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Follow Up Article 😵🦣🤬 Ohio Republican candidate might have committed a crime if he revealed classified deployment 🤬🦣😵.

@JRMajewski is more like #Trump then we knew. #Majewski though it declassified in his mind and Voila he declassified it!.

@oupioneer @JRMajewski The whole thing here is weird. The orders on the left have the name blurred for a SSGT in 2001. Majewski’s name is listed in remarks only. The other doc is just a notification to go TDY to a classified location with no date. It is not official orders..

@JRMajewski this is what happens when Donald Trump endorses tools like this..

Blatant liar. America has enough republican liars at the moment. #VoteBlueToSaveDemocracy GOP Candidate Majewski Offers Novel Excuse for His Disputed Military Service.

Don’t worry, Majewski. If you think about it, there doesn’t have to be a process, and you can declassify it. #MajewskiLied.


@NinaMar91255520 What has Special Forces got to do with it? Majewski was not Special Forces..

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