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#KnewTheyWereTheOne for the first 2 years then found out they definitely were NOT the one. Better late than never. 😒 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️.

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#KnewTheyWereTheOne the minute he back-flipped over in the shelter cage, jumped out into my arms, flipped onto his back like a baby, then licked my face, Curzon Dax was my cat..

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These girls have stood out since birth. #KnewTheyWereTheOne.

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#KnewTheyWereTheOne when she secretly stole clothes from to house to ensure I had clothes at her house just in case I forgot to bring an overnight bag..

When I looked at both Chico & Tucker I #KnewTheyWereTheOne When you adopt a shelter pet your saving two lives the life of the pet and the change they will have in yours..

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#KnewTheyWereTheOne When they act like nothings up when you come home-.

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I #KnewTheyWereTheOne when i sneaked a peak at his phone and saw Bob Marley and Nirvana on the same playlist as the Beatles..

After I accidentally tried to stuff a pack if cigarettes up his butt and he laughed about it, #KnewTheyWereTheOne.

I #KnewTheyWereTheOne when he asked if I wanted to ho out for a day at the arcade and tacos after..

#KnewTheyWereTheOne when I farted on the second date & she laughed. True story..

#KnewTheyWereTheOne when he cooked me a gourmet meal and I didn’t even know he knew how 😩🥰🥰🥰 @hustle_t313.

I #KnewTheyWereTheOne because we had such great chemistry, miss you babe. See you when I die (hopefully) in the future..

@Th3lif3ofKim #KnewTheyWereTheOne When she was sweet, sincere, open, fun, and slightly mischievous. I marveled at how no one had picked up on her when she obviously had so much to offer. Makes me.

#KnewTheyWereTheOne when we got lost in each other’s eyes as if time stood still.

#KnewTheyWereTheOne when they have my last thought at night ... and my first thought on waking ...... still..

#KnewTheyWereTheOne when she whispered in my ear “I am not wearing panties”😏😮😈.

#KnewTheyWereTheOne but as a zero in the binary world we could never be compatible..

#KnewTheyWereTheOne Gave me extra looks/chances when it was bad times for me and for all decent reasons shouldve passed. {predating period}.

#KnewTheyWereTheOne When have an excited face and stick out your tongue as a greeting and also in your msgs.

#KnewTheyWereTheOne because we met in the matrix and that was the best pickup line ever..

#KnewTheyWereTheOne when four months into our relationship she bought me tickets to see Brian Regan- my favorite comedian, she heard me mention once, within ten minutes of being introduced to each other. Ball. Er. Move..

He liked dogs 🐕. A lot. ❤️🐾 #KnewTheyWereTheOne.

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#KnewTheyWereTheOne They Loved Wearing Matching Onesies With Me Which I found Cute 💕.

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#KnewTheyWereTheOne when he knew what turns a woman on. 😉.

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#KnewTheyWereTheOne for the first 2 years then found out they definitely were NOT the one. Better late than never. 😒 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️.

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