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Not gonna lie, but tonight’s #LivePD has been one of the wildest ones we have had in awhile. It has had a little bit of everything for sure

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Kendra Leoni ()

He’s the typical frat guy who gets drunk asks for his parents who have money and say “my dad the lawyer who knows the DA isn’t going to be happy to hear about this!” #LivePD

Bryan Herbert 🇺🇸 ()

🎶 It never rains in Southern California 🎶 🚔 📢 THIS IS THE POMONA POLICE DEPARTMENT #LivePD

Kendra Leoni ()

This guy just told on himself “I’m under the ” stops mid sentence 😂😂 #LivePD

RIP Kobe & Gianna❤️ ()

Alright well, we got to see Omahony and Cavanaugh even though they weren’t in the official lineup for tonight. I’m not complaining. 😂 #LivePD

Tmazgal ()

That awkward moment when the trying to avoid a warrant you use a fake name that also has a warrant. 🤣#LivePD

Kendra Leoni ()

@ChristopherOdy That’s why I was asking because I know it being dangerous from skin contact is false #LivePD

Live PD on A&E ()

Thank you #LivePDNation for responding to our #LivePD Wanted segment. Saeed Ali is now behind bars.

Andy Panda ()

#livepd pomona These Pomona cops seem way to unprofessional. They should have uniforms, be clean cut and stop chewing gum. #noclass

Kendra Leoni ()

@xFINCHx21 It literally is alllll liquid! Homie should have stopped at McDonald’s before going drinking has he not heard of carb loading before?! #LivePD

LainaM ()

Not gonna lie. I would rather deal with mostly liquid booze puke than thick & chunky, putrid partially digested food puke. Just sayin’ #LivePD

Kendra Leoni ()

Ewwww he’s throwing it’s allllll liquid no wonder he was passed out in the middle of the road 🤮🤮#LivePD

Dairenn Lombard ()

At AA meetings, they need to show a video of that dude basically pissing out of his mouth. #LivePD

Jon pletcher 🏒🥅🇺🇸 ()

@RealJamesWoods Watching LivePD and reading your tweets makes for a lovely Friday night!

Jay McSpadden ()

I took two years of French in High School, but I only remember how to say Vous le vous coucher avec moi. #LivePD

TotallyGina🌻⚔️🌻 ()

Cop: that’s the wrong apt, an old lady lives there! Naked guy: how old is she? 😂😂😂😂 #LivePD

Dairenn Lombard ()

Tarquinnious Mack sounds like the name of a REALLY shitty rap song from the 90s. Dude got 15 types of Milli Vanilli wigs. He needs to get charged on that shit alone. #LivePD

Kendra Leoni ()

@__mixxedmami__ I’m planning on going in June and taking off from LAX to AZ I might have to try and find one of those illegal gambling places that way I know he’s going to show up 😂😂#LivePD

Alisande 🇺🇸 ()

My dog and I are watching #LivePD . People are so dang crazy. Why is a French dude driving a car? No ID, no license and he doesn’t even understand what a police car with lights flashing means. Arrest him.

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Patricksence ()

Never get drunk in a live pd town. You will get a well deserved twitter roast!! #LivePD

You Get An F For [email protected]#$% ()

#LivePD Pomona is an interesting place here. Illegal casinos and illegal pot dispensaries. =P What else we gonna find illegal?

GF ()

#LivePD Enjoy the rest of Live PD west-coasters. I missed the first hour so I had to watch the replay. It was a weird night on Live PD. 👍🏻

Kendra Leoni ()

Officer: It’s an old lady in there! Pantless guy: How old?! Officer: OLD!! Idk maybe guy without pants got some kinks 😂😂 #LivePD

Kendra Leoni ()

What’s this chick looking for in the grass can you stop and talk to @CKingery_LPD for a second please?! #LivePD

Figgy ()

Thank goodness #LivePD re-airs immediately because I missed everything between shots fired and Sebastian trying to find the mystery apartment he was sexing it up in.

Live PD on A&E ()

CRIME OF THE WEEK “I didn’t think you were real cops.” #LivePD

Sean Larkin ()

Not gonna lie, but tonight’s #LivePD has been one of the wildest ones we have had in awhile. It has had a little bit of everything for sure

Zane ()

😉 In flagrante delicto (Latin: in blazing offence) or sometimes simply in flagrante (Latin: in blazing) is a legal term used to indicate that a criminal has been caught in the act of committing an offence (compare corpus delicti). The colloquial caught red-handed #livepd

Colin Brinkley ()

Really weird and confusing situation with the man hiding in the closet in an apartment in Tallahassee!! #LivePDNation #LivePD

🐝🌼🐝Melissa🐝🌼🐝 ()

how dumb of me I wasn’t even thinking about the welfare of the young lady, hope they find her and she’s OK #LivePD #LivePDNation

Live PD on A&E ()

It does feel like the wait has been longer this week, right? But now we have ONLY 30 minutes until an all new #LivePD Friday night!

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