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Updated: November 29th, 2021 11:40 PM IST

The only way I would coach… I would have to be a head coach or coach under Kellen Moore or Sean mcvay

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reading tea leaves here but it feels like Kellen Moore filling in for Mike McCarthy has the potential to become a full time thing

Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy will miss Saints game due to COVID-19. Plan, per sources, is for assistant head coach Rob Davis to oversee staff. Coordinators Dan Quinn, Kellen Moore, John Fassel step up. McCarthy involved virtually. Latest for @usatodaysports:

Assistant HC Rob Davis in line to step in for McCarthy this week, with coordinators Kellen Moore, Dan Quinn and John Fassel all chipping in.

Lots of people are saying Kellen Moore will likely be interim while McCarthy is out. No way. Special Teams coordinators are the best choices usually so offensive and defensive ones can stay in their lane. Plus John Fassel has been an interim before, in 2016 with the Rams.

Sobre o Cowboys até agora: 1- A Defesa só é boa completa. 2- O Pass Rush mascara a secundária. 3- Kellen Moore depende do Dak para ser um OC top. Logo não é top. 4- O Time é mal treinado demais. 5- Marcar em m2m na 3&18 com sério isso? 6- O #Cowboys cansa.

Tengo bastante esperanza que esta situación se remedie con los regreses de Lawrence, Gregory, Urban, Gallimore, Cooper y Lamb. Lo que me preocupa muchísimo es que Kellen Moore tienen Garretzazos en los peores momentos del partido.

O ataque teve seus problemas? Teve. Mas assim, quando você coloca 33 pontos no placar não tem como você cobrar muito. Infelizmente, já foi provado que o KELLEN MOORE/MIKE MCCARTHY É LIMITADO SEM ESSES SKILLS PLAYERS. CHAMADAS HORRÍVEIS HOJE.

Kellen Moore’s designs, creativity and feel for the game are so impressive. His scheme perfectly suits the strengths of Dak.

We’ve had bad experiences hiring cowboy coaches, but I’d trade Saquon Barkley for Kellen Moore.

Imagine telling someone 5 years ago that Kellen Moore was a hot head coaching candidate

Did Tony Romo just call Kellen Moore, Kellen Winslow? The guy who got charged for sexually assaulting old women. 😳

Tony Romo shouting out 2022 Bears Head Coach Kellen Moore who called a hell of a drive there.

Kellen Moore drew up a play from the Little Giants movie on a must have 2 point conversion Unbelievable

@RealSkipBayless Hopefully Kellen Moore gets that head coaching job somewhere sometime soon.

@Attended_ @UrinatingTree Kellen Moore called that, it would’ve worked if Shultz made the block

Kellen Moore went in his bag on that 2-point conversion. No cigar chief. @NBCDFWSports

The only way I would coach… I would have to be a head coach or coach under kellen Moore or Sean mcvay

THEORY: Kellen Moore didn’t use his real gameplan but instead used a fake gameplan so when we see Kansas City in the super bowl they won’t be prepared. Real 4-D play coach i like it 👍

The offense tried to force big plays all night and I’m not sure who to blame… Kellen Moore or Dak who was off most of the night. With Cooper, Lamb, Jarwin, Tyron Smith and now a hobbled I’m officially worried about the offense. They’ve been terrible 2-3 weeks.

GM, sinceramente, não sei. Buscaria um executivo jovem de uma organização vitoriosa, ligado em analytics e estatísticas. HC eu iria pelo mesmo caminho. Prioridade pro Kellen Moore e pro Byron Leftwich.

@Im_Just_Drayson Think Kellen Moore deserves some blame as well. Wasnt his best called game

I hope that all the Joe Lombardi haters out there have watched Brian Daboll and Kellen Moore today. Many consider these the two best OCs in the NFL…

Kellen Moore hype people need to pump the breaks on how great he is. This is the second game against formidable coaching that he’s getting outcoached. #DallasCowboys

Tony Pollard has a nice run. Cameras pan to OC Kellen Moore. Cowboys offense sucks rest of half. Can’t find Kellen Moore anywhere. And Eric Bieniemy stays missing. Like this for years.

By forgoing a “system” for merely running plays- Kellen Moore is revolutionizing the Cowboys offense under Prescott. Stephen Jones talks return date for DL. | From @ToddBrock24f7

Sometimes Kellen Moore is a genius and other times it’s like did you even game plan…. #KCvsDAL #cowboysnation

Kellen Moore has the wrong game plan & has been badly out coached today. He’s been awful

If Eric Bieniemy were Kellen Moore, these are the sideline shots you’d see all first half. Fixed. #NFLonFox

Kellen Moore Photo,Kellen Moore Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

CeeDee Lamb blocking on play-action for a downfield Noah Brown route. Kellen Moore finally got confused in the same way we all have this year.

Had an interesting conversation with #chiefs LB Anthony Hitchens, who was in Dallas prior to KC. He used to sit next to Kellen Moore in team meetings when they were teammates. He told me he knows Moore’s mentality. Even though Dak’s throwing for 400, he love to out physical you

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