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While your wife is doing the dishes tonight, sneak out and grab a beer at Hooters to watch Kirk Cousins play. She won’t mind!.

Yes, Justin Jefferson is all world. We know that. Also noteworthy, Kirk Cousins meticulously sliced up a Belichick defense that has mostly humiliated young QBs for 20+ years. There are many levels to QB play. Cousins balled tonight..


Kirk Cousins in primetime: 🟣 30/37 🟣 299 yards 🟣 3 TDs (1 INT) 🟣 passer rating 🟣 W.

Kirk Cousins Photo,Kirk Cousins Photo by PFF,PFF on twitter tweets Kirk Cousins Photo

People talked about the lights being to bright in primetime for Kirk Cousins… Well he is 5yds away from a 300yd game. completions. 120 passer rating… Those KIRKO chains blinding the defense a little… #Vikings can put this game away w/ any score….

Kirk Cousins really is the definition of dr jekyll and mr hyde at QB. 🤣 Never know which Kirk I’m watching..

i feel like having a dude from florida-georgia line do the halftime show is just begging for kirk cousins to play nervous.

@BarstoolBigCat Kirk cousins beats Hanks team in prime time and he still cant pick the lotto machine correct. What a loser.

Kirk Cousins First Half Totals: Total: 17-of-21 (81%) 181yds 2 TDs 1 INT By Down: 1st: 7/8 () 55yds 2nd: 4/5 (80%) 55yds 3rd: *6/8 (75%) 71yds 2 TDs 1INT *5 First Downs, 2 TDs.

Prime time ass Kirk cousins dropping 30+ on the patriots is just further proof Zach wilson is one of the biggest busts of all time.

Everyone: Kirk Cousins is straight trash in primetime. Kirk Cousins: #NEvsMIN.

Kirk Cousins Photo,Kirk Cousins Photo by Chris James,Chris James on twitter tweets Kirk Cousins Photo

Kirk cousins throws a terrible pick followed by a laser into triple coverage, This experience must be so unhinged for Viking fans 😂.

Kirk Cousins is one of the most singular athletes I can think of. A man so thoroughly above average yet not actually good in any way is incredibly rare. He’s the perfect Minnesota Viking.

Is Kirk cousins going to choke on Thanksgiving? This is the time to prove everyone you ain’t choker.

The #Vikings are literally a one-man show of Justin Jefferson, Kirk Cousins is a joke and Jefferson should be MVP but of course it’ll go to Patrick Mahomes because he sells tickets. But seriously the Vikings would probably be 2-8 without Jefferson. #NFL.


@MahomesSZN2 People betted on Kirk cousins throwing a pick, especially on primetime tv.

@BoatzNHoesPT1 AMEN. Kirk cousins been throwing checkdowns on third and long all game, shits ridiculous..

NFL Recap: Gabe Davis receiving yards (-115)❌ Noah Brown receiving yards (-115)❌ Kirk Cousins INT (-115)✅ Nick Folk FG (+110)✅.

Kirk Cousins, Vikings rebound from blowout loss to beat Patriots.

@MNSportsPodcast I enjoyed it very much. I love some Kirk Cousins. That’s not to say he hasn’t thrown more bad passes than we are accustomed to seeing..

The amount of hate and troll tweets against Kirk Cousins is strange. The guy has left our team a long time ago..

Kirk cousins isn’t top 12 if he doesn’t have a clean pocket or a wide open receiver he turns into Mitch Trubisky..


People say Kirk cousins is good, some say he’s bad Fact of the matter is he’s just extremely mid.

“He does that but, you know, he also does *that*.” - Something I say about Kirk Cousins dang near every week.

@espn @StateFarm AD is AD, Michael Strahan can cover the gaps better then anyone, Ray Lewis will kill someone with a hit, and Prime time is the opposite of Kirk Cousins.

Vikings so fake good lmao I’m glad these last 2 weeks have happened. Kirk Cousins is fucking trash..


Mac jones is the opposite of kirk only plays well in prime time @BarstoolBigCat.


kirk cousins you better lock tf in i stg you better not be the reason i lose some damn money today..

The Kirk Cousins haters are loving what they are seeing in Minneapolis so far.

If this game is going to come down to Kirk Cousins winning it with his arm .. ehh i dont have faith.

Kirk Cousins and the Vikings will be talking to Roger tm about putting them in the 1:00 pm time slot for wild card weekend.

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