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Trending News: #LupinThe3rd is trending in the US. Only Toonami..

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I keep thinking @LupeFiasco dropped something 🤦🏿‍♂️ 😤😡 #LupinThe3rd.

#LupinThe3rd is trending? I’d say it’s a lovely thing to wake up to but I haven’t slept,,.

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Don’t know why #LupinThe3rd is trending or even know what it is other than a DDR song.

Your favorite thief steals the show! #LupinThe3rd on Toonami West Coast..

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#LupinThe3rd is trending. I have no idea what that actually means other “Bottle shaped body like Mrs. Buttersworth”.

『ルパン三世』がアメリカでトレンドに? #LupinThe3rd.

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Trending News: #LupinThe3rd is trending in the US. Only Toonami..

#LupinThe3rd Photo

@kadeem_kusaragi As an American we should all, most of us anyway, be kind of annoyed deep down that he just insulted a big agency we are supposed to admire. But that’s the way it is in every country at the end of the day #lupinthe3rd.

#LupinThe3rd takes the lead for Toonami in 4th in the nation trending. Gotta love taking on a coup and complicated feelings..

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Damn i accidentally went to sleep I woke up and was over Lupin the 3rd was over smh #Lupinthe3rd #Toonami.

Lupin can never catch a break. But an arrow was unexpected! More next week! #LupinThe3rd.

Dammit Dolma you making me fall for you and you do this shit on me?! I respect that. #LupinThe3rd.

Lupin nailed it in about the CIA agents being lapdogs for a country he doesn’t seem too impressed with and their methods. Yeah, America isn’t the good guy in these politics #lupinthe3rd.

Once more, another great episode from an awesome series. See you all next weekend, fellow #Lupinthe3rd fans! #Toonami.

@MichelleRuffvo1 brilliant episode tonight on #lupinthe3rd Miss Ruff! You and @CristinaVee were epic! #Adieu.

Will the coup succeed? And will Lupin live & fight another day, or is he dead for good? Find out next time, on #LupinThe3rd!.

Lupin dies partway through the show named after him. The end. #Toonami #LupinThe3rd.

Annnnnnnnd #LupinThe3rd got shot Damn Lupin you going for the 50 Cent Record?.

Well that was unnecessary maybe she was scared or something idk. #lupinthe3rd #toonami.

Lupin!!!!! Oh come on!!! How you gonna end the episode like that?!?!!!!?! #LupinThe3rd.

Ami and Dolma: u love to see their reunion. also Dolma just arrowed #LupinThe3rd Toonami.

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