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First off, I would definitely like to thank the Knicks for waiving me. Enes Kanter got jokes 😆.

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#RipCity Repasamos a los líderes de Portland Trail Blazers en su eliminatoria ante los Thunder: - Puntos: Lillard (33), McCollum (), Kanter (). - Rebotes: Kanter (), Harkless (7), Aminu (). - Asistencias: Lillard (), McCollum (4), Kanter (2)..

I feel good for Kanter, who went 13 and 13 and got to escape what is a joke of a basketball operation here..

@westiestylz Yeah Adams offensive rebounding was severely hampered this series, Kanter was great on the boards on both ends. Another simple ploy from the Blazers - When Adams got swtiched onto Dame or CJ, he was drawn away from the hoop and was forced in the air when they took a.

“Hoca efendimiz” diyerek zamanında el etek öpen, gördükçe salya sümük ağlayan kim varsa onlar kesinlikle fetöcü değil ama bu grup ona karşı olan kim varsa fetöcü ilan ediyorlar. Ülkede fetöcü olduğunu kabul eden 2 kişi var biri Hakan Şükür diğeri Enes Kanter.

@BasketMerkez @TransferMerkez Video da her sey güzel enes kanter hariç.

@juliaaan_M Ah ouais là j’avoue Kepass Adams mdr. Kanter en plus j’ai vu en conf de presse il avait une écharpe au bras.

@jrochec No entiende que Deandre Jordan en 2 meses le a enseñado más a Robinson que Kanter en 6..

@brookeolzendam @Enes_Kanter Hes gonna talk about NY for the next 3yrs. Took him a lot time to get over OKC. Hes scorn over NY, that wishing him all the best in Portland. He did us all a favor. Worked for both sides.

@Enes_Kanter So damn proud of you bro! You have been playing amazing & impacting every game all series. Keep silencing the haters & critics my friend!.

@AUS2PDX @Enes_Kanter if y’all make the conference finals, beat down the warriors for us.

@HPbasketball It’s going to be brutal for OKC fans when Kanter does indeed get played off the floor in the next series. Like salt in an open wound..

@Enes_Kanter I hope you gave them a going away present. And yes, @Enes_Kanter CAN PLAY..

@Enes_Kanter plays with a separated shoulder tonight!! The dude is a soldier. So happy he’s on my team!!!! Thank you New York!.

@HPbasketball Kanter vs. Jokic is not ideal for the To say the least..

@HPbasketball Why didn’t okc attack kanter tho? Like as a thunder fan i dont get it.

Back to the Portland side of Could not be more happy for Kanter! After the whole Houston series made him look unplayable in the playoffs, he got his redemption..

@ndnpro64 @HPbasketball He got 6 shots a game, kanter got big numbers because Adams chased lillard around and no one boxed him out..

You win Twitter @Enes_Kanter !! Please come back next year!!!!.

@MilesCustis @pdxTimmay Enes Kanter played well, too. He was fantastic on the glass..

تذكرون بيلي دونوڤون ضد الروكيتس يوم يقول Can’t play Kanter عشان تعرفوا ان ماعند امه سالفة.

@Enes_Kanter fabulous game! Mr. lantern!!! What an incredible game!! I still can’t believe it!!.

@Enes_Kanter @trailblazers Talk about checking social media right after the game!.

@Enes_Kanter Not if the opposing team’s point guard can shoot from beyond ten feet. Good luck with the Jamal Murray pick n rolls!.

If BD says something along the lines of “can’t play Adams” like he did about Kanter and isn’t fired on the spot then we have to all boycott the team. I get that they went small but c’mon. How to do you keep that man out of the game.

First off, I would definitely like to thank the Knicks for waiving me. Enes Kanter got jokes 😆.

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