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Bring y’all 3x lovello’s to me & ima turn it to a small with the 4 pins & my sewing machine 🙂

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TEE ()

@tajahnayl I’m ctfu I actually did sis but that’s crazy I tweeted this before the lovello. Everybody just trying me today😭

Dij✨ ()

Atp lovello b making fckn 50 outfits… why is all the sizes sold out in all colors…

T.Key$ 💋💄
T.Key$ 💋💄 ()

I’m so mad abt this lovello like bitch drop all tht shit an stop playing wit my nerves

Chyna ✨
Chyna ✨ ()

I been stopped tryn catch Lovello drops that bitch be stocking 12 jumpsuit per release

KG ()

@NadiyahK__ I went to look for lovello ig and all the tweets came up🤣 search lovello

💰 ()

Lovello on some bs cause i was definitely on that sit on the dot refreshing and the jawn was still not on there

AM ()

i dont get why when yall order lovello and stuff yall gotta post it😭 like what yall want ppl to say? congratulations?

Cl. ()

half of y’all couldn’t even afford the lovello go head & get that lucky label boo

Kemani Muva🗣🗣
Kemani Muva🗣🗣 ()

It’s y’all being mad cause y’all slow as hell & didn’t catch lovello drop😂😂✌🏾

جیسمین ()

Omg we don’t wanna hear all day how yall ain’t get a Lovello romper u know u gotta be quick 🥴😭

Rose ()

How ppl still frauding about the lovello drop when she has a 5 minute check out time now 😭✌🏾

🦋 ()

I was patiently waiting for this Lovello even tho I ain’t get two , I atleast got my one!

KYREE .. ()

Bring y’all 3x lovello’s to me & ima turn it to a small with the 4 pins & my sewing machine 🙂

Peachiie ()

PISSSSSSSSSSED this lady keep talking and made me miss the lovello drop!!! I keep trying my password wrong😔

It is What It is™
It is What It is™ ()

All the corny body bitches bought all the lovello that’s so funny to me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Si🦋 ()

lovello restocked i ain’t even try. ik nobody had me either. i miss every thing with her.

M.. ()

I get a xs in my lovello mind y’all business & it’s still a lil big on my waist😂✌🏾

Keema ()

I got one lovello & tried to go back for another and they were sold out😩 I’m sad

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