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Brace yourself for this Ashley and Joi convo in addition to the sneak peek of the finale next week 👀 #LAMDC.

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Black men go to the doctor and get checked on!!! Great example Quick!!! 🙏🏽 #LAMDC.

Some friendships were mended, some were broken. Let’s see where this goes. Tune in next Saturday at 8|7c for the season finale of Love & Marriage: DC! #LAMDC.

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BayBEE run to my YouTube channel now where me and Richie Skye are recalling TONIGHTS #LAMDC finale. Link 👉🏽.

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#LAMDC Ashley VERZUZ Joi and Erana!!!! Mid-SEASON FINALE recap with @ via @YouTube.

Some ppl are just miserable. She said Winter seems nicer because of her new dude but Ashley has been married forever and seems meaner each week. #LAMDC make it make sense 😔.

Ashley you really gone say I brought you on this show but it was wack last season 🫠 sound like you owe Joi a thank you 😌#LAMDC.

@AshleyBrittney I think she checked on her friend s who was leaving first because she was staying there with you. No need to be mad at @eranatyler she’s being a friend to both of you. Which sometimes can suck!! My 🙏🏽 are with you Erana!! #LAMDC.

Fun fact: if you didn’t want to be on a show you wouldn’t be. And your husband wouldn’t have been bugging to see if y’all were cast all summer #lamdc 🤷🏽‍♀️.

I hope Ashley knows it takes a friend to be a friend ! She goes into situations speaking harshly about people and treat people like it’s a privilege to know her like they are nothing . Not cool and to be mad at Erana Is petty both of y’all are her friends don’t do that ! #lamdc.

Why is Joi hellbent on hiding the fact that her and Clifton are married? No one cares.💀#LAMDC.

Whew this season is making me not like Ashley even more #LAMDC she’s doing the most.

Ummm the physical fighting of successful women isn’t why we’re here. Keep it cute…. Destiny/Stormi 🙄 use your words #LAMDC.


No matter whose side you’re on in the conflicts, I think everyone can agree #LAMDC brought it this first half. We have an amazing cast, & I can’t wait for the second half! 🔥.


I do feel like Ashley shouldn’t make Erana feel like she has to choose sides even though they’ve probably been friends longer. Erana was stuck in the middle with that. #LAMDC.

Umm I wanted to check out season 2 to see Joi, we knew who she was BEFORE the show #LAMDC unlike some ppl 🫣🤭 chiiile stardom is a helluva drug.

Sometimes when you struggle with insecurities and you have childhood trauma that is unresolved you carry it into adulthood and can become very toxic. ☕️ #LAMDC.

@MommaBearMo Ashley is WRONG ALL DAY in EVERY WAY in this drama- straight up PETTY and definitely MEAN GIRLS BULLY MENTALITY #LAMDC.

Joi was trying to do something different on this show it seemed. Unfortunately, some people always gotta test you. It is what it is.#LAMDC #givethepeoplewhattheywant.

#LAMDC My best friend and my husband know everything. I don’t keep no secrets from them. Not mine or anyone else’s. If you say you don’t tell your bestie or significant other everything, you’re lying..

Ashley has a serious ego issue. She has this grandiose mentality & wants everyone to kiss her ass. #LAMDC.

I’m liking this reconciliation between winter, erana and ashley. Let’s hope it stays this way #LAMDC.

Joi was so mean on #readytolove so yes, I’m having a hard time taking to her on #LAMDC but she doesn’t seem like a nice person, ngl.

Joi is so petty. I don’t even like Sharella like that but expecting Ashley to stop being friends with Sharella bc of ‘shady business’ her husband conducted (before they were married/met, I believe) is so stupid and high school. Grow tf up #LAMDC.

You don’t tell a man you hope he is fuqn a woman down. Where Quick at….lemme ask him this in public and see if Ashley will catch this charge assaulting me #LAMDC.

Alright I feel like I missin something from this evening / this conversation bc how did it go to level 1000+ ??? #LAMDC.

@yofavoritebbw_ Like Joi said, Ashley wants that show. Meaning she wants to be the HBIC of #LAMDC!.

I got you on the show sounds like Rich $ saying he made Mena. Ppl these days and their God complex 🥺 #LAMDC.

BayBEE y’all made #LAMDC trend Number 6 tonight!!! Thoughts on the finale? And run to YouTube to watch me and DJ Richie Skye recap the episode. Link 👉🏽.

#LAMDC Photo,#LAMDC Photo by Carlos King,Carlos King on twitter tweets #LAMDC Photo

ashley is disgusting and Joi and Erana should pay her DUST #lamdc.

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