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Good day for music in the CBAD house. New Eminem, new Alexisonfire and new Luke Combs..


Chris Brown, Giveon, and Luke Combs all dropped their albums today .. great day for music 🙏🏼.


Crazy that Luke Combs had mainstream country music in the palm of his hand and fumbled the bag. This album is MID.

Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs should win every country award from now until they stop making music. They are in a different tier than the rest..

#NewMusicFriday is 🔥 this week, with new tracks from Ozzy, Megadeth, Shinedown, The Interrupters, Luke Combs, Weezer, Jack Johnson & The Record Company just to name a few! What are you checking out this morning?.

Happy Friday! New Luke Combs playing in my office, the vibes are high. Myself and @Coach_Parnell will be hitting the Akron camp later!.

If any girls would like to critique the new Luke Combs album down to each individual note pls DM me.

The wait is over… Luke Combs Growin’ Up Available Now.

Luke Combs Photo,Luke Combs Photo by MusicRow Magazine,MusicRow Magazine on twitter tweets Luke Combs Photo

Luke Combs came out with a new album!!! My Friday has been made ☺️💕.

Luke Combs Photo,Luke Combs Photo by ᴄʏɴɴᴀᴍᴏᴏɴ 🌙✨,ᴄʏɴɴᴀᴍᴏᴏɴ 🌙✨ on twitter tweets Luke Combs Photo

@lukecombs Whiskey By Myself to take it all in. Brings a smile to my face, Cause I remember when he use to say,”Life smiles on us every now and again.” - I’m happy for you Luke Combs!.

@mitchcashh @lukecombs Luke Combs writing is out of this world. The album is incredible.

June 24 🔥🔥 Chris Brown- Breezy Luke Combs - Growing Up.

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The only thing wrong with Luke Combs new album is I wish it was longer. Already gotten through the whole thing once today and it’s only 5am 😳💕.

Can’t wait to dive into Luke Combs’ newest album, “Crop Dustin’ The Honky Tonk”.

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The new album #GrowinUp from @lukecombs is out today! #countrymusic.

Didn’t like the new Luke Combs songs on his album as much as I thought I would… disappointing..

Headed to lakepoint for some high school hoops listening to that new Luke Combs, sunny skies, low traffic… life is good..

Luke Combs did it again another fire ass album! I don’t care what you say he’s on his way to being the goat. You can put him in the same conversations as Tim, George, Brooks& Dun and Garth.

One thing about us— if @lukecombs is singing it, we’re buying, downloading, streaming, listening to it on repeat 🫶🔁.

Celebrate @LukeCombs release day by looking back on the time @NBCTheVoice thought he was too boring..

Luke Combs - Used To Wish I Was (Official Audio) via @YouTube Used To Wish I.

I’m gonna here Luke Combs everywhere I go for the next month. I already can tell from everyone posting their favorite songs on Snapchat 9 hours in. 😂.

Just started listening to Luke combs album and not even 10 seconds in and I love the first song sm 🥹.


shes a 6 but she will listen to luke combs, zach bryan, any country artist but also suicide boys w you.

Now Playing on TNN Country Radio: Cold Beer Calling My Name (feat. Luke Combs) by Jameson Rodgers.

All the @lukecombs content you need on ‘Growin Up’ release day. Our ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review of the album and an interview to watch or read between Luke & @kelleighbannen too!.

Watch or read as Luke Combs talks to Kelleigh Bannen about new album ‘Growin Up’ via @EFCountry.

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Midsommar? Varmt? Sol? Sill? Äh! Luke Combs släpper ny platta idag!.

Luke Combs Shares Crazy Story From That Time He Got High With Willie Nelson.

Ahhhhh shit Luke Combs new album just dropped!!!!! Lets fucking go 😈😈😈 Time to throw some Millys back 🤣👌🏽👌🏽🍺🍺🍺 #LukeCombs.

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