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Bachelor producers straight from the MAFS playbook! Game on! #bachelorau #TheBachelorAU

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Cheryl Sarmento
Cheryl Sarmento ()

@Anthony_MAFS Maybe her assertiveness intimidates him, he HSS said he struggles with his confidence

𝒟. 🍑
𝒟. 🍑 ()

I’m gonna watch the bachelor finale now. Its my guilty pleasure show along with mafs. 🌹🌹🌹

Gi Aquarius
Gi Aquarius ()

@Anthony_MAFS She’s a straight up witch!! Why does she always look high? What is she using beside wine? If she’s taking psych meds she should not be consuming alcohol!!

Sportsbet.com.au ()

Bachelor producers straight from the MAFS playbook! Game on! #bachelorau #TheBachelorAU

Black News Zone
Black News Zone ()

#MAFS Miles Doesn’t Think Karen Deserves All The Hate She Gets Online

Candice R. Walters
Candice R. Walters ()

Olivia is using all the strength in her mind and body to not punch Brett directly in his sarcastic mouth like he deserves. This is painful. #MAFS

Lafrance ()

#MAFS Miles Doesn’t Think Karen Deserves All The Hate She Gets Online

Christine DeJ
Christine DeJ ()

@twan60 @Anthony_MAFS Well??? I would struggle as an outgoing person being matched with someone who can’t look at anyone.

Christine DeJ
Christine DeJ ()

@Anthony_MAFS She is ok. They could work but it’s a huge stretch without guidance. He can ground her. She can bring him out. But matched like this is ..odd. Can’t imagine what they were thinking. She is wounded and post tramatic. He has aspegers or lately thinking turrets

Charles Myrick -CEO
Charles Myrick -CEO ()

#MAFS Miles Doesn’t Think Karen Deserves All The Hate She Gets Online

Celebrity Pictures
Celebrity Pictures ()

MAFS star Martha Kalifatidis goes braless in mesh top to dinner in LA

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Michael ()

@sonia_mafs As a veteran of MAFS - does the process work? I find very little evidence for the validity of MAFS. In Australia instead of getting married it looks like they are committing to the experiment. But in all instances once the cameras stop - the commitments end.

#DivestfromMPD ()

that shit christina just pulled was emotional betrayal. she’s done. henry will never move past it. shit, neither will i! #mafs

Intelligent & Flatulent 🤓 💨
Intelligent & Flatulent 🤓 💨 ()

@Coop_deFrance Insightful. Brett is childish and insecure, Olivia condescending and unrelenting. #MAFS

Lorax777 ()

@MAFSLifetime Woody and Amani are the best couple to ever appear in MAFS. Two beautiful human beings who both deserve the beautiful marriage they are experiencing.

T 🌸
T 🌸 ()

Lol it looks like they’re re-enacting the commitment ceremony from MAFS #TheBachelorAU

HappiKampr ()

Can we just swap Brett and Henry already? Christina and Olivia would both be better off. #MAFS


Henry is a little self righteous considering his dad basically told us he was freeloading off his parents at the beginning of the show. #mafs

👊🏾Until You Do Right By Me👊🏾
👊🏾Until You Do Right By Me👊🏾 ()

Their voices and the lyrics had me in a trance. Melodic, angelic, just amazing. Are they on iTunes? #MAFS

Mafalda ()

@emrcanelas @mariaescaja Mas não há álcool gel à entrada de muitos continentes, como é que se pode desinfetar as mãos?

☼ 𝓂𝒶𝒻𝒶𝓁𝒹𝒶 ✮˚*・
☼ 𝓂𝒶𝒻𝒶𝓁𝒹𝒶 ✮˚*・ ()

Serena was problematic because she chose someone toxic (dan) instead of someone who could help her grow and become a better person (nate)

Mafalda ()

@mariaescaja Ah isso quando o covid era moda estava tudo a seguir as normas. Agora desleixam-se


Karen? Oh my gosh. Girl, please. 🙄 Just go so this man can restore his peace. Forgive him??? #mafs

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