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Updated: September 16th, 2021 07:40 AM IST

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Dallas Keuchel starting the sixth is a move I cannot bring myself to care about because their Magic Number is 7

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Besides being a douche canoe, Dallas Keuchel pitched a decent game. Offense needs to step up now.

keuchel is so ass god damn it please keep him away from this fucking rotation for the playoffs #WhiteSox

@likedemolition I mean…Keuchel hasn’t been good this year, no matter how you spin it. She’s got a point.

Tbh the offense is sleeping today , feel bad for Keuchel. Keuchel pitched well. #WhiteSox

Lucky or not, 2 runs through 6 is waaaaaay more than we expected out of Keuchel tonight. Offense gotta step up and grab this win.

@JRFegan Why isn’t Keuchel throwing the guy a strike when he is obviously bunting. He’s handing you an out. Possibly at the plate. Instead a sac fly .. novel concept for Sox hitters. Ball. In. Air.

If the Angels win by one, they can thank La Russa for having too much faith in Keuchel.

Sure glad Tony and/or Leury decided to play for one run in the 5th with Keuchel on the bump.

@Ecnerwal23 The biggest problem was nobody warming up. Keuchel has a bad sixth inning history and was taken out way too late

Should have just taken the 5 innings of 1 run baseball & not for greedy with Keuchel…

So who’s in favor of the Sox eating keuchel contract? he’s been piss poor to say the least.#whitesox

@JRFegan The 5 walks for some reason didn’t make it clear that Keuchel should be taken out after the 5th 🤦

I’d go with this fella Bruce The one year Tanner right now over Keuchel #LongScore

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@SoxMachine Nope. It was a great spot to tell Keuchel “great start, you’re back on track” and sit him down. Now, whatever happens in the 6th is the taste he’s going to have after this start

@WhiteSox Dallas Keuchel has had a much better outing tonight, and @WhiteSox fans are probably relieved.

Keuchel has allowed back-to-back one out singles to put runners on the corners in the sixth, and Michael Kopech is warming again.

Tbh, I’m way too high to care about why Dallas Keuchel is still out there for the sixth

This dude really sent 2021 Dallas Keuchel out with 5 walks and 3 K’s for a 6th inning of work 🤣🤣 cmon man

@johntani17 And also the “not signing Keuchel” camp, though he has pitched great tonight.

Dallas Keuchel starting the sixth is a move I cannot bring myself to care about because their Magic Number is 7

Keuchel being back out here is an interesting move. Nobody warming in the bullpen right now

@barstoolWSD Screw you and Keuchel !!!!! He should Yell like that in front of a fucken mirror …..

Tony leaving in Keuchel for the 6th after obviously being on the verge of collapsing.

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Angels F5 ML +185 PUSH 🅿️🙌 We sure as hell didn’t deserve to lose so I’m glad it pushed. 14 left on base Keuchel is one lucky bastard.

@visorboy1974 Keuchel has zero stats to back up yelling at a teammate this season. Particularly an elite teammate.

@KindaBleu Damn I missed the Moncada play, but I’m sure Keuchel probably owes Moncada a new wardrobe for his next music video after the last couple innings.

I for one have no issue with Keuchel’s ire towards Moncada after that half inning. It’s the middle of September now. Time to sharpen up. And then that sexy motherfucker hit a piss missile as an apology.

❌ (-1u) Well… I’m shocked… 👎🏼 Keuchel holds the Angels to 1 run through the first 5. Escaping the top of the 5th bases loaded with 1 out was simply unbelievable. Sheeesh

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