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  • Liverpool v Man City #UCLdraw https://t.co/tCOxaVc9rX.

    Man City twitter.
  • Man City in the next round of the @ChampionsLeague 💪🏽 #YNWA #ucldraw https://t.co/nHYhZMzbon.

  • 3rd April: Liverpool v Man City 7th April: Man City v Man United 8th April: Everton v Liverpool 10th April: Man City v Liverpool https://t.co/m3pC0WKqXU.

  • [Media] Liverpool v Man City winner can go all the way - Rush https://t.co/CGGmlEMTyn #Liverpool #LFC #LiverpoolFC #LFCFAMILY https://t.co/FjYupVDBTG.

    Man City twitter.
  • #jogandoemcasa Man City x Liverpool vai ser um jogão, e os torcedores de cada clube podem fazer toda a diferença na hora de pressionar o time adversário.

  • @mflynnJR @BlackServative Sorry man. It’s sad that people can’t put politics aside and use just an ounce of compassion and empathy. You are expecting too much from Progressives. They revel in other people’s misery. You are talking to a woman who literally lives in a city of shit piles..

  • @marca Yo tengo la sensación de que si pasan el Madrid y el Barcelona (estos están ya en semifinales) va a haber un enfrentamiento entre ellos, y la otra eliminatoria sería Man City - Bayern.

  • @ChampionsLeague Barcelona ✅ Bayern ✅ Real ✅ Man City ✅ Final:🏆🏆Real Madrid 🏆🏆 vs. Bayern Munich.

  • Man. City - Liverpool https://t.co/bXeQVP6BLY https://t.co/LLvhEU71Wa.

    Man City twitter.
  • @ChampionsLeague Barca will beat Roma. Bayern will beat savilla Man City will beat Liverpool Madrid will beat juv.

  • @ElSherif I doubt it. Man City have a better chance. But agree on the rest..

  • Pra mim o melhor jogo das quartas de final da Chanpions League vai ser (LIVERPOOL X MAN CITY).

  • debating if i wanna see city girls march 31st or go see my man perform at his show 😩🤣.

  • Así quedan los enfrentamientos de la Champions League!! Partido destacado por nosotros: Madrid - Juventus muy interesante él duelo inglés Liverpool - Man City. #UEFAChampionsLeague #UCLdraw https://t.co/lDZwuDnfkq.

    Man City twitter.
  • Barcelona ✅ Sevilla ✅ Real Madrid ✅ Man City ✅ https://t.co/eR3ZqKSGW6.

  • Interview | Sam Morsy believes ‘anything is possible’ after win over Man City https://t.co/9mr6kKQiZ2 https://t.co/5cs1mRUbgK.

    Man City twitter.
  • @BBSemasa lol aku sebagai fans man utd lebih rela man city yg layak pergi semi final, man utd dan man city bersaudara!.

  • What were the odds of us drawing Man City.

  • Liverpool kukutana uso kwa macho na Man City https://t.co/ADLrLtFXqI https://t.co/p7hmwirhCz.

    Man City twitter.
  • Saya lagi suka man city https://t.co/2EO7FETjcq.

  • Heeeee papa @Monyetsane Man City e lo "gonwa madi" literally....

  • Rodgers: Liverpool v City tie of round https://t.co/eed55JBhhs.

  • And so I heard that while Bayern will be facing Sevilla, Real facing Juventus, Man City facing Liverpool and Barca facing Roma, ManU will be facing their TV in the first leg and their business in the second leg.

  • Liverpool can beat Man City in Champions League due to one key factor… https://t.co/B6P22EyrwE #ManCity #SharkTeam.

  • Say it with me Kids #FootballHeritage @KristianJack @WheelerTSN @DannyDichio @jamessharman @liamgallagher @piersmorgan @StuBrennanMEN @JamesRobsonMEN Mourinho urges Man United players to "grow up" and cope with big expectations https://t.co/tWDjlpc3Vs @craigforrest1.

  • White man in my directing program was really trying to say that a preference for a female director for a female directing initiative by the city of NY is anti-equality https://t.co/tYm9ZJ9v9S.

    Man City twitter.
  • Ghana Twitter Trends 00:30 1. President 2. Police 3. Snapchat 4.#UCLdraw 5. Thanos 6. Chris Brown 7. Easter 8. Man City 9. Coming Up 10.#JoyBusiness 11.#StarrDrive #GhanaTTrendz #amsgh.

  • Liverpool boss Klopp on Man City draw Well Txiki didnt look happy... (#Tribal Football) https://t.co/jMEqKnrkVQ.

  • @LucasNavarreteM Who is the better team Juve or Roma?Barca got the easier draw... This is fact. All this does is make it that much sweeter if Real go all the way... Honestly though i want to see Man City vs Barca. Same style so it will make for a great semi. Not to mention Its peps 2nd project.

  • Mason City Foundation, The Music Man Square officials confident in downtown project https://t.co/nML7pEsnof https://t.co/I9pdOzgqzi.

    Man City twitter.
  • Man City players hopping on a chopper to fly into Dubai from Abu Dhabi for Friday night motives @ManCity https://t.co/V1TPfISkMw.

  • @realDonaldTrump Hey Mr Prez, just want u to know i love u man for all ur doin for USA. I,m in woodside Queens and only ask that u don,t forget us Americans. It,s like we are hostages in our great city. love Please remember us Mr Prez, love u bro.