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Are you serious??? That damn tiktok song is by K Camp!!!! Oh run my man a CHECK!!! NOW!!!!

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Arisa Cox ()

YES give this genius her due 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 K Camp acknowledges the 14-year-old choreographer who made his song blow up

ً ()

Fck all them white girls who tried to steal they shit, K Camp a real ngga for this

Kelvin Liu ()

Dances go viral all the time with no mention of the original choreographers. K Camp does it right and gives credit to 14 year old Jalaiah for helping him dominate TikTok

Alea ✨ ()

Okay so am I the only one who didn’t know K. Camp made this song lol

Conshea Brown ()

Black girls win every time 👸🏾 thank you K Camp 🖤 these babies ate this dance when THEY created it. Magic ✨

9 9 9 ()

K Camp is really undefeated. Unproblematic. Unbothered. We stan.

West Philly LEGEND♋️ ()

K Camp really be having hits and u wouldn’t even know he was still making music 😂 legendary

Jai ()

Since when is this K Camp’s song?! I thought it was him but google told me different😒

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Jasmyn ()

@Tharealvante Lol i’ve never slept on K Camp 😂. But seeing little kids hop around to the first few seconds of the song had me thinking it was some new kid song.

焚之助 ()

@Hanamichi_Camp 残念! タークなのです! めっちゃ使い勝手が良くて気に入ってます。😊

Kelly Kapowski ()

Me and @Sarocious say this all the time. Give K Camp his flowers now! 🔥

Dorian ()

@kcamp @SuperDuperKyle K Camp a real one for that. Fuck that white girl with the cheerleaders

Work Port St Lucie ()

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🐐 ()

Thank you K camp for giving them the recognition they hey deserve

💛 ()

on behalf the black community, thank u k camp for giving credit where it’s due 🗣🗣

Janet ()

This the same nigga PV was hating on I hate PV 😭😭😭 K camp for the kids ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

KR bot ()

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Jasmyn ()

Are you serious??? That damn tiktok song is by K Camp!!!! Oh run my man a CHECK!!! NOW!!!!

Huncho Hussein ()

Shout to K Camp for giving this girls their credit 💯💯✊🏿 . N speaking of credits K Camp better get his in 2020 . All he do is make hits🔥🔥

#NLN 💅🏾 ()

I ain’t even know this was k camp my dog care back with that 🔥 after he cut that bitch off 5 yrs ago omm

Kale & Okra ()

K Camp made this song and people been dancing to it and nobody knew it was him. This girl choreographed a dance and white TikTok girls ran off with it and get all the views, viral moments and even get booked to teach NBA cheerleaders how to do it. Trash!

Sheeisrichnmaintains ()

Im so Me to my 17 year old tryna sound cool: You know K Camp made that tik tok song right😂😂

Mic-T ()

Give it to em K CAMP! The originators! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

Kale & Okra ()

Shout out to K Camp for linking with the true visionary who helped this song trend. I’m glad you BOTH are getting your much-deserved credit. Black folks are getting their flowers all 2020!

Kenee endee 🌹 ()

It’s so crazy how k camp hasn’t took his foot off our necks for some years now, yet nobody really acknowledges him like that. Smh

Dawson Knight ()

K Camp got his ear to the youth cause he was goin viral on Vine for his tracks all the time

Hey boy ()

k camp so real for contacting jalaiah and sky and putting that caption ugh I really love to see it warms my heart

अमीत ठाकर ()

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