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Players expected to return from injury Sunday include Davante Adams, Chris Godwin, Julio Jones, Jimmy Garoppolo, Kyle Allen, Phillip Lindsay and Green.

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Josh Kirby
Josh Kirby ()

Kyle Allen looked good, more passes completed and some good deeper though. Still more work needs to be done! 1-15 here we come!

Ben Standig
Ben Standig ()

Final: NYG 20 Washington 19 WFT now 1-5 and technically last in the NFC East. Kyle Allen finished 31 of 42 for 289 yards, 2 TDP plus an INT and a fumble NY returned for the go-ahead TD.

Jason “Suge”
Jason “Suge” ()

@JL_Chapman @IceCreamJudas One of. Kyle Allen is pretty hot on the dumpster fire level

Ryan Kerr
Ryan Kerr ()

Another garbage call in Carolina. Allen Robinson gets hit from behind and no call but Kyle Fuller makes a play for Gipson pick-6 and it’s PI. The fix is in again! First Atlanta, now NC. NFC south? #Bears

NFL ()

Beautiful toe-drag TD by Logan Thomas on the pass from Kyle Allen! 📺: #WASvsNYG on FOX 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app:

'something cowboys related'
'something cowboys related' ()

NFC East Quarterbacks that have played this year, ranked: Dak Prescott Daniel Jones Andy Dalton Dwayne Haskins Alex Smith Kyle Allen Jalen Hurts Carson Wentz

#75 ()

All these fans screaming for Haskins head. Quite about y’all white savior Kyle Allen. Now same Energy

Zack Rosenblatt
Zack Rosenblatt ()

Carter Coughlin got his first defensive snap and looked like he got some pressure on Kyle Allen. #Giants

MR ()

@DDuggan21 I totally agree with taking the 3 there but to your point, then why not go for it and if you don’t get it the same Kyle Allen starts the drive at the 2?

Kramerica Industries
Kramerica Industries ()

@JeffFunaro @rydunleavy People acting like “it’s he redskins and Kyle Allen sucks so take the points” which is an accurate statement however have we forgotten the Giants are just as bad if not worse.

Ty Jäger
Ty Jäger ()

We got two two-timers QBs with Interceptions (So Far in Week 6) Kirk Cousins x2 Baker Mayfield x2 Teddy Bridgewater Kyle Allen Cam Newton Gardner Minshew

Twigg ()

Kyle Allen is a bum can’t believe people really think he’s better then

Mark ()

@JL_Chapman Kyle Allen -> rivers ->mayfield -> Minshew -> jimmy g / cousins

Washington Sports Gang
Washington Sports Gang ()

Dwayne is somehow better in a system that he doesn’t know than Kyle Allen in one apparently he does 🤔

Tobi Altizer
Tobi Altizer ()

I would much rather be watching @dh_simba7 than Kyle Allen right now. I’d rather watch a guy I think has potential to be good than a guy who I see absolutely nothing in. Being a @WashingtonNFL fan is depressing! #HTTR

🖕 ()

Lls don’t worry Kyle Allen got it, he already knew the system 😂😂😂

🇳🇮🇺🇸 ()

How is Kyle Allen a better option the Dwayne Haskins dude got beat out by a guy with half a fucking off-season and no

Josh Basnight
Josh Basnight ()

Kyle Allen is exactly what I thought he’d be. Same results as bad sacks and a terrible pick. Scott Turner, you’re full of it. The QB is not the problem with this offense. Time to look in the mirror coaches.

Jon Star
Jon Star ()

At least the #WashingtonFootball team could be honest in why they benched Dwayne Haskins. Because Kyle Allen stinks.

Brybrittbrennan@gmai ()

@RiggosRag Kyle Allen sucks. Benched Haskins for this shit, should of just let Dwayne play.

Pedro Silva de Oliveira
Pedro Silva de Oliveira ()

@WashingtonNFLBR Barber, McKissic, Logan Thomas, Kyle Allen. A temporada nem chegou na metade e eu não aguento mais ver esses caras no Washington. Pior que eles, só quem os trouxe os põem pra jogar.

Adam B.
Adam B. ()

Dude throw the ball away. Kyle Allen ain’t it. Is this what yawl wanted? This is better then Haskins @dh_simba7 🤷🏾‍♂️@WashingtonNFL

Anthony Chromehounds
Anthony Chromehounds ()

@skinshuly Kyle Allen is inept. Never thought I’d say it but it looks just like Haskins out there.

Burkavision ()

Dear everybody, does the WFT offense still look bad? Yes. Does Kyle Allen look better than Haksins? Idk maybe but he’s making plenty of mistakes. Point is, pulling Haskins wasn’t as big of a deal as the majority of WFT is still making it out to be. He wasn’t making improvements

Legally Loc’d
Legally Loc’d ()

So I thought starting Kyle Allen was supposed to be better for the Washington offense.

Tim ()

I wanna make sure I got the agendas straight So when Dwayne took these sacks it was because of his lack of awareness and IQ Kyle Allen does this and it’s because of the line? Okay okay just checking

Randy Guardiola
Randy Guardiola ()

@AlexWilsonESM BTW Kyle Allen is god awful. He’s the reason why the Giants are winning right now.

Dave ()

Yeah Kyle Allen is not the answer in any way sorry but not really sorry #WashingtonFootball @WashingtonBrawl

Ashburning ()

Yeah Kyle Allen the difference maker here, really knows that offense and hit his reads foh #UNfunbunch

Adam Schefter
Adam Schefter ()

Players expected to return from injury Sunday include Davante Adams, Chris Godwin, Julio Jones, Jimmy Garoppolo, Kyle Allen, Phillip Lindsay and Green.

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