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Lockdown I guess was for us ... stay-at-home order is for those in government and their friends.

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Restu Wiraatmadja
Restu Wiraatmadja ()

Nama saya Kayla, bu. Saya mau ngobrol dengan ibu, Ucap Kayla Mau ngobrol apaan? Tanya wanita itu Kayla memandangi sekitarannya, Bisa ngobrolnya di dalem aja gak bu? Aku khawatir rahasia ini terbongkar oleh para warga yang ada di sini, Ucap Kayla

Restu Wiraatmadja
Restu Wiraatmadja ()

Barulah tepat ketika ketukan ketiga, seorang wanita yang persis ditemuinya di rumah sakit keluar, Bu maaf mengganggu ... Ucap Kayla Mau apa kamu kesini? Kamu mau menghancurkan hidupku? Kamu tidak membelaku ketika berada di rumah sakit! Kamu pecundang! Teriak wanita itu

Restu Wiraatmadja
Restu Wiraatmadja ()

Dok! Dok! Dok! Ketukan kedua juga sama. Kayla masih memandangi sekitaran rumah, para warga banyak yang mengintip tingkah Kayla dari dalam rumahnya.

Restu Wiraatmadja
Restu Wiraatmadja ()

Akhirnya, dia pun menemukan sebuah rumah yang persis dengan alamat yang diberikan oleh suster tersebut, Kayla mengetuk-ngetuk pintu, Dok! Dok! Dok! Tak ada jawaban, Pintu masih tertutup.

Restu Wiraatmadja
Restu Wiraatmadja ()

Di sepanjang tembok warga banyak terpasang poster-poster yang berisi tentang dukungan terhadap bapak Anwar, Tertulis, Dukung Anwar Saefudin sebagai kuwu desa yang bersih dan bersinergi! Kayla terus masuk ke dalam untuk mencari alamat yang dimaksud.

Rey ()

bruh whered kayla go i miss them wtf kayla wake up i wanna send u more funny videos of me

Restu Wiraatmadja
Restu Wiraatmadja ()

Kayla terus menatap kanan-kiri jalan untuk mencari alamat wanita itu. Pak, kiri pak! Teriak Kayla Angkot pun terhenti tepat si jalan S yang dimaksud, Kayla segera membayar dan langsung masuk ke sebuah penduduk yang sangat sepi. Kok sepi, ya? Tanya Kayla

Restu Wiraatmadja
Restu Wiraatmadja ()

Kayla langsung berlari untuk mencari angkot, Septian tertinggal di belakangnya, Kay, kayla! Tungguin! Teriak Septian Kayla tidak memperdulikan Septian. Dia langsung menaiki angkot untuk menuju ke rumah Wanita yang suaminya baru meninggal di rumah sakit tadi.

Kayla Jerlin Del Villar
Kayla Jerlin Del Villar ()

Sino yung nakalimot kumain ng dinner before 6pm dahil sa kanonood ng True Beauty? 😅😅😅 Kaya nag banana 😂🍌

Kayla ()


L y n n ||
L y n n || ()

@kayytod KFHSKDHAJHAHAHAHAH NGAKAK ANJ AHHAHAH GUD LAK KAY guru kay: Kayla suka yg ginian? :Pepewut:

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. ()

@nojumper Even if Kayla did bite , there is no rules to a street fight!!!! You do what you have to do to win. Clearly y’all don’t know nothing about street fighting. This is not a WWE match lol this is a STREET FIGHT!!!@BeezyyTatted

gemini. 🌪
Gemini. 🌪 ()

@StacksDaCreator Okay I think they both can’t really fight like that but when she wasn’t pulling hair Kayla definitely got the better hits in 😂 but that was barley a fight if you ask me.

Rendang ()

i knew that if i scrolled enough id find kayla in the quote rts i was right

Therealsashamonae ()

Cuban or Kayla can’t fight end of conversation they blowing me 🤣🤣 right here going back and forth and neither one can fight they look stupid 💯😴

markeishaaaa 💕
Markeishaaaa 💕 ()

Kayla and Cuban gotta be the only celebrities I’ve ever seen argue on twitter then actually link up and fight

Kenshay ()

@1yenn_ @CubanDaSavage Cuban lost I’m sorry! It don’t matter about hair pulling cause I’m pretty sure we all do ts it’s the fact Kayla lil asf over Cuban she supposed to did some damaged but kayla threw more punches to me!

KaylaMarieTea☕️ ()

@thelostowl_ Hahahaha omg I mean, I am not disagreeing and I will dance in that glitter and then find it in weird places for the next month

leon ☻
Leon ☻ ()

@anzuchus Ok so i posted ermm (a song) and i was like omg haha this is so me (like when i was in the middle of texting you) and kayla dmed me and was like

Ciara Lynn
Ciara Lynn ()

@1yenn_ @CubanDaSavage Comprehending is fundamental bitch u said all Kayla was doing was pulling hair however the video shows that Kayla had closed fists in the beginning until ms Cuban grabbed her hair that’s when she started pulling hair back😉

Maddie ()

Kayla sent me this old pic of her and then I asked her to remake it HSVFBDZJS I’m peeing

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ni 💙
Ni 💙 ()

Cuban pulled kayla wig clean the hell up n bit her nipple 😂😂😂😂. No ma’am.

kayla 🌺 commissions closed! 🌺
Kayla 🌺 commissions closed! 🌺 ()


𝙎𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙖 ()

kayla and her obsession with asian doll is weird as fuck because that girl has done nothing to her, all she ever did was be in love with her brother.

Boats & Hoes ⛵️👯‍♂️
Boats & Hoes ⛵️👯‍♂️ ()

This is not to got some good hits in at the beginning no where did she beat Kayla, like at all.

T ✨
T ✨ ()

Cuban was popping her ass in the beginning she got bout 5 good licks & the rest of the fight was Kayla’s it was a TIE 💯 thick as Cuban is she supposed to sat on Kayla lil ass 😂😂

Therealelainaa ()

@BeezyyTatted Kayla didn’t connect til 17 seconds into the video even hear Cuban is swinging both arms

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Montgomery County Department of Police
Montgomery County Department of Police ()

Concern for missing Montgomery Village teenager: Kayla Sanchez, age 13. Anyone with info. about her whereabouts is asked to call MCP at 301-279-8000:

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Kayla Grey
Kayla Grey ()

Lockdown I guess was for us ... stay-at-home order is for those in government and their friends.

Kayla Grey
Kayla Grey ()

Please let me know what emergency you are waiting for to have paid sick-leave implemented? We are literally in the emergency that you are waiting for.

☚ Brady #AttackOnTitan ☛
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