferson was drafted by the Vikings with the pick they gave up for Diggs..

Should be noted he gave up the pick that took Justin Jefferson for the honor of overpaying Diggs..

If Justin Jefferson isn’t atleast Offensive Player of the year it’s a travesty. If the MVP is basically a QB award u have to be flexible with other awards..

Just a fyi Justin Jefferson is alive… his QB just Kirk Cousins.

If the MVP was really about value, Justin jefferson would win the award with relative ease.

¡LA CARRERA RUMBO AL MÁS VALIOSO DE LA #NFL! Estos son los cinco nominados al MVP de temporada regular Joe Burrow Patrick Mahomes Jalen Hurts Josh Allen Justin Jefferson.

Justin Jefferson Photo,Justin Jefferson Photo by La Vida a Ras de Cancha,La Vida a Ras de Cancha on twitter tweets Justin Jefferson Photo

Could have had Justin Jefferson though, but you decided that pick was worth drama queen Diggs🤷🏻‍♂️.

are we gonna act like this same guy didn’t trade his draft pick that turned into justin jefferson after he said he doesn’t want to suck so hard that he could get a jamar chase lol.

My NFL award picks would be: MVP: Joe Burrow DPOY: Nick Bosa OPOY: Justin Jefferson OROY: Garrett Wilson DROY: Sauce Gardner CPOY: Geno Smith COY: Kyle Shanahan.

😭😭😭 poor Bills GM had to pay his great players their money If only he would have just kept his draft pick and taken Justin Jefferson who was still on a rookie deal this year.

@T_Poullard Minnesota has Justin Jefferson Dalvin Cook and Kirk cousins and you want an award for the head coach? Smh.

@lfernando86 O ponto que ele queria passar é correto, mas se expressou muito mal. DK Metcalf veio no segundo round, Justin Jefferson foi 22° pick….

@barstoolsports Well he did have Josh Allen on a rookie contract at one point and could have had Justin Jefferson on a rookie contract at one point too (but traded for Diggs which required an extension). Maybe the Bills are succeeding despite his failures or missed opportunities..

This is hilarious considering the pick they traded for Diggs was Justin Jefferson lol.

Fun fact this GM traded his first round pick for Diggs. That pick turned out to be Justin Jefferson..

@ESPNNFL Justin Jefferson. Without him the Vikings are cooked - terrible defense, average offensive weapons, average talent QB. Chiefs just showed they can work with Chad Henne and thebother teams have strong defenses and offenses good enough a backup QB has solid weapons..

I think the bengals should try to trade for Justin Jefferson. Just think man lol Burrow, Chase and Jefferson reunited??? Crazy..

Vikings’ Justin Jefferson, four QBs are finalists for MVP award.

Justin Jefferson Named a Finalist for Most Valuable Player by Associated Press.

Jefferson led the NFL with 128 catches and 1,809 receiving yards in his third season. He would become the first wideout ever to win AP MVP honors..

@Yfz84 Joe Burrow NFL records this year: 0 Jalen Hurts NFL records this year: 0 Justin Jefferson NFL records this year: 0 Josh Allen NFL records this year: 2 Patrick Mahomes NFL records this year: 2.

Justin Jefferson Photo,Justin Jefferson Photo by Owfi ✝️,Owfi ✝️ on twitter tweets Justin Jefferson Photo

@PabloViruega 1. Jose Burrow (es un chingon en todos los apectos aunque es soberbio) 2. Justin Jefferson ( El mejor WR, necesita un qb elite) 3. Jalen Hurts ( El gran motor de Eagles ) 4. Josh Allen ( Su lesión y la falta de confianza por lo mismo le afectó y quedó a deber) 5. Patrick Mahomes.

@Outkick Well, he sucked bad enough to get Justin Jefferson but traded the pick away,.

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