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Destiny, Mel, and Oh My! 😳 TONIGHT at 8|7c Kimmi is bringing the #LAMH women back together!.

Destiny you came off aggressive to everyone at the table lol but you aren’t aggressive. Got it #LAMH.

Keke can go crawl back to whatever hole she came out of because she was ready to lie on that phone until kimmi called her out on it I’m just over keke honestly #LAMH.

You would think with how Martell lost his business with Melody that he wouldn’t rely on that man’s builders license lol. I told y’all Martell is as dumb as a bag of hammers. #LAMH.

Wanda ruined Jaylen’s graduation party now she’s about to ruin his housewarming. #LAMH.

Exactly! But let the stans tell it. Destiny “jealous.” #LAMH.

Here comes Destiny with her Nickelodeon ass logic. If you’re salty because Mel cut you off, just say that #lamh.

Mel is bitter as hell. Sorry guys but she is. Destiny hasn’t done anything to her. #LAMH.

@melaninrockz Agreed! All that barking was unnecessary. Did you peep Mel sitting back w/ that smirk she has whn ppl do her dirt? #lamh.

#LAMH Maurice is soo right about the main issue which is Mel!!! She has issues w/everyone!.

@iJennine @Jessi_Ra3 She has every right to be a mean girl right now. I recall in season1 or 2 I think all the other couples laughing in a car at Mel and Martel celebrating their 10th anniversary because they told their friends about the struggles in their marriage #Lamh.

Sorry not sorry, but I now see why Martell stepped out. Oh well 🤷🏽‍♀️ #LAMH.

@BrownSkinHuman @prettyJey22_ She was called a bitch and trashed at a party, I think her energy was warranted #LAMH.

Everybody is confused on where the beef with melody and destiny comes from and when kimmi is confused on where it started it’s safe to say the beef is made up on tv. #LAMH.


Why did they bring Stormi’s ghetto ass on this show to begin with. She ain’t for this show. Is she from NOLA or something. Team @DestinyPayton periodt #lamh.

So LaTishasold her apartment complex and bought Martell’s shares……Yessssssss 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾#LAMH.

What is Martell talking about? He needs to go ahead and get that license. Always be cautious of someone telling you to trust them. Trusting them carries no weight legally! #LAMH #LoveAndMarriageHuntsville.

I hope Marsau has a clean slate. And the negative talk. Is just negative talk. Without any physical proof. #LAMH.

People that have strong hate for Mel get on here with the most delusional tweets. They are committed to misunderstanding. #LAMH.

In honour or #LAMH and Mothers Day tomorrow id like to big up Miss Wanda because babeeeeeee no matter what she is gonna stick up and rock for her daughter and thats real love..


Martell’s business partner has a crush on him and you can tell by the way he looks at him and it is making me uncomfortable af #lamh.

Melody been looking like something Martell wanted to come home to……now that Martell is no longer coming home #LAMH 🤣🤣.

“Your husband cheating on you everyday and you don’t care. I don’t lie” #MelodyHolt is the OPP and that was low as shit. Tisha never shitted on you when Martel was slanging his dxk. It’s giving you’re jealous that their marriage is lasting while you’re divorced. BITTER #LAMH.

Melody literally brought stormi on the show as her security and chihuahua lol. Then she sits back and laugh at her security doing just what she paid her for lol. I don’t like people like Melody holt bra #LAMH.

Mannnnn the previous seasons I was #TeamMelody but now I’m not so sure 🤷🏾 #LAMH.

@ShardaMAllen2U @Angietweets12 True and true. And yes, Mel has no self control. I think the melometers have pumped her up, so she thinks she can do no wrong #lamh.

Kiki bets not lie, cause Mel did bring up Tisha & marsau It was definitely a let’s talk about Tisha party… run back The tape #lamh cause y’all good with that shit when it’s anyone else! I mean hold EVERYONE up to their truths! Put EVERYONES feet in the fire 🔥.

@LatriceB19 Right but everyone wants to clown Tisha. Stormy has an extra tongue in her mouth too 🤣🤣🤣 #LAMH.

@HaroldCorderral Actually Melody has a problem with everybody on the cast. She is the only one refusing to come around ppl based on HER issues with ppl. The real Melody is showing this season #LAMH.

Mel friend with the big forehead needs to hursh up! Destiny not talking to you geesh. #LAMH.

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