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Final 📊 Stephen - 31p/6r/5a Kevon - 18p/16r/3a/4b Donte - 18p/3r/6a/1s Klay - 15p/11p/5a/3s/2b Jordan - 12p/2r/4a/1s Jonathan - 10p/6r/3a/1b Anthony - 8p/5r/1a/1s JaMychal - 6p/3r/2b Moses - 1p/2r/1a.

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Ah mas o Poole tá quente. Meu amigo, não importa. Quantas vezes já vimos Curry e Klay ganhando jogos?.


Klay Thompson, kazandığı şampiyonluk sayısını Dillon Brooks’a hatırlatıyor 🏆.

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Vocês precisam entender que jogadores tem responsabilidades: Stephen Curry é a âncora ofensiva, o ataque começa por ele. Draymond Green é a âncora defensiva, a defesa começa por ele. Klay Thompson é a segunda opção ofensiva, ele precisa manter um nível de produção/eficiência..

I’ll be real… we got vets making poor decisions in the clutch. Dray making a terrible read… Steph chucking it over time and time again… Klay standing OFF of KAT with an open 3.

@nikotaughtyou you notice this new rotation has him, klay, and donte all out of rhythm at the same time? interesting idk.

@WarriorsLatam_ estos son los partidos en los que se necesita wiggins sobre todo en el ambito ofensivo steph y klay se ven cansados al igual que dray en defensa hoy jugo contra 2 torres en la pintura..

@TommyGunnNBA It’s funny cause the loss was gut wrenching but I was kind of optimistic on a reflection on the The defense was ELITE and they were getting out into transition The offense stunk but they didn’t attack Rudy and Klay and Steph coudnt hit anything so that’s not a worry.

This game was lost on bad offense and turnovers (Steph and Klay went for 13-40 combined). At least the defense keeps improving..


Jajajaj pero si hicieron este papelon contra Klay después de dos lesiones que terminan carreras y Draymond totalmente gaga Imaginate si tendrían que haberle ganado a la dinastía de los Spurs, Kawhi dpoy, KD, Harden, Kyrie y LeBron prime.

A RIVALIDADE SÓ AUMENTA 🔥🔥 Klay Thompson provoca, Dillon Brooks responde, e clima esquenta no final da partida entre Grizzlies e Warriors; VEJA #ESPNnoStarPlus #NBAnaESPN.

Tatoo #3; inspired by the Fate anime series, Final Fantasy Dragoons, and Lancer in general 🫡.

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@NekoiroChannel センコーはマルチでイージーに使えるのでどこのエリアでもOKね!.

@BarcoDeTontos @josh_klay So very good. My first PLQ show was later that year at The Beacon Theater. What a night to be introduced to this band. The set list was a tribute to George Garrison who died the day before. I went to tons of Phil shows after this!.

@DaboZale @GrizzliesFR mdr arrêtez de dire y’a pas de rivalités vous dites ça que quand ça vous arrange parce que au christmas day quand vous nous avais battu vous étiez tous en train de trashtalk klay et draymond étaient comme des oufs.

@GrizzliesFR Bon après ils viennent d’être champions. Rien contre toi mais l’équipe que tu supportes est très arrogante alors qu’elle n’a, pour le moment, rien accompli. Ceci dit, je t’accorde que Klay est un poil ridicule.


@LegionHoops @evan_b if Klay is a man he immediately gives up his salary to ask for the minimum.

panggil ucu oleh Abangnda Syarif @Siajapul ....... #TangisanNegeriHukumnyaDikebiri #TangisanNegeriHukumnyaDikebiri Chivas الهلال アニサマ Гаагу Muslera Klay.

@WarriorsGiveTop Who takes the final shot? CurBrick? Klay ThomBrick? Or JorBrick Poole?.

@deswhitley5 Agree with you! But I’m trying to look at the positives. GPII looked great & healthy, and Steph & Klay probably won’t shoot that bad in the same game anymore this szn. JP is still playing well. We move!.

@aryh21 Poole and Klay have minds of their own sometimes but this is where Steph needs to demand the ball. Either from the players directly or to Kerr. He differs way too much sometimes.

@DestroyingWrld Dear Anthony Lamb, You suck. You’re a tree hugger. you can’t play basketball if ur life depended on it. We hope you don’t get a ring if Dubs win the chip this year. We hope to can see you again in San Quentin. From, The Warriors Fanbase.

@Dom_2k Watch his back 4 what. He did his part. He had a silly shot and turnover but Steph and Klay were building houses all night. Dray with the silly turn over. They all are to blame for this one..

@warriorsworld Step wasn’t exemplary at all today. He just seemed to be slower, and casual, same with Klay doesn’t seem to be focused or playing with a sense of urgency. There was no fire in his eyes, his game. Both guys sucked as team shooters. Their age showed today. A step slower..


@miumiurry2 @957thegame Damn. Now I know why Klay been going off, he trynna win back 2 rings 💀💀.

@KylenMills Someone fucking explain that Steph Klay and Pool (who can all shoot 3s) are allowed on the floor at the same time..

@kegodlo0ney Desde el inicio del último cuarto fue el único que anotaba constantemente porque klay y curry estaban más irregulares ,y si no fuera por las últimas dos jugadas el hubiera hecho el Game winner.

Klay Thompson is on Fire 🔥🔥🔥 -15 points 😳 -4 rebonds 🤫 -2 passes 👎 -5/17 FG, soit 29% 🫠🫠🫠 -3 pertes de balles 😂😂😂 -Défaite contre les Timberwolves 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Toujours aussi finito 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😇😇😇🥸🔥🔥🔥.

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@KaioJr770 @NBAdabad Falou isso do Suns agora do urso? Esse Klay é bizarro, enquanto Curry tá lá na boa dele esse maluco arruma treta atoa.

the way klay reacts makes him the perfect guy to troll tho lol.

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