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Francisco Lindor over the last two weeks: 🔸 .429 AVG 🔸 3 HR 🔸 10 RBI 🔸 OPS Stud..

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Francisco Lindor = HOT. His double makes it a 5-0 ballgame ♨️.

Francisco Lindor is hitting .429 with five doubles, three home runs and ten RBI over his last 13 games. #Mets.

Buck Showalter, context excluded: “It’s like you’re mining for gold. You take a piece of gold, you put it over here. You take the rock, you put it over there, and you sift some more. When you get enough nuggets, you get to play in October. And Lindor’s a nugget.”.


We talk about grinding out at-bats. We want to be known as that, the team that grinds pitch after pitch and is not gonna give up no matter what the score is. - Francisco Lindor.

Mets Game 108 of 162, vs. ATL Saturday, Aug. 6, 7:10 (2/2) LHP Max Fried (10-3, ) Nimmo CF Marte RF Lindor SS Alonso DH Ruf 1B Escobar 3B Canha LF Guillorme 2B Nido C - Scherzer RHP (7-2, ).

FINAL: Mets 8, Braves 5. Francisco Lindor went 3-for-4 with three RBIs and two runs scored. David Peterson tossed 5 1/3 shutout innings. These teams play again at 7.


Mets lineup for game two against the Braves and Max Fried tonight: CF Brandon Nimmo RF Starling Marte SS Francisco Lindor DH Pete Alonso 1B Darin Ruf 3B Eduardo Escobar LF Mark Canha 2B Luis Guillorme C Tomas Nido -- RHP Max Scherzer.

Francisco Lindor with yet another hit. The bases are loaded with one out in the third for Pete Alonso..


Strange but true: When Francisco Lindor records multiple hits in a game this season the Mets are 21-6. @Metsmerized #Mets #LGM.

And that’s also kind of the point here. When Lindor is producing the Mets have done well. #Mets.

Francisco Lindor has had more than a couple plate appearances in this series that extended an inning or rally, leading to good things for the Mets. A three-run third inning started with a quality at-bat from Tomás Nido, resulting in a leadoff double..

Mets Game 2 8/6 Nimmo CF Marte RF Lindor SS Alonso DH Ruf 1B Escobar 3B Canha LF Guillorme 2B Nido C Scherzer SP.

Lindor overcame a broken finger, which he played through, to get to this level. he is as tough and elite as can be..

The local Night n Day rang up my Lindor chocolate bar at $ Trillion. Sure, they’re irresistibly smooth, but last week they were only $! Inflation’s getting a bit out of hand, I reckon..

Lindor Photo,Lindor Photo by Sue B, Chch biker boss 🤬🏳️‍🌈,Sue B, Chch biker boss 🤬🏳️‍🌈 on twitter tweets Lindor Photo

Never ever compare Swanson to Lindor. That guy will never be half the player Lindor is..

Mets 8/6 - Nimmo CF Marte RF Lindor SS Alonso DH Ruf 1B Escobar 3B Canha LF Guillorme 2B Nido C.

Francisco Lindor sparks Mets to 8-5 victory over Braves in a doubleheader opener..

The Mets (68-39) lineup for Saturday Game 2 vs. the Braves: 1. Brandon Nimmo CF 2. Starling Marte RF 3. Francisco Lindor SS 4. Pete Alonso DH 5. Darin Ruf 1B 6. Eduardo Escobar 3B 7. Mark Canha LF 8. Luis Guillorme 2B 9. Tomas Nido C P- Max Scherzer (7-2, ).

Amidst it all, great baserunning by Lindor. Really hope Fried’s ok. That would’ve been some turn by Swanson. That’s a tough play when you’re playing *that* much further from the bag against a pull-hitter. #LGM.

Dansby Swanson has two errors in three innings. But I was told he’s better than Lindor 🤔.

@BarrettsGoat @Braves Lindor has been really good recently. Dansby has cooled off considerably from earlier this season. Nice win today.

@AnthonyDiComo Yessss! Watching Lindor and Guillorme flip double plays is a thing of beauty!.

Mets Starting Lineup career numbers vs Max Fried Nimmo CF (3-10, 2 K) Marte RF (0-3) Lindor SS (1-5, 1 HR) Alonso DH (2-8, 2 K) Ruf 1B (2-3) Escobar 3B (0-0) Mark Canha LF (1-3) Guillorme 2B (1-1) Nido C (1-2).

Could’ve used this opportunity to rest Lindor and play Escobar, Guillorme, McNeil around the horn But it’s not a bad lineup.

Être en amour avec ses nouveaux spikes de balle Francisco Lindor pro series 😍🥰.

Lindor Photo,Lindor Photo by Pascal,Pascal on twitter tweets Lindor Photo

A wild sequence allows the Mets to grow their lead to 3-0 in the bottom of the third. A hard slide from Pete Alonso breaks up a potential double play and draws an errant throw from Dansby Swanson. Max Fried crumbles as he attempts to throw out Francisco Lindor at home..

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