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Tyler Matzek hitting 96 and 97 mph. It helped him record his first career save with 2 K in scoreless inning..

Tyler Matzek was a bit wild, but that save was huge. We desperately need that outing from him..

THAT looked like Tyler ‘Trying to get arrested at a World Series Parade’ Matzek!!!! #Braves.

Matzek just hit 96 top of the zone before getting Pham to whiff on a NASTY slider that clipped the bottom of the zone. That’s the best Matzek had pitched all year and I love to see it ….

Took care of business in Boston tonight. Life of Riley. Austin knocked in 5 of Braves 9 runs. Matzek first career save. Take that beaneaters!.

Matzek Photo,Matzek Photo by Matt Stewart,Matt Stewart on twitter tweets Matzek Photo

Congratulations to Tyler Matzek on recording his first career save this evening against the Red Sox! #PSIFamily.

Matzek Photo,Matzek Photo by PSI Sports Management, Inc,PSI Sports Management, Inc on twitter tweets Matzek Photo

@RooshWilliams Kenley has been closing for us. He was occasionally used as a setup man when matzek was injured but aj minter was usually that guy. He was a 7th inning guy up until he started struggling big time in which we started using him in low leverage situations and he would still struggle.

a “right” ronald acuna jr. is the most electric player in baseball. still not a ton of power save for a tank against NYM, but he’s def starting to look right again. he + matzek being themselves again (& ozzie’s return) would be bigger than any deadline acquisition could be..

@Ha_Braves_No 最近は90マイル前半だったのに今日は去年の Matzek だったね。💪 Arcia は捻挫かな?🤔 しばらく Adrianza に頑張ってもらうしかない。🧐 そのうちに Albies が戻ってくるでしょう。🤗.

Watched a Braves game for the first time this win for the club. Congrats to Austin Riley on a big hit to give us the 9-7 lead and shoutout to Matzek for closing it out..

The life of Riley (5 ribbies). Wash Waving… R A C e Jr. (Ronald’s yellow shoes were on the move). And The Man child behind the plate. And Matzek #braveswinbraveswin @braves.

Matzek Photo,Matzek Photo by David Titchenal,David Titchenal on twitter tweets Matzek Photo

Matzek throwing 97mph is a good sign. Tough, grind it out, character building win. #FortheA.

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