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Marsau is the most single-married man on tv. Solo vacations, won’t even ‘babysit’ his kids, just doing whatever with whoever. #LAMH.

Marsau’s attraction to Mel is what Tisha’s problem is with her 🤷🏾‍♀️ #LAMH.

I honestly feel like unless Marsau is paying these sidechicks a million dollars and has em sign Beyoncé style NDA I don’t believe he’s like I’m TIRED of these rumors with no real receipts #LAMH.

Marsau be finessing the hell outta Tisha 🤦🏾‍♀️ Girl get your gullible country ass out the clouds #LAMH.

1. This is why I believe Marsau went out and cheated alongside Martel then came home and pillow talked with his wife saying “maaan the thing I just saw Martel do to Mel tonight I would never cheat on you and disrespect you like that” #lamh.

I only like when she keeps her Mary J Blige boot on Marsau’s neck. Anything outside of that she’s annoying #LAMH.


Marsau talks without saying anything. Why didn’t Tisha ask him why he told her mother she knew? It’s painful watching their scenes bc he manipulates the hell out of her & she ends up apologizing to HIM…😏😏😏like Dr. Heavenly said: “she’s weak”#LAMH.

Latisha you had Marsau in a corner in this car conversation and you literally gave him an outlet #LAMH.

So far, Marsau hasn’t denied he’s not the one in the picture. Only that he doesn’t recognize if that’s his back. At least he’s admitted that he was in Atlanta… How didn’t Tisha know where he was the whole weekend? #LAMH.

I tell you what, Marsau ain’t 💩 if he’s lying to Tisha. My question is: why didn’t Tisha know he was in ATL with Chris??? 🤔💭 Don’t married people tell each other that kind of stuff? Don’t gaslight that lady… #LAMH.

Yall see stormi husband not in any scenes or in same room together as marsau. #loveandmarriagehuntsville..

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The way Maurice and Marsau tried to gaslight Mel was sickening. They act like 6th grade girls. #LAMH.

What gets me is Tisha doesn’t even know how to approach Marsau properly. See I’m not going to ask you or blame my mama for bringing tea. No I’m going to let you KNOW I KNOW and ya betta not play in my face or I’m OUT! He’s not scared of losing her. #LAMH.

It’s so obvious that Maurice & Marsau are scared of Martell. He’s done & said the most fucked up shit to them on & off camera, but they never stand up to him because he knows their real tea & they know his messy ass will spill it if they push him too far. #LAMH.

Remember at season 1 reunion when Tisha asked Martel “how do you know Marsau cheated were you there?” and Martel said “Yes I was there” why do I feel now that Martel was referring to that Atlanta trip that was revealed at seaaon3 reunion last year. #lamh.

Tisha is more annoyed with people knowing that Marsau cheated than that he actually did #LAMH.

Martell is the receipt for marsau’s cheating!!! Martell tells it all without saying anything!! #TheNightCap.

@thecarlosking_ I believe Marsau is cheating and has been cheating since day 1. He never gives Tisha a direct answer. #TheNightcap.

It’s actually painful for me to watch Tisha keep asking Marsau if he’s cheating whilst he blatantly cheats in her face #LAMH.

I would slap Marsau’s and Maurice’s smirks off their faces when asking Melody “how’s your man doing?” #LAMH.

Ms. Wanda ass drunk and Tisha ain’t trying to stop her! Marsau like awww shit she all a room full of women bitches!!! #LAMH.

Maurice does not have the capacity to handle Kimmy with his word play like Marsau! Kimmy didn’t want no restaurant #LAMH.

Why would I be talking to a group of people who don’t even like me? Sure, common courtesy would’ve been for Mel to speak to Tisha but she’s not obligated to when Tisha said nothing to her either. That would be fake, Marsau…like you’re being right now #LAMH.

Marsau is full of BS and has been making Tisha look silly on TV since D season Martel aired him out for also being a cheater & he had Tisha sitting on the reunion stage defending him &he never said a word cus he knew if he said the wrong thing Martel would spill all #lamh.

Marsau if he is cheating the woman may not be screwing him for money. She maybe in a relationship or marriage she’s not happy in and he fulfills her needs and Vice versa whatever he feels he’s lacking. Everyone don’t cheat to get a come up. #LAMH.

Marsau seems guilty bc he never starts with NO that’s wasn’t me, he road around the block, down the street and over the bridge then said no. #LAMH.

I hope Tisha doesn’t let her husband stop her from talking to Keke. She’s not to blame for everything. She has some, but so does alot of women that was there. And Marsau prob is in fact entertaining other women; and Tisha is just okay with what he tells her 🤷🏽‍♀️🙏🏽 #LAMH.

Everyone is talking about Marsau, but his brother Maurice seems to be slick as ice too. I believe he knew about the trip and wasn’t gonna tell Kimmi. Let me go back and watch, lol! #LAMH.

@thecarlosking_ I can’t believe you’re asking if Marsau has been faithful. Stevie Wonder can see he’s a cheating ass liar!!! 😂 #LAMH #TheNightCap.

Idc what Arrione Aka side dish is saying on her Twitter account about Marsau. Her baby daddy was on tv still paying her dust. And she’s still pressed like a panini because she can’t be on the show #LAMH.

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