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Updated: October 14th, 2021 08:42 PM IST

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Kyrie Irving will not be offered a contract extension by the Nets moving forward, per @ShamsCharania

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@cap_quavo @ShamsCharania ❤🖤💚✊🏾✊🏾 #SALUTE KYRIE IRVING 🇬🇭🇪🇷🇯🇲🇱🇾🇹🇷🇿🇦🏁Stay True To Who You Are No Matter

The Brooklyn Nets went 12-6 without Kyrie Irving last season, a 55 win pace. Maybe the Nets are fine if he doesn’t get vaccinated? 🤔

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@ChrisBHaynes At this point, Kyrie Irving’s stance should be of no significance, any one willing to discount everyone/thing his ignorant/willingly uniformed stance impacts should be put on everybody’s back, way back burner

@Caramel_Angel7 @davenewworld_2 Oh, is Kyrie Irving trying to show that he is “woke”? I thought he was just proving that he is an IGNORANT, ANTI-SCIENCE, ANTISOCIAL, ASSHOLE with so much money and position that he can afford to sit on the sidelines and run his mouth #GetVaccinated

*Kyrie Irving started a live video* “I’m not the focus here” yeah this dude deserves every piece of bad publicity he’s getting

ไครี เออร์วิง ยืนยันว่าการไม่รับวัคซีนนั้นคือการเลือกสิ่งที่ดีที่สุดให้แก่ตัวเอง แม้ว่าจะส่งผลทำให้ถูกตัดออกจากทีมและจะไม่ได้รับเงินค่าจ้างก็ตาม #TheStandardNews

Why the fuck is anyone listening to Kyrie Irving about the vaccine? Dude is a flat earther. Hey buddy we’re literally shooting civilians into space now. Go ask Captain Kirk how flat the earth is. Fucking numbnuts.

Kyrie Irving will not be offered a contract extension by the Nets moving forward, per @ShamsCharania

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Great episode!! We discuss the Kyrie Irving update, Jon Gruden and have a chat with our guy Nikko and MORE!!


Kyrie Irving is getting more stupid everyday. Not the best ambassador the NBA can have. Don’t expect much from Kyrie anyways since his flat earth comments but didn’t think he’ll be an anti-vaxxer. Big waste of talent for Brooklyn & the best move for them rn is to really trade him

Kyrie Irving have the right if he doesn’t want to be vaccinated but I would do it if I were him. Just take the one shot vaccine and get it over with.

Kyrie Irving is one of the most perplexing athletes of all time. He’s left a sour taste in 2 (soon to be 3) fanbases mouth’s, he has some wild (and potentially dangerous) opinions, and he is hard to read. He’s also one of the most talented and entertaining athletes I’ve ever seen

I’m Kyrie Irving’s biggest fan boy now. Finna get his jersey on 2k and buy a Duke hat by god

Good for the Nets. Kyrie Irving’s anti-vaccine stance is dangerous for everyone | Politi

Brooklyn Nets confirmó que no contará con Kyrie Irving, ni siquiera para prácticas, hasta que se vacune

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with Kyrie Irving the Nets are the clear Championship favorites. Without him they are one of about 6 championship contenders.

What if I told you the most important shot of Kyrie Irving’s career, was one he never took… Probably the opening to a future ESPN documentary.

Kyrie Irving REFUSES Mandatory Covid Vaccination, Will Not Be Playing via @YouTube

¿que paso mijito kyrie irving? ¿le tienes miedo a la jeringa? u gu gu ga ga agu gu gaga

Media Reacts To Nets Not Letting Kyrie Irving Play Or Practice

All these folks running to Kyrie Irving’s Twitter to follow him😭😭

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Am I the only one that thinks Ben Simmons for Kyrie Irving straight up makes a lot of sense for both teams?

🏀 Els Brooklyn Nets aparten Kyrie Irving per no vacunar-se

DEPORTES | Las normas de la ciudad de Nueva York impiden al base jugar en el Barclays Center mientras no cuente con la pauta completa de una de las profilaxis aprobadas para luchar contra el coronavirus

Brooklyn Nets announce Kyrie Irving will not play until Covid-19 vaccination is resolved

Yeppers, Kyrie Irving, has all those tattoos, yet he doesn’t want to be stuck with a needle…dude where do U think tattoos come from…

Nets: Kyrie Irving won’t play or practice until fully eligible

#NBA, comunicato ufficiale dei #Nets : Kyrie Irving fuori squadra


mano que chato tá ver esse negócio do kyrie irving e do nets na tl velho mano se esse bosta não quis tomar aquele soro com água e césio 137 chamado vacina FODASE eu quero que ele e esse time se fodam muito irmão eu torço pro boston e pro warriors não pra esses nóias

This medical apartheid is starting to well racist isn’t it? Where are all of the social justice warriors now? Are the black American Hollywood elite going to kick up a stink about this one? I won’t be holding my breath.

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