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Updated: September 16th, 2021 07:40 AM IST

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Trading Kyrie Irving isn’t even a thing on the table for the Brooklyn Nets, let’s stop trying to make it one.

Kyrie Twitter

Kyrie Irving addresses rumor he would retire if traded by Nets:


Help me understand what you’re getting at? That Kyrie’s had a bad series? That’s not what I’m talking about lol. I’m saying that I believe Kyrie’s game complements KD more within a two superstar framework. Doesn’t mean I believe a Harden/KD tandem can’t work.

Kyrie Irving only wants to play with another team if they let him play as Uncle Drew with the Lakers

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@galvalaylow It’s so funny to see people get so pressed about it. None of these guys aren’t Nets or Kyrie Irving fans anyway so I cannot understand why they care. If I hate a guy, why the hell do I care if he’s dedicating his life to a job that I want him to fail at anyway?

@come_mpaf Ναι ισχύει, έχουν κι αυτοί δικαίωμα και μεγάλο μάλιστα.

@Knickaodamassa Pow beleza, agora tu insinuar que o cara fez de propósito é sacanagem meu mano. Acho que o Kyrie não debocharia disso

@getnickwright man stop it. Kyrie not getting traded at all cause KD aint gone sign off on it.

People trying to downplay this Kyrie shit are lame as hell. Was it probably a metaphor? Yeah, for sure. But that being the case, one of two things are true:

If you truly Believe the nets get better if they trade kyrie for Ben i feel sorry for you.

@getnickwright Listening to nickwright on anything about kyrie is equivalent to Listening to skip Bayless rumors on lebron

Kyrie is a nuisance and I don’t know why people feel a need to defend him. I am supporting Kyrie with silence as Dave Chappelle advised us to do with Black people when they’re full of shit.

My favorite player, the most polarizing . Kyrie is fun to follow. Never know what he is going to do next.

@NickEnglander19 @clappedjean How does this correlate to Kyrie being traded? Not attacking you just genuinely curious.

but kyrie was wrong to call these weirdos pawns and narrative pushers? lmfao… man’s just chilling doing basketball clinics, working on his game, donating his money and time… and this is what the media will like to tell the skreets lol

@philly_dame It’s obvious that kyrie supports wearing a mask bc 1 he plays in the nba I’m pretty sure it’s mandated for players Nd 2 past juries ideals are still his ideals now so what does it matter if it’s in the past if it’s still the same

Ah yes another banger tweet from noted virologist Kyrie Irving. I mean, he arguably has the best handles in NBA history, I think he knows what he’s talking about

bruh KD and Kyrie dont miss in 2k22 wtf these mfs missed like one shot since the second quarter I have 38 points and we still down by 15 lol

@LeDillonX If Kyrie is healthy in 2018, the Celtics don’t even get passed the 2nd round. That team playing freely and distributing the offense is what got them to game 7 against LeBron. Kyrie disrupted everything for them when he played, they were consistently better without him.

@STUDYTHEGOAT @getnickwright Bro you trippin kyrie ain’t better than steph or harden lol

@tjayerrday How the F y’all got kyrie at level 16? Like do I need to play TTO OR DRAFT WHAT IS IT😭😭

Kyrie might’ve won a ring by himself if they didn’t…..🤣😭

People posting this every time Kyrie tweets will never not be funny

WhY dO pEoPlE hAtE kYrIe IrViNg?!? I donnn get ittttttt

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@FearGiannis Great players but Kobe is a inefficient shot chucker. Trae young had a better soph year than roses mvp year. People judge KD off what he could do rather than what he actually does, and kyrie is exciting to watch but does not make anyone around him better

@GoatedKD7 @TheReturnOfBU He scored 41 because draymond had festus ezili instead of bogut to rim protect against bron and kyrie

Kyrie says ALOT of stupid shit, but the man takes action. Gotta salute what he does off the court.

@sixandzero23 @ESPNNBA It would be different if lebron had played with wade, kyrie, kawhi, kobe, KD, Dwight 2011, drose rookie year. Shit like that makes these two list more comparable. Shaq had the best of the time on his teams, lebron literally just put together a bag of bones roster. Crazy different

@vettepassby35 Don’t think it’s like that. One came first, that was a huge momentum play. It lead to the other. Shit, ppl act like Ray Allen’s 3 was the only play that happened in game 6 lol. I hear it the other way around with Kyrie all the time

@darwinchvz320 Facts. His game looking pretty is the main factor in Kyrie’s game that has everybody way overrating him CONSTANTLY.

Trading Kyrie Irving isn’t even a thing on the table for the Brooklyn Nets, let’s stop trying to make it one.

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