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My accommodations here in South Carolina aren’t quite the same as NYC. (If you know, you know). #livepd.

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They aren’t going to dig it up, I promise they have more somewhere, or can get more easily lol. #LivePd.

He is just trying to get those Christmas lights Its fuking April for fuks #livepd.

- She looks like a character out of Lord of the Rings #LivePD.

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It’s #420 and that could mean a particularly interesting #LivePD tonight! See you ⁦@AETV⁩ tonight at 9!.

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This is the same crap teachers put up with. Parents, shut the heck up about how rough the cops are on you and your kids when you and your kids are acting like damn fools. #LivePD.

So kids these days don’t run for their life when they see the cops show up at a party?!?!? #LivePD.

Congratulations @OfficialLivePD #LivePD on your 200 episodes. Looking forward to #LiveRescue.

Silly Question @danabrams Anybody have insight of show opening , how the decision of the order of agencies are mentioned? Enquiring minds want to know. #LivePd #LivePDNation.

All those kids in Salinas wanted the ice cream truck. Instead they got #LivePD #LivePD200.

Anyone else ready for tonight’s 200th EPISODE OF LIVEPD!! #livepd.

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Don’t want anyone to see you committing a crime, then DON’T COMMIT THE CRIME! This dumbass is sorry he got caught not sorry for what he did 🙄🙄🙄👋🏻 #LivePD.

I wish you all chases, hooker hotels, drunk people and armed robberies for your viewing pleasures. I’m out for the night! #LivePD.

Oh how we’ve missed @K_Law124 and @MastrianniChris ! It is a pleasure seeing you two on #LivePD tonight! The best of the best!.

Panicking makes people do a lot of things, but not run from the police and keep running and putting yourself and your girl in danger, as well as anyone that could have been on the road as well. #LivePD.

You don’t want your face on Live PD??? ! #LivePD.

#LivePD NO! NO! NO! Young man I Richland County @RCSD @K_Law124 they did NOT just hit you with 3 charges! YOU EARNED those 3 charges! #LifeLessons.

I love how @K_Law124 talks to people. He seems to always to put them at ease. Such an amazing man. #LivePd #LivePdNation.

Live PD Nation Help Us Find Jaylene! @MissingKids #LivePD.

#LivePD is trending. Keep using those hashtags, #LivePDNation. We got this. @OfficialLivePD.

Cussing in mommas house is a no!! Cataract surgery! Yeah right! #LivePD #LivePDNation.

Your eyes are glossy I had cataract surgery 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #Livepd.

when the cips greet you with long time no see ... not a good LOL #LivePDNation #livepd.

My accommodations here in South Carolina aren’t quite the same as NYC. (If you know, you know). #livepd.

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Not to brag, but @BrownGaro asked me earlier to put on his polo so that I could stretch the arms out. If it’s baggy on him, I apologize. #livepd. #missyouguys.

Solid lineup tonight for #LivePD! ⁦And @BrownGaro⁩ in the house!.

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