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Supreme game 2game ()

Kawsがぁーーん! 歴史は繰り返すのか👀 nwa fuck the police hq @YouTubeより

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Haziq zag ()

Kaws ✔️ Flight club ✔️ Icebox ✔️ Louis vuitton ✔️ Adidas ✔️ Nike ✔️ Licin semua 😂

รﻮ ()

龌龊的假抗议者们呐,去把巨型 kaws 也拖走好了。

𝓓𝓪𝓷 𝓖𝓵𝓮𝓮𝓼𝓪𝓬𝓴 ()

@nihontas there were videos circulating of dudes nabbing 4ft KAWS statues. Flight Club, Cookies & Kicks. Melrose, Fairfax whole area got hit hard apparently.

Penwontbite ()

Tgk gaya kau pon mcm kau baru kenal KAWS aku rasa tu. Last year ? Last 2 years ?

Sofi ⁷🐙 ()

somebody got a whole kaws statue ??? YOOOO 😭😭 get ur ass home ur done for the day

Paman ()

@jedam19 Kalau limited sgt mcm kaws aku fahamlah , ini stok kat Uniqlo tempat lain pon still bnyk lagi terus nk jual rm120, alasan beratur + duit minyak + energy. Who the fuxk suruh kau beli bnyk² untuk org lain.


This type of Marketing by Kaws would make Banksy jealous. All this stuff that happened today a KAWS Companion stuff ends up “trending”

Jen ()

aku tak suka sangat la ikut fashion trend sebab kadang2 mengarut 😂 macam baju kaws tu. apa yang cantik taktahu la. itu hanya dimata aku ya rakan rakan jangan la kecam

S ()

LAのメルローズでKAWSがお店から盗まれてる.. これはダメでしょ... 信じられない...

Hawaiisneakerheads ()

💔 kaws ... @garydxc said to please be on the lookout at all reselling forums and websites for looted items. Stay safe everyone

Ofentse ()

Damn. Saw a store with KAWS merch get looted, a Louis V store too and now a Benz dealership? Smh. Wild.

Mandee Bence ()

@luiibadass How are you going to get away running with a whole ass life size kaws omg

たっつん(転生) ()

しかしアメリカえらいこっちゃ。 ヴィトン、フライトクラブ、kaws全部餌食に。

Qi ()

@normanjahhh @Aiman_Razman Billie ni berlambak stock, kaws haritu ye memang limited sebab that one last colabs with kaws

Faruqqqq ()

nak main resell barang tapi tak nampak ke kaws pun orang resell tak jalan😔🤲🏻

Carmen ()

@BENBALLER This is not right 🤬 They probably don’t even know who Kaws that large figure was the last one they grabbed. They are looting just to



Lil amor ()

y’all don’t realize that KAWS statue at the end was probly like $30k + man he fuckin scored ☠️

Shia labussdown ()

came up half a mill for the giant KAWS statue jesus fucking christ

⁷☻ Lana| BLM ()

What is stealing kaws gonna do for the BLM movement y’all annoying ruining peaceful protests

Slim-McFly ()

@ChadLanier @chrissoilltho Bruh they was in there getting thousands of dollars worth of rare Kaws shit lol

Chris says fuck cops🇧🇧 ()

@Slim_McFly @ChadLanier Damn! I can only imagine having one of those KAWS statues in my crib. Def a come up

Cid ()

Imagine the people that have no idea how much those kaws are worth watching grown man stealing a big ass toy 😂😂

💎 ()

Niggas and the others stealing KAWS dolls like they Birkin bags ...

Suuuzz ()

cmon now y’all just being hooligans for no causes(kaws).....(bad joke)

UtkfAn ()

@ThatGuy3002 I think this article is extremely misguided. Kaws did this painting as a commission for Tomoaki Nagao who years later sold it with Sotheby’s. Nagao specifically commissioned this piece to the specifications. Kaws definitely has taken some extreme liberties with his character use

🧑🏼‍🚀 ()

People looting while forgetting the reason this all started, you worried about the wrong KAWS😭

AHL🇨🇦🇮🇩🇯🇵 ()

LAでkawsの$100Kもの価値のあるスカルプチャー他色んなものも暴動で盗難にあったり。ここまでする必要は全くないしdisrespectfulすぎな気も。でも暴動は止まらない。 もう意味わかんない。


Showing works from KAWS, Kelly Infield, Jay West, and himself.

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