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Entering your 30’s as a woman with no children is the new normal So is being fat and on anti depressants It’s not healthy and leading to a decline in our society Women who aren’t married and without children as they exit their prime into their 30s cope by publicly stating….

A bill that would have prohibited minors from getting married in West Virginia was defeated by Republicans Currently, children can marry as young as 16 in West Virginia with parental consent. Anyone younger than that also must get a judge’s waiver.

Elizabeth Woodville married Edward IV secretly in 1464. During the Wars of the Roses, she twice took sanctuary at the Abbey with her children, giving birth to the future Edward V here. Edward would later join his brother, Richard, Duke of York, as one of the Princes in the Tower..

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She texted a bible verse to a wrong number. He replied. 14 years later, here they are: married and with six children. @JennaBushHager shares this rare love story..

HB’s mom: Hush, my son, don’t cry. HB: Eomma, this is the happiest day of my life. I’m now married to the woman I love the most. The woman i want to grow old with & the mother of my children. HB’s mom: You did well. You have chosen the best! Me & your Appa are so proud of you..

Al Bundy on Married with Children: 4 Touchdowns in 1 Game 🏈😂.

Only one of the biggest hit comedy shows of all-time: Married with Children..

Married with Children by a country mile. One of the most underrated sitcoms of all time.

Pres. Biden served as Senator & VP with honor & distinction. He is very happily married, financially comfortable & has devoted children, grandchildren & extended family. He could have retired & led a happy, carefree life. Instead, he served a troubled & often ungrateful nation..

Since Married with Children is trending on Twitter I had to show off the Al Bundy Polk High Jersey.

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They re-ran the Honeymooners when I was in middle school, and we all stayed up past our bedtimes to watch it. Our history teacher said, To the moon, Alice! in class one day and was astonished when we all burst out laughing. Married with Children is on that level..

Married with Children. Who did you prefer, Peggy Bundy or Kelly?.

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@Wizarab10 @kalempire You have energy tho to be arguing with people that don’t have children yet, some just about to write waec and others waiting for NYSC call up. That don’t work yet but just believe when I’m married i will have all the money my family will need insha allah.

2022 SCOTUS overturned Roe v Wade. NOW children can get married and child labor is a thing. Cuts to SS/Medicare and Free School Lunch programs. Women can be charged with Murder for Abortion Care & sentenced to death. And the GOP is Pro-Life. Did I get that right?.

daig ko pa ang may-asawa sa dami ng responsibilities ko to my old, sick mother & my single parent sister who has 2 children.” Getting married is fathest from my mind. OF COURSE I LIED! I am gay! But what has my sexual preference anything to do with a CES eligibility? As soon (4).

@bagsfan75_Tony Married with Children. One of the last and best situational comedies..

“MARRIED WITH CHILDREN” … because it probably has the fewest real life criminals as ironic as that might be?.

Children is superior to these shows in every single way. Not sure how this is even a question..

@DrMoneyTrees @MadScientistFF I remember it but did not watch it regularly Married with Children.

Saw MARRIED WITH CHILDREN trending and thought something new was announced. One of my favorite series back in the day. Got my hopes up for nothing..

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Man this is gotta go Married With Children by a hair..

@bagsfan75_Tony True …married with children & dead to me .. but IMO her best performance was Veronica Cornerstone in the Ron Burgundy movies !.

@DrMoneyTrees Married with Children that looks like a cast pic from the later seasons were they added Mr Darcy.

@MadScientistFF As much I love Family Matters, I have to go with Married with Children..

Man, I love all of these. But easy dub for Married with Children. I mean, Al Bundy once scored 4 touchdowns in a single game at Polk High. That’s all ya need to know..

@Anna_Mazz Worth reading about Lavinia Fontana in Wikipedia. She earned the household income with her painting while her husband looked after their 11 children, the household and acted as her agent: married 1577..

@MadScientistFF Damn you for making me choose married with children but family matters is right there.

There’s not enough safe spaces at college campuses to house the terrorized children/students if they had to watch Married with Children episodes. PS, there would be less sexually confused men if they saw Christina Applegate..

@LauraBe36550188 @markthehibby Most of them are in their late twenties early thirties and as you say seem to have a lot of growing up to do!! A few of them married with children!! I honestly find it difficult to understand but there we have it!! I get the feeling they think she stands up for Scotland!’.

@Mortheous Married with children because we need more Al Bundys in the world.

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