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Just took mom to vote now time to get ready to go tailgate #LSUvsUF.

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That might have been one of the best games I’ve ever been to, and I definitely won’t forget it anytime soon #LSUvsUF #GeauxTigers.

“I wish I had some gator today!” [email protected]_ (Noted to be one of the most Louisianan things to ever be said) “Technically, you did.” - @lehrmannrachel #LSUvsUF.

Not exactly Friday Night Lights in Western New York ... but LSU vs. Florida ain’t too shabby for my first big-time college football experience #LSUvsUF.

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Swain gets to the LSU 18 on the reverse. Timeout Florida. Florida 28 LSU 35 8:15, 4th. #LSUvsUF.

Callin’ Baton Rouge! The atmosphere in Tiger Stadium is electric! #LSUvsUF.

Does anyone have an Orgeron/English English/Orgeron Dictionary?? Asking for a friend. #LSUvsUF #Gators.

I’m just throwing it out there, Death Valley is weak AF right now, and I’m mad and in my feelings about it!!! JS #LSUVSUF.

@MichaelMadness Not even watching the game. #LSUvsUF instead. But your tweet was 💯💯, so I had to acknowledge.✌.

Can’t even eat my gumbo in peace with this score #LSUvsUF.

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If this defense can clamp down in the second half we have a good shot at a W. #gators #LSUvsUF.

“What’s great about this guy is he spends so much time on football he barely goes to school, like a pro.” [email protected] announcer @cbfowler praising the play of amateur student-athlete #LSUvsUF.

I voted today. Only regret is that this guy wasn’t on the ballot. #JoeBradyForGovernor #LSUvsUF.

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TD confirmed, Burrow to Jefferson. 82 yds 5 plays 2:09 off the clock for LSU, and the Tigers lead the Gators 14-7 2ndQ 12:44 #LSUvsUF #SpiritMediaNetwork.

Whoever maintains this field should be fired. It’s all kinds of torn up #LSUvsUF.

Burrow scrambles for a 15-yard gain. And then Jefferson scoots to the UF 31. Florida called for DPI next. #LSUvsUF.

66 degrees at kickoff in Tiger Stadium. In other words, primo college football weather. #LSUvsUF.

So @brandonnels definitely just teared up watching an LSU hype it too late to give the ring back? #GoGators #LSUvsUF.

Ed Orgeron’s voice sounds like when someone is on the news and they have to disguise their voice to protect their identity #collegegameday #LSUvsUF.

This week’s #GameDaySigns winner has to be this #LSUvsUF.

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Joe Burrow is a dog. There won’t be a lot of turnovers and Florida’s defense is going to get throttled today. #LSUvsUF #collegegameday.

There’s more to Joe Burrow than being the LSU quarterback who is second in the nation in passing yards. He is a student of science, a fan of cartoons and possesses unique superstitions. What a guy. #GeauxTigers #LSUvsUF 🏈.

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Just took mom to vote now time to get ready to go tailgate #LSUvsUF.

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You’d think Death Valley would be jacked this morning with @CollegeGameDay in town. 🤔 #LSUvsUF.

A gorgeous fall day on @BPCCCavs campus and we’re hosting a FREE family-friendly cultural celebration. We will have food, face-painting, prizes, music, dancing and STILL get you home in time to watch the #LSUvsUF game. Hard to beat! #HispanicHeritageMonth.

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$50 to the first person that spots @gjanckila ‘s big ass neck on college game day today. #LSUvsUF.

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