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The search for the truth continues. Catch #LoveAfterLockup TONIGHT at 9/8c!.

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Lacey’s dad is trying to warn Shane about his ho ass daughter #loveafterlockup.

These chicks be hyped to marry a dude with no job and on papers #loveafterlockup.

Lacey’s Dad has no filter 😂😂😂 he looking at his daughter like he sick of her ass #loveafterlockup.

Cheryl: Do you want to break up? Josh: Yes. Me: 😯 Josh: But no. Me: 😒 #LoveAfterLockup.

Idk why Shane came home and got all them ugly piercings instead of a job 😂 #LoveAfterLockup #WEtv.

Lacy’s dad is telling Shane to run away, because she’a cheater. Dude, if her dad says she’s awful, you need to run! #LoveAfterLockup.

So cherly drove from Texas to Colorado just to hang around kids but not her own #LoveAfterLockup.

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What is the con Amber? You are a jobless felon with no job or You have shitty credit. You have no money. What is the con Amber? What can you possibly do for anyone?? #LoveAfterLockup.

Damn, Cheryl gonna do him like that? Girl if you really cared you could have said hello to his family politely excused yourself to go get the tire fixed BY YOURSELF so that he could spend some time w/his family before he needed to be back. Two birds, one stone. #LoveAfterLockup.

It was at this moment he knew. He fucked up. #loveafterlockup.

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I swear, Lacey is gonna be Angela in 20 years. #LoveAfterLockup.

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When your father reveal your kids have no stability, you’re a cheater and a make bad decisions #LoveAfterLockup.

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Lacey just be out here fucking prison peen and getting lip fillers in motel lobbies. Her kids just floating in the wind #LoveAfterLockup.

The search for the truth continues. Catch #LoveAfterLockup TONIGHT at 9/8c!.

I’m over amber trying to convince everyone Vince is the problem 🙄 #loveafterlockup we know damn well you only want his money..

Alex is Muslim but he drank a bottle of patron, had premarital sex, has two different girlfriends and hasn’t prayed once 🤔 #loveafterlockup.

Now Tony know damn well that Angela ain’t the love of his life. 🤦🏾‍♀️ #loveafterlockup.

They really digging for stolen cash? She needs to not get wedding decorations, instead call a dentist for that snaggel tooth. #loveafterlockup.

#loveafterlockup I hope Angela invests some of her money from the show in chap stick and toothpaste 🤐😬😕.

Look at Alex over there acting like faith has guided him in any area of his life lmao STOP THIS! #LoveAfterLockup.

alright time to get into this ep. please excuse my tardy tweets. 😀 #loveafterlockup.

Is it wrong of me to say the bank robber is too good for that slimy chick? #loveafterlockup.

So I’m watching #loveafterlockup and this is what “federal marshal” is going to TEXT u that they caught the person?! #YeahOk.

🤮🤮🤮💩💩💩🤮🤮🤮🤮 #LoveAfterLockup oil, carmex, sugar IT!.

Shane’s lifeless, dangling legs #loveafterlockup.

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