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  • Larry Kudlow will be my Chief Economic Advisor as Director of the National Economic Council. Our Country will have many years of Great Economic & Financial Success, with low taxes, unparalleled innovation, fair trade and an ever expanding labor force leading the way! #MAGA.

  • [email protected] is making a big mistake by selecting Larry Kudlow. His ideas are harmful to America. Here is an article Kudlow wrote where he argued for the invasion of Iraq because it would boost the stock market. As a veteran, that makes me sick to my stomach. https://t.co/pCLNdvQOTX.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Larry Kudlow accepts job of @WhiteHouse National Economic Council director, replaces Gary Cohn https://t.co/Y0vuJW43ID https://t.co/vPi4W8DCbi.

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  • Larry Kudlow in Dec 2007: “There’s no recession coming. The pessimistas were wrong. It’s not going to happen." In Feb 2008: “I’m going to bet that the economy will be rebounding sometime this summer, if not sooner." https://t.co/duRFsQZ5NG.

  • Schumer on the floor, railing on Larry Kudlow: “He recommended that Americans buy stock in 2008.”.

  • Larry Kudlow is a perfect fit for trump. He is not adverse at cocaine parties. Child rapists. Spousal & sexual abusers. Liars. Cheaters. Thieves. Money launderers. Nazis. KKK... Every representative in above categories has a job in that administration https://t.co/sCaPuD54Mi.

  • "Larry Kudlow" There is an orange Cuck on the mountain. Putin has so much on him El Trumo is fellator https://t.co/bN0HfTNBYf.

    Larry Kudlow twitter.
  • @texbrodave1 @Felix_Nuno @Soerings @MrDarthVader2U @a7_FIN_SWE @nailbomb3 @Ronnin57 @bonaevolentatis @djinnxxi @udarnik And then what? Come home to find Larry Kudlow has sold your house and Betsy Devos is teaching your kids about how Jesus wants us all to be quiet and serve the rich?.

  • “I Have No Idea How Bright He Is”: Trump Hires Perpetually Wrong TV Pundit to Run the Economy https://t.co/9rOAUwWE2W.

  • Trump’s new economic adviser is really bad at economics. Here are the receipts. https://t.co/kLfSxnaIOP.

  • #Europe / #France #France24 "Le médiatique Larry Kudlow devient conseiller économique de Trump" https://t.co/AG6pBneIa2.

  • #MorningJoe #newday Is this the same Larry Kudlow who was fired for having a $100,000/month cocaine habit? Reports say it is. (Yeah, $100,000/month) Wow....the Wolf of Wall Street meets the White House. Should be fun..

  • Peter Navarro on @CNBC now - talking trade deficits, Administration policy and the incoming of @larry_kudlow https://t.co/rWbUeZx7UH.

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  • @SenateMajLdr @POTUS @larry_kudlow is many things, Widely respected is not one of them. He famously said at the close of 2007 that there was no crisis on the horizon and that we should expect the economy to set records in 2008. records were set alright, but they were all bad..

  • @larry_kudlow @WSJopinion @realDonaldTrump your guy - called out your folly. How soon [email protected] calls you a moron?.

  • Larry Kudlow! Great choice Mr President a true free market American....not a lib socialist bone in his body!!!!.

  • Larry Kudlow accepts offer to replace Gary Cohn https://t.co/krztpbxLCF.

  • Markets get a friend in Larry Kudlow who might buck Trump on two key issues https://t.co/B8AV02mCZV.

  • Markets get a friend in Larry Kudlow who might buck Trump on two key issues https://t.co/7bGu6zuBr4.

  • Trump Expected to Name Larry Kudlow as Top Economic Adviser https://t.co/X4Tljbfvkf https://t.co/JhvXgBSQzI.

  • New story on NPR: Report: Trump To Name CNBC Commentator Larry Kudlow As Top Economic Adviser https://t.co/6YD4NoPkVQ.

  • @hughhewitt @larry_kudlow @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/LdUikqmukN.

    Larry Kudlow twitter.
  • @CGasparino @larry_kudlow @FoxBusiness Charlie, you literally hate the president..

  • 🚨BREAKING🚨 Larry Kudlow, Trump’s new economic advisor, addresses the media: “SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOORT” https://t.co/zBXb5w0txx.

  • Trump poised to choose Larry Kudlow as top economic adviser: President Trump is expected to… https://t.co/7cwhtCPbpi https://t.co/DavC4LaSLE.

  • How Larry Kudlow is likely to advise Trump https://t.co/HzRWcZvUuU.

  • Markets get a friend in Larry Kudlow who might buck Trump on two key issues https://t.co/67GTL9bKXI.

  • Hey, if all else fails Larry Kudlow can at the very least get Trump to refocus by reminiscing about some hot waitress they both tried to bang during lunches at The Quilted Giraffe. https://t.co/NivjhLvmsp.

  • Markets get a friend in Larry Kudlow who might buck Trump on two key issues https://t.co/uZg0CfBt1f.

  • A short; excerpt of my Sept 2017 CNBC hit with Larry Kudlow. https://t.co/6igbXBaHEM.

  • @SpeakerRyan @larry_kudlow @POTUS CRAZY. BATSHIT INSANE.

  • Ekonomist ve eski televizyon sunucusu Larry Kudlow https://t.co/iSRy3OSs5l.