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A strikeout of Aaron Judge and a José Abreu-initiated inning-ending double play, and Dallas Keuchel has delivered the first scoreless top of the first in this series..

As Tony La Russa told us as well, Cease, Velasquez and Keuchel expected to pitch the last three days of Royals series. Giolito’s status and return date leave Monday and one half of the Tuesday doubleheader up in the air. Johnny Cueto seems like the solution for one opening.

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Yankees being shutout by Keuchel is not ideal. Frustrating game leaving guys on base, but still got four innings left. #RepBX.

@DanAlanRourke How is it possible that we score 6 east runs off of Dylan Cease, but we can’t score a fucking run against Dallas Keuchel, who has a ERA?.


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They were saying on the radio today, Keuchel has aged, and isn’t the same pitcher. Sure feels like 2015 to me 🤷‍♂️ I think we touch him up next inning though! #RepBX.

@TalkinYanks Keuchel still somehow has our number despite having an ERA near 7 coming in. Can’t make this shit up..

dallas keuchel being cooked product but throwing a masterclass against the yanks is hilarious.

Dallas Keuchel 5 shutout innings vs the Yankees but Dylan Cease gives up 6 over 4 runs despite getting 11 strikeouts. Baseball is so stupid.

Dallas Keuchel is terrible at this point and still threw 5 shutout innings against the Yankees with Monty as his opponent. lol.

Gumballs should be hella pist off ....given up just 2 getting removed in the 5th inning ...and his offense is acting like this is 2015 Keuchel.

@DanAlanRourke Hate to admit it, but Keuchel kinda owns us. He’s owned us since 2015.

Dallas Keuchel playing the hero against the Yankees is the plot twist we all needed. Baseball is so weird sometimes..

@JamesFox917 If I were a betting man, I would have lost a lot of money betting on Keuchel’s pitching line tonight. Job well done..

@arreazaortega disfrutando el juego desde Guatire ¿peloteros como Keuchel ponen en contrato no jugar en equipos como Yankees por lo de la barba? #IVCMLB.

@ChiSoxFanMike WAY Better! Cease 4 IP, 6 ERs, 2 Home Runs Keuchel 5 IP, 0 ERs, 0 Home Runs..

Dallas Keuchel against the Yankees vs Dallas Keuchel against the rest of MLB.

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@DVillante2267 No in between with these guys. Either put up a boat load of runs or go completely may be throwing softer than Montgomery. Can’t believe there’s only 2 runs in this game total.

Thank you Dallas Keuchel for making me eat shit for this tweet. 5 scoreless against that Yankees lineup,Well done, now hit the showers and do it agian next time out. We need ya buddy.

Bueno nada de que quejarme no todos se pueden ganar. Hasta ahora buena ejecución de pitcheo de Dallas Keuchel..

I’m apprehensive about getting excited about two good starts by Dallas Keuchel, but 5 innings of shoutout ball against the Yankees is a really good job..

Why is Rizzo even in the game against Keuchel but he was out yesterday vs the righty? #NYYvsCWS #yankees.

Muito previsível, não consegue rebater contra o Keuchel, vai tomar ferro, gastaram o repertório nos primeiros jogos.

Beautiful pitching by Dallas Keuchel to pitch out of that bases-loaded jam and keep it 2-0 Sox halfway home.

Keuchel battles out of the jam in the 5th, getting Rizzo to ground out with the bases loaded. The Sox desperately needed an outing like this from the lefty, keeping the Yankee offense --which has tallied 25 runs the last two nights--off the board halfway home..

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