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How wonderful is this pic? Vivian Lyra Blair, young Leia from @obiwankenobi, in an Episode IV Leia style outfit..

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Players with 350+ Tackles & 35+ Passes Defended Since 2018 Minkah Fitzpatrick* Justin Simmons Kevin Byard Jessie Bates III Logan Ryan *2018 was his rookie season.

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John Lu
John Lu

#Habs Logan Mailloux arrived in Montreal yesterday to rehab his shoulder which underwent surgery earlier in April. His agent recommended he do his rehab in Mtl and will be in town for an unspecified number of days..

BREAKING: Helicopter crashes in Logan County, West Virginia, killing all 6 people on board - @BNNUS.

Six people were killed in a helicopter crash on Wednesday evening in Logan County, West Virginia, according to the deputy director of the county’s Office of Emergency Management..

Convencionales Elsa Labraña, Rodrigo Logan e Ivanna Olivares no tienen sus vacunas al día #CooperativaContigo.

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unfortunately won’t be able to meet them this time but james and logan were literally in arms reach of me so that will have to do this time :’).

Literalmente el ex pdte Ricardo Lagos (RL),mando a la ñoña a la CC; y este convencional Rodrigo Logan (RL), que estuvo dispuesto a darle su silla en el salón de honor del senado Ya fuera de talla,creo que los ex pdtes deberían estar en ese acto republicano.

@AnneComics Logan is the best at what he does. What he does is kill friends, family, lovers, occasional bystanders, in one world all the X-Men….

people blaming and hating liam way more than logan paul? our fandom is so predictable 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.

@muradzaviqare @loganJknox Sebagai kakak, aku dan kak Logan mengurus emosional keduanya. Aku mengurus Sang Dewa dan kak Logan mengurus Kano. Kami ingin keduanya kembali rukun meski pandangan mereka berbeda..

A ver la noria de logan y Sofía era más corta, además no estaba lloviendo!! Como les iban a decir a estos que lo hagan con una mano si estaba lloviendo de la hostia!! Hay que ser realistas y reconocer que esta ha superado a la anterior. #SVGala9.

🔥Match Announcement🔥 Scramble Match: Chico V Jah V Escalera V Tankman V Radrick V BP4 Tix: Freelance vs The World: The 8yr Anniversary 6/17 Logan Square Auditorium 2539 N Kedzie Blvd Doors: 7pm Bell: 8pm Streaming LIVE on !.

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Me parece absurdo hacer y logan fueron increíbles,pero Alejandro y nacho tb..

@IRHotTakes @johnlk_80 Like, I could definitely see them doing no Chuck, no Erik, no Logan, potentially no Westchester. I don’t think they’ll do First Class again (IE a whole “getting the team together” bit).

Uncommitted ‘23 @Logan_Onthehill with a great outing today on the bump for @NVStarsBaseball 17u. Great job Logan 5IP 4H 2ER 5K’s.

2 very surprising facts for today that you may not know about : - The name bonobo resulted from a misspelling - Paul Logan has fans.

@based_god_logan they should bring back the kelly green too tbh i think that’s the real problem with the new logo.

Busy evening for Scott County Fire. Initially paged for a semi on fire, which turned out to be in Logan Co. Then paged to an automatic alarm for a residential fire, a false alarm. Currently working mutual aid on a grass fire in SW Logan County. Thanks to our VOLUNTEER FD!.


Logan Paul got ready for his pro wrestling debut by watching SASHA BANKS matches. You know she’s too good..


@9_LoGaN_9 Jajajajaja me da mucha risa ese gato, pero si somos 🤣🤣 yo tengo face pero lo tuve que abrir por mis hermanas y me traen de bajada por eso casi no me meto allá..

@Gilariwrites @macksani There are lots of ass grabs and kisses to any skin he can reach.

im talking about amarie. i never used her but logan is continuing to use her as a party member and her down attacks are actually good. fuck.

@logan_jii हमारे बीच में वो नहीं आ सकते क्यूंकि जो उसको चाहिए वो सिर्फ हम हैं...नॉन-स्मोकिंग, नॉन-ड्रिंकिंग, टॉल-डार्क-हैंडसम ब्राह्मण बॉय 😍❤️.

15u edge out a 5-4 win over New Level Blake. Logan Schuster went 6 strong IP with 6 Ks, 2 ER. Mason Smithwick and Evan Heidinger both went 1/2 with 1 RBI and a SB..

hi logan who apparently has tweet notifs on for me bc i don’t update my finsta anymore.

@Nerdserker1 @CBR The last theater movie I enjoyed was Logan. Kind of a fitting end to Marvel and 20th Century Fox for.

- No le pegó a las personitas que no me hagan enojar, a lo mejor solo un simple codazo. ¿Cómo estas Logan?..

the taking of deborah logan is so good 😭😭 like idk maybe it’s just because i love the lesbian daughter but like also it’s just really good lmao.

@whynotbuymore Hey Logan 🫡 Sharing You my Genesis collection “Planet of Macro Arthropods”.

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