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OK that was a pretty cool moment. What a dramatic finish to this game. Bryce Harper walk-off 2-run double and the Phillies go nuts. They beat Kenley Jansen and the Dodgers, 9-8..

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@THEREAL_DV Lmao you have a total man crush on Kenley DV. Remember facts don’t care about your feelings..

Kenley Jansen realized too late tonight he should not have kept pitching..

Dodgers fans are pretty hot toward Kenley Jansen right now. “Get off my team you fat ” or something like that. Dodgers are 29 games above .500. They are fortunate..

@THEREAL_DV Oh my god DV shut up. Obviously kelly isn’t the answer but you sure as shit know neither is kenley. Get off your high horse and do some actual analysis for once in your life rather than kissing your BFFs ass..

@THEREAL_DV Who knows if Kelly is the answer, but #Dodgers fans don’t want to see another WS slip away with #Kenley as the closer.

@THEREAL_DV Lol. That’s not the answer but I’m not sure a closer with a ERA is going to bring us home the World Series either. Kenley is not nearly as good as he was two years ago. There is no arguing that..

Rich Hill pulled himself out of the game in the second inning when he was hurt. Why didn’t Kenley pull himself? If he knew he couldn’t pitch why stay in and now the save??.

I hate Kenley Jansen and Red sox had the winning run 90 feet away with their best hitter is all i can really say about that Will get some bounces our way For those who bet that f5 tt with me Dodgers f5 OVER 2 1/2 it cashed 17-6 on f5 tt now💰 Back Wednesday.

Lot of extreme takes re: Kenley Jansen He’s obviously not terrible, and he’s obviously not elite anymore. He’s vulnerable at times, but still has above average ability. The Dodgers need to get him some help to close games at the deadline. *end*.

Kenley Jansen said he couldn’t push off the mound after taking the comebacker off his right ankle. He said it went numb. His command and velocity suffered, but he wanted to stay in. He said he regrets that. “I should’ve come out of the game.”.

Kenley Jansen was limping heavily in the clubhouse. That comebacker bruised his right ankle pretty good. He said he regrets staying in the game..

Doc talking about Kenley not having his best stuff tonight. WHY DIDN’T YOU PULL HIM THEN?.

OK that was a pretty cool moment. What a dramatic finish to this game. Bryce Harper walk-off 2-run double and the Phillies go nuts. They beat Kenley Jansen and the Dodgers, 9-8..

@NUDodgers @AaronCornielle I stlll think Kenley is one of the best closers around.

Kenley Jansen said he called from the bullpen to tell Dave Roberts he was already hot in 9th inning and he was told to be ready for Devers. #Dodgers.

Body lines are great and all, but kenley stays giving us that cleanliness and technique that we need..

Se stans, we don’t hate se, Ryan or kenley. We hate you. please stop being annoying and stalking 13-14 year old it’s creepy as fuck! sincerely, everyone else.

@chabelymay @Dodgers Hola, me llamo Kenley Gerónimo Jansen Shupón. Me llamabas?.

@Dodgers Vintage Kenley, we need that kenley rest of the season and into the playoffs.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear a #Dodgers uniform and go by the name of Kenley Jansen. Here we go. Whatever it takes. 🤜🤛.

Kenley is the single biggest reason the Dodgers lost the past two World Series BTW.

Brad Hand mows down batters like Kenley Jansen just did all the time. I think people sometimes overlook Hand because he doesn’t *look* traditionally dominant like a Jansen or Chapman. But.

Jansen looking like his old self! Just 1 out, 2 runners on & Kenley comes in with 🔥⚾️ ...sends it to extras.

@dodgers_randi Most importantly, Kenley looks focused and the pitches are crisp!! Great look for the second half!! I hope he stays that way.

Curazoleño Kenley Jansen ponchó al arubano Xander Bogaerts. #Dodgers 4 #RedSox 4 al 10mo..

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