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Eric Thames hit a pinch-hit, three-run homer off Kenley Jansen with two outs in the eighth inning. New ballgame. 5-5..

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@THEREAL_DV Dude you roasted some caller the other night who questioned if Kenley was playing well like everything was fine. It’s obviously not!.

lotta folks mad at kenley rn but those were pedey’s earned runs. he’s the one that really failed today..

Tomorrow night at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts! The US premiere of “Transcendent Light” with the @ASU Barrett Choir / ASU Choral Union / ASU Wind Orchestra. (And now, off of twitter until tomorrow to avoid GOT updates. The night is dark and full of spoilers!).

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@dodgersnchill Kenley hasn’t been the same since Marwin Gonzales tagged his ass for that homerun in game 2 2017. Don’t @ me..

#Dodgers Kenley Jansen was frustrated with himself. Said Thames HR pitch was a mental error. Should have gone slider instead of trying to backdoor a cutter.

What a game! Brewers tied it up in the 8th with an Alex Thanes 3 run bomb off Kenley Jansen then in the 9th Bellinger, who robbed Yelich earlier goes deep to make it 6-5 and pick up Jansen who shut them down in the 9th 1,2,3 Go Dodgers!.

@dodgers_randi I like Kenley—he seems to be a good dude. Like I has 2 pitches (the cutter and slider). I think batters have caught on..

Marwin broke Kenley. End of story. FIX THIS PEN. But hey, Bellinger continues his MVP form..

Kenley Jansen was upset with himself because of what he called his “mental error” of pitch sequence to Thames. #Dodgers.

@R8DERX075 @Dodgers I hope he improves, I love Kenley but there comes a time when you gotta call it like you see it, the season is long though and it’s young still but we’ll see . He’s gotta be on top of his game if we’re gonna make another WS push..

Cody Bellinger delivers in ninth inning to give Dodgers win over Brewers (via @jorgecastillo).

Dodgers Game Recap: Cody Bellinger Saves Kenley Jansen and Joc Pederson’s Big Day #LAD.

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Cody Bellinger plays the closer as he saves Kenley Jansen and the Dodgers in an electric game for both teams. More:.

@sydneypdaniel Roberts need to quit putting Kenley out there in the 8th. Almost something bad almost happens. Thank you Cody.

@cjinca @dodgers_randi Maybe. Urías or Chicken Strip could be options more so than the other bullpen guys. But Kenley is still going to figure prominently in the bullpen, and it is premature to demote Jansen when the entire bullpen struggles to get outs..

I wonder if the analytics software Dave Roberts uses is keeping track of the number of homeruns Kenley Jansen gives up when he pitches? That’s an analytic he should probably pay attention to, because it’s horrible..

@SDaley1986 @THEREAL_DV There is certain people he never says shit about the front office dave roberts and kenley.

Dodgers win still upset at kenley alittle for causing kersh the loss. But our belli won us the game..

DODGERS WIN! Terrific birthday for Joc, as he goes 4-5 with 2 solo jacks. Kershaw goes 6 IP with 7Ks. Bellinger smacks a solo shot off of Hader in the 9th to put the Dodgers ahead after Kenley’s blown save. Dodgers face the Cubs on Tuesday (4/23) Maeda vs Quintana.

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I’m sorry to all the Kenley lovers but he shouldn’t have gotten the win. I’m sorry y’all but that’s just not right..

@alannarizzo No reason Kenley should have been asked to get a 4 out save with a day off tomorrow..

Kenley Jansen strikes out the side in the 9th. #Dodgers win 6-5, take three of four in Milwaukee. Cody Bellinger will be on all the highlight shows tonight.

Eric Thames hit a pinch-hit, three-run homer off Kenley Jansen with two outs in the eighth inning. New ballgame. 5-5..

Lost in the Joc commotion: Kershaw threw a fuckin gem tonight and Kenley regained his cutter..

saw that “Kenley” was trending and i IMMEDIATELY thought “omg what is cheer twitter up to now?” 😅😅 it’s all good tho, it’s just about this pro baseball player 😂😩.

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