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#VERZUZ Presents: Omarion vz Mario + BONUS VERZUZ Matchup with Ray J & Bobby V vz Pleasure P & Sammie WATCH HERE or go to for all streams.

@haitian7__ 😭😂 I don’t know none of the songs O has sung yet 🤦🏽‍♀️ Mario word for word right now !.

I really thought Omarion was gonna wipe the floor with Mario. But it’s giving Teddy Riley..

@JoeBudden needs to never speak on Omarion washin someone in a verzuz again. Mario killin this nigga.

Does anybody know the worse home loss in sports? Cause whatever that is, Mario smoking Omarion in Cali is worse than that lol.

If Mario brings out Chris Brown it’s clipped and most of y’all have no clue what song that is 🫠🫠🫠.

@KenyattaMonai_ no shade mario was prob like “i’ll do it but you can’t do no b2k songs”.

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