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Baylor suddenly up 44-27 in Stillwater. Matt Rhule is my favorite for national coach of the year as of this moment..

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@EDuerrwaechter He better watch out or Matt Rhule will get that money instead 👀👀👀.

@jake_burns18 (Maybe?) Matt Rhule. But I’m having a hard time seeing him leave Baylor for this..

Falcon fans, how would you feel about Matt Rhule from Baylor as our next coach? Baylor offense looks incredibly good with little talent compared to what we have and he is a really really good time management guy?.

Matt Rhule: I really think the play of the game was Boogie [Kalon Barnes] picking that ball off right before halftime ... and almost went 99 with it. #Baylor.

@smokingmusket @NFL Why couldn’t Matt Rhule have just gone to the Jets like he was supposed to.

#Baylor it will not be long before the @NFL comes after Matt Rhule to be a head coach.

Matt Rhule is a good coach, I think. But that thing he wears makes him look like a line judge, or a caddie. Horrible choice..

Yes they are. Matt Rhule took over a toxic program and after a 1 win first year he went 7-6 in year two and now look at them. But we gotta make excuses for Chad Morris 😂.

@TCUWhiteTrash I dont understand why a college football coach who turns around a school always ends up leaving for a blue blood or NFL. It doesnt make sense to me. A guy like Matt Rhule can have a job for life and be a god down in , odds say that he will leave for a bigger school.

As much as I despise Baylor, Matt Rhule has done an outstanding job. I remember when Baylor was a dumpster fire in the wake of scandal with recruits de-committing left and right. Rhule had a tall task coming into the head coaching job!.

#Mizzou should have hired Matt Rhule. Remember when that was a rumor? Now that guy can coach and build a winning culture..

@chrisfallica unfortunately for row the boat fans BAMA/LSU is that weekend or GAMEDAY would be in Minn for the 1st time. Matt Rhule and the bears looked great today.

@ShehanJeyarajah He didn’t want to shell out money to Matt Rhule. And I’m still mad about it..

Matt Rhule has to be national coach of the year. Unreal turnaround at Baylor especially considering the circumstances he walked into.

@superleslie You’re no doubt “pretty good.” Good enough to be 9-0 going into OU. So I mean. Yea, that’s good without any qualifiers, I Chain Matt Rhule to something stat..

@junior_miller Wondering what the uniform czar would say about Matt Rhule’s pharmacist/Star Trek outfit?.

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Baylor suddenly up 44-27 in Stillwater. Matt Rhule is my favorite for national coach of the year as of this moment..

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