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The Yankee game will be on Apple TV+. The broadcasters will be Stephen Nelson, Hunter Pence and Katie Nolan with Heidi Watney as the dugout reporter..

@FrankiesTwoLoud Katie Nolan saying Judge can’t lose ground in AL batting average race bc #2 Bogaerts isn’t playing was the type of galaxy brained analysis u can expect from this booth lmao.

@Starting9 Katie Nolan explaining batting average is like me explaining where to find the G spot. Both very far off..


Katie Nolan saying “nice” after the answer to the trivia question being .269 is the highlight of the Yankees apple broadcast.

Katie Nolan sure has a knack for making it sound like every game is her first time watching baseball..

@FrankiesTwoLoud But Frankie didn’t you hear???? Katie Nolan did extensive research! 🫠.

Katie Nolan is gonna call the 61st home run because we never banned the wave.

@Jomboy_ Also Bogaerts isn’t in the lineup so the batting avg race can’t get smaller, only bigger tonight according to Katie Nolan of Apple..

* Aaron judge strikes out * *people leave their seats to get food and use the restroom * Katie Nolan : why are people leaving.

Lol Katie Nolan asking if Marlins man goes to other games or just big moment games is a perfect illustration of how bad Apple TV’s MLB crew is at their jobs.

Katie Nolan’s sole contribution to this broadcast is making one random joke that has nothing to do with baseball every 3 innings. Very confusing why she’s even in the booth.

You know what you’re not going to hear on a YES broadcast? Katie Nolan making a 69/nice joke. Advantage: Apple..

@AppleTV Hunter Pence, Stephen Hunter and Katie Nolan could very well be the worst @mlb sportscasters ever..

Katie Nolan just repeated the popular line this week that Harrison Bader’s favorite player is Roger Maris. The only evidence of that anywhere on the internet is one sentence on Wikipedia so it’s def gotta be legit..

Please tell me why Katie Nolan was ever a thing. What exactly has she ever done?.

Katie Nolan is absolutely horrific. The MLB should never partner with Apple TV again. Their coverage is worse than a high school booth..

This broadcast is atrocious. I’m sure all three are nice people but listening to them is just bad. They aren’t letting Katie Nolan say anything & Hunter Pence is talking way too much. As for Stephen Nelson, he just seems lost. It’s bad all the way around. #RepBX.

The Apple TV broadcast has improved as the game has gone on tonight since it appears someone told Katie Nolan to stfu lol #yankees.

Katie Nolan never talks unless someone says her name and then she goes Hmm? Great broadcasting, Apple TV #RepBX.

If they must torture us with listening to Katie Nolan on this #appletv #Yankees broadcast, at least show us her face now and then!.

Katie Nolan provides literally NOTHING of value to a broadcast. Holy shit she is bad..

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Katie Nolan does not deserve to be in a broadcast booth. Especially with Aaron Judge potentially making history tonight..

Katie Nolan just yelled GET OUT. Take your own advice and all three of you clowns get out of the AppleTV booth. @NickTurturro1 @GinaMuscato.

@SchwartzSports Katie Nolan is like nails on a chalkboard to me…and that is tough for me to say because I’m a big proponent of having more women in the booths- just NOT this woman!.

@vdadhania I don’t like streaming games in general - channel flipping is too inconvenient. But this broadcast is particularly awkward. This is a horrible use of Katie Nolan. And the play by play guy is just “meh”.


@BarstoolHubbs I wish I was Katie Nolan. I’d get paid to watch baseball in great seats and say virtually nothing for 3 hours.

@AndrewMarchand Great analysis by Nolan….can we say it’s cold? This is a terrible booth. Nolan will be let go like everywhere else she goes. Katie Nolan is an alcoholic and Networks can’t stand her….look back to what she did at the Sports Emmy’s. She is human trash can.

@ldillon1980 @TalkinYanks Yeah Katie Nolan is very funny but I don’t know if she was ready for something like this. Disappointing.

@EmSheDoesIt Katie Nolan is going to be making a double entendre during the HR book it..

Guy: Roger Maris has a batting average of .269 Katie Nolan: nice LMAO HAHAHA 🤣 give her another Emmy!.

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