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Kareem Hunt has requested a trade from the Browns after not receiving a contract extension, per @MaryKayCabot The Browns have declined. @brgridiron.

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Kareem Hunt has requested a trade out of Cleveland, per @MaryKayCabot The Browns reportedly denied the request.

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Browns RB Kareem Hunt—currently seeking a contract extension—did not participate in team drills for the second consecutive practice on Saturday. Hunt told the team multiple times recently, his current plan is to participate in individuals drills only. Friday marked the first 1/4.

#Browns owner Jimmy Haslam asked if he’d go back and sign Deshaun Watson all over again? “Absolutely,” he says.” Adds: “People deserve second chances… does he get no chance to rehabilitate himself?” And: “We gave Kareem Hunt a second chance. That’s worked out pretty well.”.

Josh Yohe
Josh Yohe

Honest question: Do the Browns have a PR staff? What a scumbag organization, from the top on down. Maybe Kareem Hunt or Myles Garrett can provide some guidance for the young man..

O RB Kareem Hunt (CLE) pediu para ser trocado após o Browns não entrar em negociações com ele por um novo contrato, diz @MaryKayCabot. O time negou o pedido..

What do you think? #OnePride Kareem Hunt ranked 6th in yards per carry after contact and was a top 10 PPR running back last season. #NFL.

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Nick Chubb says he wants the #Browns to do whatever they have to do to keep Kareem Hunt and all I really want is for Nick Chubb to be happy so..

“We shouldn’t have high hopes this year for Dobbins, Chubb, or Singletary as receivers…with that in mind, RB target share is more earned than inherited, so (mobile QBs) don’t appear to be a huge negative for Kareem Hunt and James Cook.” @JakeTribbey nailing it as usual.

To be honest I didn’t expect Kareem Hunt to be with the Browns long-term Nick Chubb is the running back to retire a brown.

@OconRecon @MoreForYou_CLE I think we have a better overall package with DEJ so anything I get for Hunt is a bonus. I did a fair comparison of the two here 5th is likely fair value but it takes both sides, I think it might need an injury for a team to make the move.

Óbvio que eu gostaria muito que o Hunt ficasse, jogadorzaço e o par perfeito pro Chubb, quando saudável. Dito isso, os Browns não vão dar um novo contrato pra ele, e inclusive já draftaram o seu substituto (Ford). Basta saber se o Kareem fica em 2022, ou se algum time leva ele..

At least the Kareem Hunt drama is over for now so that we can get back to the other drama going on..

Would Kareem Hunt be the best RB on the roster? Yes Would giving up a draft pick, paying him what he’s asking, and taking him back after negative team history ultimately be a net positive? No Thanks for coming to my #TedTalk.

‼️ Kareem Hunt Requests A Trade ‼️ Why A Trade Or Extension Is Unlikely W A T C H: @rumblevideo: @ChatSports.

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Will Kareem Hunt be able to get a new deal with Cleveland? If not, should the Browns trade him? Here are 3 teams that should try to trade for the RB. #FrontOffice33 | #Browns.

I’ve heard a Kareem Hunt for Jimmy G trade floated so much today.

Kareem Hunt Watson had 20-some chances to be a better human being & chose to be a nasty mfer each time. FOH with that shit smh..

According to a report, Hunt has asked for a trade and the Browns have quickly responded:.

I’m begging you to not tweet something about the Chiefs trading for Kareem please tweet anything else but that..

Browns: Kareem Hunt fait la grève en attendant une prolongation de contrat.

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Browns lose Kareem Hunt & their offense won’t be as efficient. That could be a huge loss & change how they go about playcalling..

#Browns RB Kareem Hunt has formally requested a trade from Cleveland, as he holds out for a new contract. Interested to see where he ends up, if he’s a RB1, or keeps the mostly pass catching role he has with CLE. If he’s an RB1 on a new team, his fantasy value would skyrocket..

D’Ernest Johnson’s ability to create yardage as a running back could help the Cleveland Browns in 2022..

They say timing is everything. Unfortunately for Kareem Hunt, he picked the wrong time to gripe about a contract extension. #Browns | @923TheFan.

Browns RB Kareem Hunt Requests Trade Amidst Contract Dispute #Steelers.

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In other news, Cleveland RB Kareem Hunt remains a piece of $hit. #ClevelandBrowns #Nfl.

This Pacheco / Hunt player comparison has gotten to #ChiefsKingdom on multiple levels 😅 We just HAD to bring Kareem’s name in here right before he asks for a trade huh.

Doubling down on Watson by using Kareem Hunt as the example is NASTY WORK.

@AlexCaruso How is Kareem Hunt up and Nick Chubb down? I don’t agree with that one bit. The whole offense takes a hit not just certain players. If anything the Browns rely on the rush more which helps Chubb..

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