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Could the Kristina/Dean past ruin a Caelynn/Dean future? #BachelorInParadise.

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And Kristina has (wisely) told Blake that she doesn’t see them together as a couple 👏🏻 #BachelorInParadise.

Our biggest fans this week: kristina_f1girl. Thank you! via.

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@kristina_toast ja der hieß so und macht jetzt mit tobi auf instagram irgendwas für love island, „hintergrundinfos“ oder so.

I would LOVE to wake up to some money being direct deposited into my bank account just sayin.

Wen meinte ich damit, Marcelino (hieß der so und wo ist der eigentlich geblieben) ?.

@kristina_kova1 а неделю назад было 10-летие нашей дружбы, и это важное событие номер четыре😭.

#maximcovergirl Please vote for this mama😍.

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Remember when Kristina got all pissed that he might have considered going on a date with Bri? #BachelorInParadise.

Penasaran sama novel Dance of the Butterfly? Jangan lewatkan blogtour dan giveaway ini, ya! Empat orang yang beruntung bakal dapetin novel Dance of the Butterfly GRATIS. . . . . . . #blogtour #giveaway….

And here I am this whole time thinking Blake was going Kristina, what the what? #BachelorInParadise.

@elcoya1977 siempre hace lo el reportaje a baba pura😡😡😡.

Well I think this was very real what just happened between Blake and Kristina 😭 despite all the crap he’s done. This is truly sad. #bachelorinparadise.

Kristina taught us a very important lesson today: “don’t play games with a girl who can play better.” #bacheloreinparadise.

I’m so thankful for my collaboration w/Kristina Karlsson of @kikki. My foundation has received more than $300k in gifts/donations & her She Shines collection continues to expand our reach. You can shop the collection at: #tinogona #101milliondreamers.

Kristina and Blake have always been the worst separate or together so 👋🏻/ 👏🏻#bip.

Varvara Flink starts her @jwo_tennis campaign in style! She beats Kristina Kucova 6-3, 6-2 and moves into the second round [📽: @WTA TV].


@diegobranca Gato 🐱 de Kristina encima vas a Miami a pasear y hablas de populismo lacra humana.

Blake did everything Kristina asked for and she’s still being weird. #bachelorinpadadise.

Hana-cupid Japan Womens Open - 1st Round: Varvara Flink beat Kristina Kucova 6-3, 6-2.

“I know we’ve had our differences but if something goes down, you call me ok?” Kristina supporting Caelynn makes me really happy? 🤷🏻‍♀️ #hoesoverbros #bachelorinparadise.

becky got a keyboard to practice her piece because my piano is out of tune and it’s the best and worst thing that’s ever happened to this household because we’re all children on the inside.

Why exactly is Kristina in Paradise? #bachelorinparadise she went too far #karma.

It really seems like Blake is trying to convince himself he’s in love with Kristina #BachelorInParadise.

Could the Kristina/Dean past ruin a Caelynn/Dean future? #BachelorInParadise.

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