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Should Kimbella just have avoided commenting on the whole adoption situation in general? Was it out of line? #LHHNY.

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Kimbella lying. She knows she needed money. juelz ain’t working and neither is she #LHHNY.

I think they finna mention my girl @iamErica_Mena next week on #lhhny and Safaree better not apologize for shit.

No lie safaree been on some funny shit lately so i def feel where @IamJuJu_ is coming from #LHHNY.

Of course @kimbellasworld was gone pull up for that check, why wouldn’t she? And of course yandy lied. That’s not a good friend. She should have said that then #lhhny.

But why did yandy way she didn’t know @kimbellasworld was coming to the party at the reunion? But then now she is saying she knew she was coming and it was for a check? Either wait you flip it, yandy lied at the end of the day , #lhhny.

Kimbella is mad whiny but I kind of believe her about Yandy. I admit I got a shit impression of Yandy though because of how she treated Mendeecee’s baby’s mothers but Yandy does seem to always try to make sure she comes out looking good. #LHHNY.

Catching up on LHHNY and all I wanna ask God rn is to not give me a man like Joe Budden. Cyd real life said I’ve been depresssed for the last 4 months , it didn’t even phase him..

Who was the knocked kimbella on her ass them back. Lord Forgive Me #LHHNY.

Yandy so you DID send Kimbella to the baby party?! ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS ADMIT #LHHNY.

Somebody just gone and slap the shit outta Kimbella ! I’m so over her plastic titty ass #LHHNY.

Kimbella stupid she know if they was working together it would have been a problem . #LHHNY.

Me personally I feel like both Yandy and kimbella is both being childish about the situation. Move on and let it go Period #LHHNY.

I love @yandysmith but she looking crazy @kimbellasworld is right in this situation #LHHNY.

Kimbella needs to stop & grow up talking about pulling up to a party how many years ago? #CutItOut #LHHNY.

Why is Yandy sonextra, why does she always have to make things about her!? She could of chilled and ignored her like a grown ass woman! #LHHNY.

I find it important for people to keep conversations that are had between each other to just them and not carry them to parties who weren’t present — carrying bones only causes confusion and unnecessary drama. #LHHNY.

TV TIME : Watch Season 9 Ep 12 Of @VH1 “ Love & Hip Hop “ #LHHNY.

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Who tf do Joe Budden think he is Erica Mena was on #LHHNY before you lmao she put your BM on sir.

#lhhmia is better than #lhhny this season, but not by much. Both shows are still meh..

If my husband don’t treat me like Papoose treat Remy, I don’t want him 😂🙏🏾 #LHHNY.

So Rich at any point you can hug your daughter instead of watching her cry and vent to you 😒 #LHHNY.

Tendencias hoy 18/2 a esta hora(22:7:40) en Puerto Rico: #CHEMUN #LHHNY Caelynn Jonas Brothers.

I’m sure miracle makes enough money for a lawyer I’m confused to why she has a public defender smh #LHHNY.

Alexis Sky and Lucci storyline is so made up your not the father with no paternity papers wtf #LHHNY.

Should Kimbella just have avoided commenting on the whole adoption situation in general? Was it out of line? #LHHNY.

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