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Will have plenty more to say about this on Monday but these are the fights to make: Leon x winner Burns/Masvidal Colby x Belal Belal deserves a top fight, Colby hasn’t fought in a year+, Burns is active, the Masvidal story is right there (if he wins). Easy..


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He said this and turned around and said he wants Masvidal next LOL. I get it, you want the belt for a bit, it’s nice at the crib. Usman owns Colby, and Colby will own Leon. Styles make the fight. All about matchups..

Literally nobody at WW deserves a title shot. Usman held the division stagnant when he fought contenders that sat out until they got their title shot. Colby, Masvidal, and Leon are all to blame. They waited and didn’t let contenders in. Now there’s no contender. Shavkat is….

MMAmath is probably the worst argument you could make bc literally anyone can do the same, it’s stupid and doesn’t work. Leon 2x title wins vs Usman…Usman 2x title wins vs Colby + 1x win vs Jorge…so by your logic, Leon beats Colby and Masvidal too..

Masvidal doesn’t either, and when it comes to the UFC, Dana has the last word, so just fight him and call out whoever you want after that. Leon would win that fight anyway, imo..

Leon Edwards préférerait Jorge Masvidal à Colby Covington pour sa prochaine défense de titre 👀🔥.

@NewYorkRic His best career win is Vicente luque after like 10 consecutive wars one including almost being knocked out by T wood… masvidal has been smoked by almost everyone on this list burns most impressive performance was not getting finished by Khamzat. What are we doing?.

Leon says colby doesn’t deserve a title shot but masvidal does😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

@JF19109 A 9 fight unbeaten streak still makes you more deserving than a 38 year old Jorge Masvidal on a two fight losing streak, no relevant wins in todays division, and yet another year off. Bro is coasting off the “second best WW” narrative.

@RoboticJaguar They will probably wait to see if Masvidal wins. But regardless, Dana is not know to stick to his word..

@M__Krc @MMAFighting he wants masvidal because it would be easier … colby will dominate him.

@XperimenSecreto Como se le ocurra Masvidal ganar jajajaja sería todo una locura ya..

@brianmma209 @GilbertDurinho Maia couldn’t come close to submitting Masvidal but burns is gonna do it that easy? C’mon guy… 😂.

@BendyStraw452 Idk he really wants that one back, if Masvidal is out of the burns fight this might be his only chance. I don’t see Masvidal beating any top contenders..

@BylkDeJaneiro @ismv17_ Pas coherent sachant que edwards veut masvidal il se chie dessus en vrai mdrrr.

@ClubDeLasMMA Si masvidal fuera inteligente lo haria, le convienen peleas por dinero mas no el titulo.

@pelunaton @imcking092 Burns lo finaliza en el round 1 y por piedad, a donde va Masvidal?.

@fabiangib @MMAFighting Thing is Masvidal beating Burns (who is a top 5 fighter) would actually mean something, more than what Covington has done..

La manière dont il va remplir Masvidal si ça arrive je ne prie que pour ça.

De olho no cinturão, @GilbertDurinho enfrentará Jorge Masvidal no peso meio-médio! Quem vencer, pode ganhar uma chance de ser o desafiador do Leon Edwards e lutar pelo cinturão. Durinho é melhor e merece tal chance No evento principal, Poatan defenderá o cinturão contra Adesanya!.

Y’en a qui était hype par Usman contre edwards au point d’oublier que dans 2 semaine y’a le cauchemar de adesanya qui va refaire surface pour notre plus grand plaisir sans oublié masvidal qui combat sur la même carte contre burns c’est trop 2023.

@TheFight4MMA @16Submissions Arguably he got a draw at best, and being a superstar shouldn’t mean that you should constantly get title shots. Should be based on wins and skill. Beating a top 10 guy after losing 2 tries at the title shouldn’t be enough. I say give it to burns if he beats masvidal..

@SpinninBackfist Colby should fight Belal and then Leon get the choice of winner of that or Burns v Masvidal..

Leon Edwards beating Nate Diaz after a 2 year layoff and gets a title shot Colby Covington beating Jorge Masvidal and gets a title shot after a year layoff.

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Shoot I think Colby Covington is a great fighter buttt I’m unsure of how he gets the shot here lol he’s 2-2 in his last 4 beating Tyron Woodley who is retired and Jorge masVidal who isn’t very good and lost to usman twice lol. Colby could and may beat Leon I just dk how he got….

@BoxingBusch Ok whew. I thought a anti Leon Edwards take was incoming due to Leon sitting out for title shots haha. He’s right tho. Colby can’t just fight 40 year old action fighters and usman. Burns V Masvidal should 10000% get the next shot. Burns for the legit win-Masvidal for the ppv..

THEN! If Conor McGregor beat Michael Chandler, then Conor will fight for the title after that. Imagine the winner of (Leon/Colby V Masvidal) V Conor for a title. That would be Conor chance for 3 belt status against a guy that will most likely stand with him..

@NewYorkRic Colby beat Masvidal. Colby talks a lot of shit which makes it easy to promote a fight. Lots of people watch Colby whether it’s hate or love. Shavkat is going to beat Muhammad..

@espnmma Colby getting a title shot makes zero sense. Such a shame Masvidal didnt end his career. Biggest scumbag in professional sports.

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