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HOMECOMING. Kendrick Nunn’s journey to the Rising Stars Game began on the South Side of Chicago:

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Le Rookierama ()

Pour le reste de la Team USA, Ja Morant termine la rencontre avec 10 points et 6 passes et de nombreux alleys-oop avec Zion. Kendrick Nunn inscrit 16 points, Eric Paschall 23 points et Washington compile 8 points et 3 rebonds.

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New Year Same Spirit ()

@NBA2K So you’re telling me, he’s better than Kendrick Nunn, Melo, and literally more than half of the

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Chicago product Kendrick Nunn shows out in return home for All-Star weekend - National Basketball Association News -

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Coco butter ()

When Kendrick Nunn was a shorty he was maaaaaaaad irritating & I did not like his ass lmaoooo I hated going to his spot but I’m glad he doing his shit on the heat tho mad proud

Dashal Livingston II♒️2-15 ()

MOOD: @Polo_Capalot - I just been ballin on these 💂🏿‍♂️ like I’m kendrick Nunn, everyday my bday 🐶 I’m lit I just turned 21

Khobi Price ()

Kendrick Nunn dazzles his way to 16 points in front of hometown crowd in Rising Stars game win I never really envisioned myself playing on the floor until years ago when I realized I could do this. I have some more success to accomplish.”

Phillip Thompson ()

Kendrick Nunn on the realization that he started on #RisingStars USA squad with four high first-rounders even though he went undrafted. #NBAAllStar

Lee Harvey ()

Kendrick Nunn : 16 points on 7-11 shooting & 2-4 from 3 in 20 minutes

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Ron Bohning ()

Heat guard Kendrick Nunn on Rising Stars game experience

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Nightlife$ ()

Zion Williansom , JA Morant , Luka Doncic , Trae Young , Kendrick Nunn oq esses mlk jogam não tá escrito

South Florida Sun Sentinel ()

Heat rookie Kendrick Nunn scores 16 in Team US win over Team World in Rising Stars game

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Dylan ()

Respected by Nunn, like Kendrick they shunned Their listless draft can kiss this ass ‘cause they never dented the stud 🏀

GameDayBlog ()

Kendrick Nunn has gotten about 100 ticket requests for 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend | NBA on ESPN

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Edge ()

Everyday I ask myself how did the Warriors let Kendrick Nunn just slip through their hands.

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Kendrick Nunn says the Achilles is now 100%. “If it wasn’t, I would have taken care is that first.”

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Kendrick Nunn - Miami Heat 16 PTS 1 RBD 1 AST 2 STL 3 TO [FD(: ) DK(: )]


HOMECOMING. Kendrick Nunn’s journey to the Rising Stars Game began on the South Side of Chicago:

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☚ Halaand #DORPSG ☛
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