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The Leafs have a legit complaint about the refs tonight. Very one sided for Tampa and it still took OT Leafs outplayed them and Tampa is gonna need to play much better to win game 7. Kucherov made it 3-3 but was horrendous otherwise..

First person here chanting Go Leafs Go gets a pair of tickets to game one tonight! 🗣🎟.

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From all of us at the Maple Leafs, happy #MothersDay to all the moms out there Thank you for everything that you do 💙🤍.

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The Maple Leafs have had issues closing out #StanleyCup Playoff series. 😳.

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April 20th, 2004 was the last time the Toronto Maple Leafs won a series clinching playoff game. Number one song on Billboard’s Hot 100 at the time was Usher’s “Yeah!”.


CM Punk loves being a heel on Long Island. He came out wearing a Islanders John Tavares jersey. He now plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs #AEWDynamite.

“How about those Leafs? Pretty good, huh? Let’s go, baby. Championship.” -- Masai Ujiri.


Auston Matthews and the Maple Leafs will end a 55-year drought and Toronto will win the Stanley Cup for the first time since 1967..

Maple Leafs fan moves son’s Lightning gear, bedroom into front yard.

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luke fox
Luke fox

217 penalty minutes called through 260 minutes of hockey in the Leafs-Lightning series..

Happy Gameday Leafs Nation! Who’s fired up for Game 5 tonight? 🤩 #FordPlayoffCharge.

Through the Maple Leafs - Lightning game, the average goals-per-game in the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs is We are on pace to have the highest scoring Stanley Cup Playoffs since 1993 ()..

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No matter what happens on Saturday, I take solace in knowing that the Leafs could still be eliminated before the #Oilers..

It’s only game one but that was awesome. The crowd was electric, and the Leafs instilled so much hope tonight. Game 3 vs Washington, game 5 vs Boston in 2019 were memorable and I think tonight’s will be the same regardless of what happens in this series..

like obviously I’m rooting for the caps but wouldn’t it be hilarious if we ended the year with a flames-leafs matchup.

Joe Smith
Joe Smith

“We made it personal.” After a humbling Game 1 loss, a ticked-off ⁦@TBLightning made sure it flipped the script, with their stars leading the way over ⁦@MapleLeafs⁩.


3/12/22 #NHLPicks Oilers ml(3u)💰 Leafs/Bolts (2u)💰 Blues ml(2u)💰 Canes ml +110(2u)✖️ 3-1 +5u YTD 313-284 +.

Crazy how this time tomorrow I am going to be sleeping peacefully and the Leafs will be up 1-0.

CBC, 2024: Violence were broke out today in a place where is known Israel, bullets were have a thing that bullets are known to do, Hamas tried to kill kill kill, so for a good reason from the sky were coming bombs, and many people were maybe no longer alive. Also the Leafs lost..

Le match 5 va valoir si cher entre Tampa et les leafs. Le premier tour est exceptionnel..

Starting about noon on Saturday, my dog had uncontrollable diarrhea. Like asking to go out every 2-3 hours. Vet was closed Sunday, got her in ASAP Monday, they gave her a pill, and we were both able to sleep through the night. I think this bodes really well for the Leafs.

Torontolla on luonnetta. Tuon alun jälkeen nousta maailman parasta jengiä vastaan 0-2-tappioasemasta heidän historiallaan, kertoo paljon luonteen lujuudesta. Leafs antaa itselleen mahdollisuuden. Ja taivas tietää, mitä tapahtuu jos kaataa mestarin ja saa mestarin voimat. #NHLfi.

2 very different vibes but i love both of them a lot, also look at the heartstopper leafs in the back i love them so much :D ( #fitchecksfor5up ) (( i like rts <3 )).

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They’ve proved time and again that they will bounce back. @TBLightning did so again in game four to make the series a best of three as things shift back to Toronto. #GoBolts | @henryyoho.

When or IF the Leafs lose in round 1, hiring Barry Trotz, is a no brainer. Likely Dubas gone as well..

The Maple Leafs have added ten Black Aces to their expanded Playoff Roster. Forwards: Joey Anderson, Pontus Holmberg, Dmitri Ovchinnikov, Nick Robertson, Brett Seney, and Alex Steeves Defence: Mac Hollowell, Filip Král, and Kristiāns Rubīns Goalie: Michael Hutchinson.

Stenlija kauss 1942, Latvija 2017, Šveice 2022 - fināli, kuros titulu izcīnījusi komanda, kas sērijas sākumā atradusies iedzinējos ar 0-3, bet turpinājumā uzvarējusi četrās spēlēs pēc kārtas. Toronto Maple Leafs un Kurbadam svētdienas vakarā pievienojās Zug.

The two-time defending Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning haven’t lost consecutive playoff games in nearly three years..

Let’s keep it going. Leafs lose in 6 and overreact themselves into shipping Mitch Marner to Philly and retain 50%. Flames lose to the Stars and Johnny Flyer comes home..

We joke a lot on here about must-win games for the Leafs, but tonight is one of them..

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