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HIMARS have arrived to Ukraine. Thank you to my 🇺🇲 colleague and friend @SecDef Lloyd J. Austin III for these powerful tools! Summer will be hot for russian occupiers. And the last one for some of them..

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Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin: NATO is “close” to adding Finland and Sweden to 30-nation alliance ahead of Madrid summit.

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Minister of Defence of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov: HIMARS have arrived to Ukraine. Thank you to my American colleague and friend Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III for these powerful tools!.

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Right now, @SecDef Lloyd J. Austin III is in Brussels attending the @NATO Defense Ministerial. #DefMin #WeAreNATO.

I wish they would’ve added Lloyd Bank’s to this #verzuz he would’ve paired great with Mario. This shit was a MESSSS!😒.


@7AFL Darcy stays. One does not just trade a Doig medalist. Maybe Lloyd Meek and a second tier player and then we will talk..


Boris Johnson has said he will keep going after a double by-election defeat. But Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle says The Tory party are in disarray. The result shows people are wiling to vote Labour. Keir Starmer is someone who would not be a liar like Boris. @lloyd_rm.

frank lloyd wright once designed a doghouse for a 12-year-old kid and his labrador retriever.

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Anyone UK based still having trouble paying through motawif portal. Try a Lloyd’s card. Was able to pay in 1 transaction Alhamdulillah. I did ring them and do it over the phone. Took 10 mins in total. #Motawif #hajj2022.

Thanks 🙏 for the follow @Lloyd_codes 😃. Looking forward for your journey All the Best! 👍.

@frooter_tooter Its like a trainwreck but honestly i do not want to stop watching 🍿 (im sorry lloyd babyboy but this is very interesting for your character arc we’ll get you BOTH therapy in different cities after this blows over).

Vhong Navarro ribs Ruffa Gutierrez about ex-boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz.

ตามหาเจ้าของ ‼️‼️ นาฬิกา LLOYD รอบSale เราไม่มั่นใจว่ากดมาเกินหรือว่าลืมส่งให้ใครหรือเปล่า ยังไงถ้าคนที่สั่งเรือนนี้แล้วยังไม่ได้ของ ถ้าเห็นทวิตนี้ทักเดมเรามาหน่อยนะคะ🙇🏻‍♀️💗.

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Now Playing: @_YoungMolz - uThando Lam Feat. Goje #TopOfTheMorningSpace.

@into_the__flame Ja mislim brko da ti trebas govoriti iskljucivo u svije ime sto se tice retardiranosti. Sto se tice Bosne i EU, nista Bosna nije gora od Ukrajine, Moldavije, Gruzije, Srbije, Albanije, Makedonije, Rumunije, Bugarske i Hrvatske. Ne, pogotovo jer su vecinu sranja nametnuli EU i SAD.

@ThatUmbrella That is absolutely disgusting and When then are people in need of CPS what a waste of time they have no sense and they are clearly harassing you. It reminds of how Debbie Lloyd got targeted Stay strong..

Thanks to Chris and Lloyd #teamplatform who headed out this week to distribute flyers and posters for the Alexandra Park & The Bridge summer festivals next month! If you are a local organisation and would like some flyers/posters please get in touch - info@.

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消えゆくキャメルのコートに 手をふる 女が一人 ひと夜だけ肌を暖めたわ ポケットに入れた指の先 誰も届かない 「うたかた」 ピンク・レディー(1980) 作曲:.

@ManBarker @Vokzman Well, you’ll just have to wait because he doesn’t do direct purchases.

[TED talk] 작가이자 코메디언인 Johm Lloyd가 보이지 않는것들의 목록에 대해서 이야기합니다. 특유의 유머러스함으로 무거울수도 있는 주제를 재미있고 흥미롭게 풀어가네요 ^^.

@MarkRobinsonNI No it doesn’t. It’s the same old rhetoric brought up by unionists & loyalists. They conveniently forget that (NI) was set up as a sectarian state to give them a homeland. Carson, Craig & Lloyd George, left behind unionists in doing so. Home Rule was set aside for sectarian (NI).



really strong prologue probably my favorite so far. elie is a nice girl but its crazy how ill try to pair lloyd with literally any other party member besides like, tio (for obvious reasons) before i want to pair him with her.

@Brasco71 Lloyd H. Silverman, professore di Psicologia all’Università di New York afferma che il fenomeno dei messaggi subliminali è reale ed “è stato dimostrato al di là di ogni ragionevole dubbio”.Gente laureata sembrano muri !.

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Take a look at this Lloyd Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC - White on Flipkart.

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#NowPlaying Lloyd Banks - Lead The Blind on Stoop Kid Radio. Listen at.

18 June is always a tough day…2005 we lost our amazing friend and colleague Cheryl Lloyd. She was on duty, doing the job she loved - serving the people of Suffolk. Gone, but not forgotten. #RIP.

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Check out this product 😍 Milton Lloyd Essentials N 4 Perfume For Her-50 ml 😍 by starting at , Shop now 👉👉.

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@Reese_Sr35 They were built in the 80s I’m sure some white people built those stop hating on mexicans that’s the point 🤷🏾‍♂️.

Happy birthday R&B Singer Dennis Lloyd! Sending your way a bouquet of happiness…To wish you a very happy birthday!.

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