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You heard Dan make the HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! Starting next week we will have 12 (that’s right, 12) departments every Friday and Saturday night on #LivePd!.

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Good morning! Below is the winner of our Special Giveaway chosen by members of my family during last night’s new #LivePD episode 💙👏🏻Next Giveaway will be announced tomorrow to honor Veterans Day 🙏🏻💚.

Another intense weekend in the books. Have a great week and see you all next weekend #LivePD #LivePDNation.

Peace out!! Going to set the sleep timer and watch the rest in bed. Watch out for those 👽😴#LivePD.

I’m out #LivePD friends! Gotta wake up in hours 😬😳 talk to y’all soon! 😘😘😘😘😴😴😴😴.

This officer is actually really nice and patient for humoring him because it’s clear he has mental health issues #LivePD.

There should be a rule about cops having chew in their mouth during traffic stops. That’s nasty! #Livepd #montana.

@OfficialLivePD #LivePD #LivePDNation Out of the car! Hands up! Out of the car! *Lights cigarette* Some people are fucking retarded..

I’m aliens don’t look like little green men anymore- they look like us. They’re getting smarter!! 👽 I just saw that movie about this a couple weeks “The 4th Kind.” 😂 I thought the aliens looked like owls too #LivePD.

Hey #LivePD Family! Sorry I wasn’t more present Friday! I wasn’t feeling well and was on a lot of meds. Was in a lot of pain! I will try to do better Saturday night. Sorry for not having lists done! I missed y’all but last night was rough! Praying tonight will be better!.

Good ole David squad did some work over here in East Tulsa tonight! 3 stolen vehicles and a felony warrant arrest. Kickin some booty with my partner Officer Hobbs @GraceHobbs508 #LivePDNation #LivePD.

🔴Great Night🔴 Thanks Media Officer, PC Tudos for jumping in with D/Cst Wes King & K9 Klutch. We hope all enjoyed the Inside look at what a night shift looks like from a @DRPS_K9 perspective. Would you would like to see another K9 #TweetAlong Thanks for the Suport! #LIVEPD.

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@Sean_C_Larkin If #LivePD is going to follow 12 next week does that mean your going to expand to 4 hour to accommodate everyone. 🤗.

If those girls are complaining about people not understanding them then good luck in India #LivePD.

So I thought this was going to be a funny tweaker stop but I couldn’t bring myself to do it it’s too sad if a situation that’s her way of keeping warm and that onesie has sentimental value #LivePD.

I feel for that guys will either make your life better or worse. Gotta realize early one which way the next one u meet is gonna take u. #LivePD.

Facetattoo McMethboy on #LivePD just stole shoes and ran into Planet Fitness. Makes sense, they are a judgment free zone.

2 people have been notified by DM With a special person having a birthday today @Bill_Burt_409 will also be receiving one! #LIVEPD Stay tuned for 2 more winners tomorrow.

#LivePD if this guy your neighbor he knows ALL YOUR BUSINESS.

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1. Dan didnt say what dept is returning 2. When the fuck does he say 12 depts? #LivePD.


Live PD Nation, help us find Taylor! @MissingKids #LivePD.

#LivePD Take off that stocking cap dude. It is cutting off the blood flow to your brain..

You heard Dan make the HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! Starting next week we will have 12 (that’s right, 12) departments every Friday and Saturday night on #LivePd!.

‼️WE JUST BROKE BIG NEWS ABOUT NEXT WEEKEND’S SHOW DURING ROLL CALL‼️ #LivePDNation you do not want to miss next week’s #LivePD 🚨.

Here we go with tonight’s #LivePD lineup! We have big announcement at our roll call at 8p @aetv and then See you ⁦@OfficialLivePD⁩ at 9p!.

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