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Celtics head coach Ime Udoka issued this statement after the announcement of his suspension for the 2022-23 season. (via @malika_andrews).

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Malika Andrews to Stephen A. Smith on First Take: With all due respect, this is not about pointing the finger. We do not have all of the information here..

Malika was saying that since news is coming out that sexual harassment may be involved that we shouldn’t be pointing fingers or saying the woman in question should be revealed or suspended..

I like Malika but I think she wanted to twist SAS words and I liked his response.

ESPN tensions flare between Malika Andrews, Stephen A. Smith over Ime Udoka scandal via @ Stephen A, a race baiting bloviating fool playing to a mind boggling dumb audience. The Sharpton crowd..

ESPN made the video private of Malika Andrews & Stephen A..

@malika_andrews They could have controlled the speculation if they didn’t wait over 24h to speak on it.

Steph A Smith destroying Malika Andrews on @FirstTake 💀💀Goodness.

Malika might not even use the full 3 min intro to get SAS together on NBA Today and by Monday he’ll have something else to yell about.

Stephen A wanted transparency and Malika tried to flip it to women blaming smh sick world.

@CeballosSZN13 @iam_johnw Et Malika Andrews, la meuf qui parle là dans la video là ne fait que l’interrompre et essaye de défendre la femme en disant qu’on ne doit pas savoir qui c’est etc. Et là sur la vidéo il lui dit en gros que “c’est mon emission, tu me laisses parler quand je veux parler“.

Malika was wrong in that specific situation and that’s fine. Stop trying to make this about Stephan A “tone”.


Malika and khloe having this serious ass conversation but I can’t stop looking at malika’s eyebrows my god.

@shannonsharpeee I love Malika, lord knows I do…but she tried to create a moment at SAS’s expense this morning. I’m much more of a fan of hers than his, but today wasn’t her best work..

I don’t even like Stephen but I watched that segment Malika Andrews really tried to twist that man’s words smh. And then she realized by the end of the segment she was loud and wrong and barely had anything to say at the end. Accountability is one hell of a drug..

@chiney & @malika_andrews why you two wearing black like you going to a funeral after work? It’s Friday, it’s payday, time to be happy! #NBAToday.

@ClutchPointsApp Malika how you gonna tell a grow man to stop? SAS is correct. If you’re gonna fire then fire him and say what he did. Can’t suspend him plus put his shit out there..

@malika_andrews how stupid do you feel. Come to the show w facts before you tell someone to “stop”.

Malika Andrews is a clown, she’s one of them liberal feminist girls who dates outside her race..

@Eh817 @malika_andrews This is strictly about Malika and her opinion and me disagreeing with her opinion. IMO, two PEOPLE equally responsible and both should be held accountable. This is not about how ALL WOMEN FEEL..

Y’all better leave Malika Andrews alone 🫤 blowing that whole exchange out of proportion.

@ClutchPointsApp Stephen A will take the flack but Malika who usually always has been top notch was wrong here. She tried to bring the twitter agendas to light and was not understanding Stephen A and just talking to talk..

The first 15 seconds and the last 10 seconds @malika_andrews was out of line because she THOUGHT Screamin A was trying to drag the woman into it. Which, she was a willing participant so I wouldn’t have an issue if he did, but he wasn’t..

@Jaxxumus @malika_andrews They’re sexually liberated until it’s time for equal accountability #Feminism.

مارقى متن السماء شعب سوانا ، ولا لمع بين النجوم إلا وطنا 🇸🇦.

Malika Photo,Malika Photo by هدى محمد⚜️,هدى محمد⚜️ on twitter tweets Malika Photo

ESPN tensions flare between Malika Andrews, Stephen A. Smith over Ime Udoka scandal via @nypostsports.

This #Udoka situation is CLEARLY EXPOSING this Woke culture and that these so-called diversity, equality, inclusion politics ONLY benefits everyone else EXCEPT MEN; especially black men. @stephenasmith said nothing wrong, but Malika Andrews made it about protecting women? 🛑.

Malika Andrews was totally unprofessional and should be punished cause if Stephen A did what she did today, she would trying to get him fired..

Woj mentions the power dynamic in play with Ime, SAS prompted “what about the woman?” unnecessarily, Malika rightly starts by making sure that blame shifting away from Ime was not going to be tolerated. SAS (apparently not hearin Woj) then speaks down to Malika like that? Hell no.

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