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Masego will go down in history for his COLORS performance 🎶.

Masego explains the meaning behind his song “Yamz.” @UncleSego.

Fetty Wap gave the world a thanksgiving hit for generations to come. Shoutout to DEVIN MORRISON and Masego for the original version. A lot of people don’t know , fetty got approval from Original creators of the song , so no reason to not enjoy this banger !.

For everybody who’s mad at Fetty Wap for covering Yamz, here’s Masego reacting to hearing Charlie Wilson singing on Fetty’s version. Masego gave permission for the cover & gets paid off both versions. It’s not erasure. It’s appreciation..


Mais alguém apaixonado pelo Masego tocando sax sem camisa? 🔥 #AfropunkNoMultishow #MasegoNoMultishow @UncleSego.

*whispers* Masego’s original “Yamz” is better than the Fetty Wap cover by a mile..


Masego (@UncleSego) chegou entregando tudo com o hit Navajo ✨ #AfropunkNoMultishow #MasegoNoMultishow.


The real take away from “sweet yamz” is Fetty Wap and Masego/Devin Morrison should be working together. Every natural hit-maker needs a great pen,.

the original yamz cut by masego & devin morrison is SO much better than this fetty wap rendition that i’m honestly confused at the popularity..

It’s real funny how Masego put out Yamz this time last year, but now it’s getting recognition because Fetty wap redone it🤔.

my cousin never knew the Masego version existed so I played it for him at dinner, he said Fetty WAP was better I almost jumped the table to swing at him OD DISRESPECT.

Not Fetty Wap 😭😭😭 Masego did not snap for his talent to be reduced to Fett Wap 💀.

Listen….we know Yamz is originally Masego’s song…trust KNOW…shut…thee…fuck…up ! Fetty Waps cover was good and people are enjoying it….shut y’all ass up fr man.

@Jaegar_94 My boy Masego’s! But that one bangs too just wasn’t expecting Fetty WAP to nail it.

Happy birthday mchana 🙏🏾,masego ke have a great one mate.

@Psalm__ii @kevoh_mode Aitch, taylor swift, Dave, james Arthur, Doja, Lil durk, Queen Naija, Shensea, Masego. Im like wtf😂😂.

That Fetty Wap version of ‘Yamz’ ain’t it. Masego and Devin Morrison did it right the first time. Leave it alone. Let them have their jam. The only good thing is that they’ll get that publishing if the Fetty version catches on..

Masego Photo,Masego Photo by L E F T, PhD ⚫️,L E F T, PhD ⚫️ on twitter tweets Masego Photo

Masego not getting the credit he deserves from you people is madd annoying to me. This is Navajo/Champagne Poetry all over again!.

I love masego down… but the song was missing something. Fetty gave Yamz what it needed..

@BarkyBoogz I remember hearing the masego version in a meme comp in the past year an was wondering why it sounds familiar.

Assistindo pelo Youtube um pouco do show do Masego no festival Afropunk,antes de dormir, acordar e trabalhar de novo. É, vida de produtor/ex artista não é fácil. Segue o baile.


O homem que toca saxofone sempre terá uma bucetinha molhadinha a sua espera, Masego, você tem o gotejo..

Show de Masego man, não tem jeito, esse homem deve ter aprendido português beijando boca aqui em Salvador..

O #masego tentando falar português em um sample de prototype no #í como eu queria estar nesse role.

Entrei na hora do show da liniker e masego na hora que comecou os dois brabo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Será que vai ter Masego nos melhores momentos do Afro Punk Bahia na @globoplay? Já tô com sono já.

Masego music is amazing, he is extremely talented. He makes the type of songs you can keep on repeat literally at all times..

se eu tivesse visto que o afropunk bahia ia trazer o masego teria me organizado pra ir ver esse homem maravilhoso, que show…………………...

Man I wish Devin & Masego performed this this year #SoulTrainAwards.

Idc how pretentious it may sound that shit is a clear example that average people like watered down bullshit when it comes to music because the only way you think that shit sound better than Masego & Devin is you have bad taste….

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