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There is not a reason in the world for Matt Patricia to still be calling this offense. I refuse to believe that someone else on that staff couldn’t do better than whatever this is.

Matt Patricia calls an offense the way a defensive coordinator goes into a game hoping an OC will..

Mac Jones Bitching Out Matt Patricia in Frustration is All of Us..

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Announcers can’t keep hyping Matt Patrícia as if he didn’t just fail in Detroit. “We’ll he’s an aeronautical engineer…” No, he been in the NFL 20 years, that man is a football coach..

The Matt Patricia Lions took the Chiefs down to the wire one time. At some point you have to win them..

Nothing like Matt Patricia going empty backfield from the shotgun on 3rd and 1 🤦‍♂️.

Idk how you can look at the red zone offense being ranked 31st in the NFL and not think this a Matt Patricia problem. He’s so bad play calling inside the 20..

We are so blessed to live in a world with fourth quarter zooms of Patriots offensive coordinator Matt Patricia.

Les comento que voy a seguir el partido desde la comodidad de mi cama y dejaré el celular. Esto fue todo por hoy. Ganen y me pago la liposucción para Matt Patricia, un beso..


Fuckin Matt Patricia, taking a sack on the 1 with no timeouts and under a minute left is such a brutal play call. Idk how you call that..

I’d be happier with Mac Jones calling the plays himself than with Matt Patricia calling them.

Matt Patricia early choice for Offensive Coordinator of Week. Everybody is wide open..

Credit where credit is due: good call from Matt Patricia there on third down. #Patriots.

@PatsBuzz Matt Patricia needs to be fired. Why is he calling swing passes on first down? Makes no sense.

If I’m Bob Kraft I am escorting Matt Patricia off the sideline in handcuffs and send him to a Gulag in northeastern Russia.

El ínclito Matt Patricia va haciendo amigos allá por dónde pasa, a Mac Jones ya lo tiene hartito 🏈🤣🤣🤣🤣.

@PritchBurner Matt Patricia took my hate personally because that would have been a run.

@mke_1613 @MikeReiss Your giving credit to Matt Patricia rn. Are you fucking serious. Are you serious..

@PatsBuzz I wonder if Matt Patricia is secretly someone in a fat suit and fake beard tonight.

Took half a season for Matt Patricia to utilize play action like this and look…New England is finally scoring. Also Hunter Henry made that way harder than it needed to be. Could have run right to the corner instead of cutting it back in..

The two people most responsible for the Patriots’ offensive play designing and play calling are Matt Patricia and Joe Judge. The impact that’s had on the OL, even when healthy, has impacted Mac mentally and affected how he operates in the pocket..

Mac Jones is an average qb being led by an absolute moron in Matt Patricia. We will never see success with that terrorist calling our offensive plays.

@hoodiesachiko Technically you’re relying on Matt Patricia. Yeah you’re screwed and so are we 😂.

Fire Matt Patricia. How the fuck is this that hard @Patriots . Save Mac. Give him someone THAT UNDERSTANDS OFFENSE BILL. Arrogant as fuck.

Their OC is Matt Patricia and their QB is Mac Jones and I can’t even say who their best Receiver is and this defense makes them look like the best offense of all time.

The Vikings defense is getting outplayed by Mac Jones and a Matt Patricia led offense 😭😭😭😭😭.

Matt Patricia should be like “alright what defense are they running. When I run this defense what plays did I give up 1000 yards to. Then just run that play”.

@PatsSavage matt patricia turns into Ayman al-Zawahiri whenever they get in the redzone.

Hope you all having a great Thanksgiving! All the turkey is gone, except Matt Patricia ..

„Patriots offense still needs to be more efficient and get into the end zone.“ Is just another way to say the Patriots need to fire Matt Patricia #ForeverNE.

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