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Nunca llegamos ni temprano ni tarde a la vida de alguien, llegamos a tiempo para ser feliz o sufrir, y en ese proceso nos vamos con una lección de vida que estará con nosotros para siempre..

The Scott men are disrespect af to ask Mel about Martell. The picking is disgusting #LAMH.

Stormy is a lot. Her voice is annoying and her attitude is worse. Folks need to stop asking Mel about Martell. Marsau is def cheating on his wife. At this point Kimmy is the only level headed one in the group #LAMH.

More and more I see why Destiny and Martell are friends. Neither one knows how to take accountability for their actions and play victim. #LAMH.

#lamh I’m so sick of seeing Martell on my tv. He’s so bitter and it’s sickening.

Mel the only reason you left your cheating man is because the world told you you needed to leave him. If you weren’t on tv I’m sure you would’ve had another baby by Martell and would STILL be married to him #LAMH.

@thecarlosking_ #LAMH Martell and Melanie need to learn how to co-exist in the same spaces, their friends should not have to choose between them for any event, hell make em both stay home.

martell still throwing jabs, talking about melody going back to her maiden name. she has FOUR children with the last name why would she go back?!?! #lamh.

Sooooo it’s Martell fault that they husbands accept the ATL trip invitations?! #makeitmakesense #lamh.

I actually believe what Martell said that Mel only has do girls in her circle. #LAMH.

Ticha went off on Mel finally… she did know martell was cheating for 3 years and still had a baby. #LAMH.

#lamh I’ve never in my life seen a man dog a woman out the way Martell did Mel, and be mad at her like she fucked up the marriage. This man is so delusional and disrespectful to the mother of 4 of his 5 children and it’s sad and disgusting.

@theaudacity02 No Martell fan either but if he can avoid getting into it with Mel, he’s fine. But Ms Wanda! She’s gonna come at the whole house! #LAMH.

Does Mel even talk to Jalen? Martell actually is cool with Jalen and he should’ve been invited. #LAMH.

If we’re being honest, both Melody & Martell are toxic/petty individuals 🤷🏽‍♀️ #LAMH.

I don’t like how Maurice just said that the issue with Martell and Mel is solely attached to Mel. I’m glad Kimmi shut that down. #LAMH.

Martell can’t come but Wanda J. Blige can?! Tuh!! And nah I’m not a Martell fan but fair is fair! WJB finna cuss everybody out!! 😂😂😂 #lamh.

#LAMH I wish Martell & Destiny can get though a scene without saying Melody name..

I really think Kimmie isn’t just upset about the picture. She’s upset over Martell’s baby mama interviewing with Tasha K and alluding to Maurice cheating on her. Why Martell is acting so obtuse is beyond me. #LAMH.

Kimmie arranging this sit own with Destiny and Stormi is very hypocritical because didn’t she not invite Martell to minimize conflict at the party?#LAMH.

I mean Martell did not mention it to Maurice at that prior meeting 😂😂😂😂😂 #lamh.

Kimmi just mad that her man don’t run shit by her. But that’s not a martell issue that’s a maurice issue. #lamh.

Hell naw not Martell on the phone during the housewarming. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 #LAMH.

Winter telling all her tea damn her husband ain’t no good he sounds like martell #LMDC.

…Kimmi shouldn’t have to justify why she not rocking with Martell she know Maurice probably did something in ATL & Martell the type to just spill it all when things don’t go in his favor 🤷🏽‍♀️ #LAMH.

@divaous4 @StyledForLife Martell did bring it up first. People have selective memories..

The karma that Martell is going to get for continuing to assassinate Mel’s character is going to be well deserved. #LAMH.

Maurice said it best. Everything messy stems from Melody! Melody Vs Martell, Melody Vs Tisha, Melody Vs Destiny. Eliminate Melody for invites and there would be no drama! #LAMH.

Martell a man should run his house. I want to punch his ass in that milk dud ass head #LAMH.

@housewives808 Yelp. Tiffany shouldn’t be telling Martell anything at all!! She’s doing too much!!.

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