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Developing: Amazon workers in Northern Kentucky planned a big rally to kick off their union campaign, and Amazon is doing whatever it can to stop them. The company hired a private security company and set up new checkpoints to prevent supporters and reporters from attending..

Kentucky -2.5 Photo,Kentucky -2.5 Photo by Jordan Zakarin,Jordan Zakarin on twitter tweets Kentucky -2.5 Photo

Cashed in on Xavier 2H just now, now the next free play of the day is ready! Let’s cash this one in the Kentucky/Kansas St game πŸ₯Š.

Pittsburgh and Xavier fans probably gobbled up enough tickets to where there is less Kentucky fans here today than Friday for what it is worth..

@majorimpactpla1 Ward was a disappointment last year but people are still willing to take shots on the western Kentucky OC.

@leslsenior @RepJamesComer In Kentucky, our elected a are obsessed with genitals. It’s weird..

Kentucky Legalizes Medical Marijuana: But it Won’t Actually be Legal in 2023.

Kenny Smith just literally said nothing previewing K State and Kentucky. What nonsense. Get him off the set..

Vegas usually knows its stuff, but still surprised to see 6 seed Kentucky as a 3-point favorite against 3 seed Kansas State. Watched both teams multiple times this season and KSU is undoubtedly the better team..

So we know the two possible teams we could play in the sweet 16. If we were to make the elite eight, who would we rather see? I think I want Kentucky again.

Fantasy realigning. A basketball-first major conference featuring the the four (power 5) schools in North Carolina, the two in Kentucky, the two in Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Maryland and Virginia..

Welcome to The Citadel, Ellie Belcher! Ellie is making the move to Charleston from Western Kentucky, where she has racked up over 2800 minutes in the previous four seasons, including 27 starts 🐢.

Kentucky -2.5 Photo,Kentucky -2.5 Photo by 𝙏𝙃𝙀 π˜Ύπ™„π™π˜Όπ˜Ώπ™€π™‡ π™Žπ™Šπ˜Ύπ˜Ύπ™€π™,𝙏𝙃𝙀 π˜Ύπ™„π™π˜Όπ˜Ώπ™€π™‡ π™Žπ™Šπ˜Ύπ˜Ύπ™€π™ on twitter tweets Kentucky -2.5 Photo

@jj103022 @KyDems In Louisville, Kentucky spends twice as much money on its government school students per student than the cheaper end of private schools in the same county.

U16 l Cleveland State 43, Eastern Kentucky 36 We are back in a battle for control of pace and CSU has it right now. Very efficient open to the half for CSU, shooting 3-5. EKU on the other end has missed five shots..

Lexington Sporting Club played its first professional match in USL League One on Saturday night at One Knoxville SC..

Lexington Sporting Club takes the pitch for its first USL League One match. How did it go?.

@GovAndyBeshear @LiberalRisky Have to have clean water to make the Kentucky Bourbon for your Russian oligarch donors. Got that pesky barrel tax out of the way too, Mitch hates taxes..

@battlecat67 @RatiosCrazy Maine Massachusetts Vermont and Kentucky? I haven’t looked at a map in a while correct me if I’m wrong πŸ₯²πŸ«‘.

Kentucky had 0 bench points last game. Definitely need that to change today. Would LOOOVE to see CJ get hot.

@BarstoolBigCat as a kentucky fan, i’ve never had more faith in you dan. today is the day.

Kenny Smith-analyst, former NC player, just cannot say anything about Kentucky! I can’t blame him though! I’m the same way about NC!.

4ΒΊ dia de March Madness Entre os jogos com os principais prospectos de 1st round: β€’ 15:40 - Kentucky* x Kansas Wildcats β€’ 20:10 - Baylor* x Bluejays β€’ 21:40 - Indiana* x Miami Kentucky - Cason Wallace Baylor - Keyonte George Indiana - Jalen Hood-Schifino.

Kentucky -2.5 Photo,Kentucky -2.5 Photo by Space City br πŸŽ™πŸš€,Space City br πŸŽ™πŸš€ on twitter tweets Kentucky -2.5 Photo

Torn between going to watch the UAB men’s game or staying at the crib to watch the Kentucky/K-State game 😭.

πŸ€ Final Score πŸ€ Eastern Kentucky Colonels 91 - 75 Cleveland State Vikings.

College Basketball Invitational: Eastern Kentucky 91, Cleveland State 75, final/OT. Colonels (21-13) take on Indiana State in the quarterfinals at noon Monday..

Kentucky vs Kansas St. LIVE NCAA MENS BASKETBALL - PLAYOFFS D1 Full Game - National Collegiate Athletic Association This for link live streaming on youtube : Today, March 19 2023 2:40 Pm EDT.

Calling all@democrats in Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi New Jersey Virginia Make a plan to vote if you want to improve yours and your loved ones’ quality of life πŸ‘‡πŸΌ.


Kentucky -1 vs Kansas State Men’s Basketball Championship - East Region - 2nd Round #CBB.

I just voted for Kentucky State University on The 2023 Home Depot Retool Your School Campus Improvement Grant Program is Back. Vote Now. #RYSKSU #RYSHOWARD.


@TheDegenWeekly Kentucky scares me. No answer for Oscar down low. Does scare me but good luck.

@cdegenhardt I think we can get any name unless they coach at Duke, UNC, Kansas, or Kentucky. The SEC booster money is hard to compete with so Nate Oaks might be out fr lol.

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