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Believe me when I tell you Hillary Clinton was not worried for ONE SECOND when they were busy chanting lock her up all that time. I love that she gets the last laugh..

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the party of “lock her up” is now upset about the prospect of jailing political rivals. how quaint..

She’s that girl fr! Got her hood on lock & they showed me so much luv 💗 she the hardest out! I only stamp btches that really RAP & really LIKE DAT! Chicago up +100000.

If you were shouting lock her up in 2016, there is a high probability you have been either arrested or in serious legal trouble since then..

Those who introduced “Lock her up!” into the national conscience sure do have a complicated relationship with the law. One to go. #LockHimUp That’s how we “TAKE OUR NATION BACK”.

Hearing a lot of people who literally chanted “lock her up” just a few years ago accuse others of politicizing the judicial system..


😂😂😂😂😂 remember the “lock her up” chants that shits even more funny now.

It’s funny how Republican who were chanting lock her up are crying now that Trump might actually get locked up .. #lockhimup.

So much for lock her up, as his sheep used to chant. BBC News - Trump says he expects to be arrested on Tuesday.

It’s especially funny seeing this pearl-clutching from the same group who has spent the last six years chanting “lock her up.”.

@EWErickson As opposed to the people who still chant “lock her up” at every Trump rally?.

@TiffMoodNukes Not likely. Where are the new voters coming from? From the ones that hated Trump so much they voted for a dementia patient to oust him? Trump fatigue is more likely. The real world wants this lock her up/lock him up shit to end..

@chiproytx But okay that Michael Cohen went to prison for handing her the check. LOCK HIM UP.

@DonaldJTrumpJr Yeah, your pops would never dream of jailing his political opponents. Does LOCK HER UP ring a bell, dipshit?.

They went from LOCK HER UP to FUCK THE POLICE faster than expected.

@CGidez @VivekGRamaswamy And did he lock her up? There was plenty of crimes that he could have..

As usual Trump was projecting every time he was chanting “lock her up”.

I am NO fan of Hillary Clinton. With that said, it’s really really funny to me that the “lock her up!” guy is now getting arrested..

@RealBrysonGray This is his grand baby! He started this with the Lock Her Up crap in 2016. We didn’t do this in America before that because we’re not a 3rd world hellhole. Then Trump decided he wanted to talk tough about someone he had supported and attempted to befriend for years..

@bennyjohnson Was Trump trying to make Hillary stronger with the lock her up Bs? Lol. Trumps done. Have fun playing pretend..

@ACTBrigitte How are those “Lock Her Up” chants going? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

@JoJoFromJerz Isn’t it just! His followers in absolutely meltdown “but the Biden family”. They’re realising in real time the “lock her up” chants were just projection..

@HiddenOG @RyanGirdusky Ya because he could literally lock her up all on his own idiot.

@ClayTravis How long has the right looked into Hillary and promising to “lock her up”?.

@Derdaly @BirkenheadBrown It’s not. It’s the same concern as when Trump was wandering around saying “lock her up” about Hillary Clinton..

@CollinRugg Cool - Trump spent years trying to lock up his political rivals. Trump also spent years criming. What did you think would happen? No interest in your crying anymore..

@krassenstein He was right to say lock her up she a criminal and so is trump. Both can be true at the same time..

@DonaldJTrumpJr Fight back against what? Remember when the orange moron kept saying “Lock Her Up” but in this country you cannot lock someone up because you don’t like them. Your father is a criminal and belongs in jail..

@ClayTravis This is so rich coming from the “Lock Her Up” crowd and from a party who’s entire platform is literally Hunter Biden’s laptop..

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