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We ride on. Mayans is officially renewed for Season 3. #MayansFX.

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HOLY FUCKING @MayansFX finale “ “ “ “ 🎤 BRING ON SEASON 3 #MayansMC.

@vanessa_giselle @MayansFX Seriously though, you’re really missed on the show. Hopefully you have a return next season. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing wherever your career takes you..

30 mins. Who will be joining me in Australia watching the season finale of @MayansFX.

@cardenasclayton @MayansFX Have loved every minute of cant wait for season guess I will have to rewatch it all to get my Angel fix 😉.

@CarlaBaratta @MayansFX Your character is really in for a terrible time. I wonder how many ways they can try to play you (Potter - the very fine actor Ray McKinnon of Rectify fame)? I hope your character wins this battle - she deserves it! Thank you for your hard work, see you next year!.

@CabralRichy you are my favourite # I’d go to the church of #Coco any you bring such life too Coco and such passion, captivates us!! Bravo to all cast and @MayansFX for a great.

At last! @JDPardo seeing EZ FINALLY with his Kutte was my favorite scene tonite! Even though I couldn’t help but think damn that’s a lot of patches to sew on! I thought you just get a new Kutte! What was your favorite scene of season finale? #MayansFX #MayansMC.

YO IS ANGEL THE DADDY OR NOT? 🧐🧐🧐. #MayansFX #thesuspenseiskillingmealredy.

Take the baby?!?! Nooooo!!! Potter must be taken out!!! @cardenasclayton @CarlaBaratta #MayansFX.

The emotions of this scene , ugh! Rocked me to my core. #mayansmc #mayansfx.

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How is nobody talking about that was clearly a Sons of Anarchy cut on that body on the floor?!? Am I the only one who saw that?! WHO IS IT #MayansFX.

Great #MayansFX season finale! For all those storyline loose ends tied up tonight, it might have wrapped up in a bigger overall mess than when the episode started! Great springboard for S3, looking forward to it!.

Can You Guys Looked Any More Hotter Than You Guys Already Do @cardenasclayton @JDPardo #MayansFX.

@JamieFisher78 @MayansFX I’m so happy it’s his son. I always felt it would be but the other side of my brain thought “what Miguel”.

@cardenasclayton @JDPardo I hope Angel and EZ give that jackass what he deserves next season! #MayansFX.

This is gonna be me if the baby isn’t angels. Can MY DUDE BE HAPPY. LEAVE ANGEL ALONEEE @cardenasclayton #MayansMC #MayansFX.

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I also don’t think that’s angels baby. That’s Galindo’s. Been running with that the whole time i gotta stick with it #MayansFX.

@_Lisa517 I’m looking through the #MayansFX feed trying to piece it all together! 😂😂.

@MayansFX Potter needs a punch to the throat. All these commercials are RIDICULOUS!.

@MayansFX I absolutely loved everything about tonight’s #MayansFX  episode. It’s had everything: drama, action & suspense..

Dita tricking the bodyguards in the SUV and then driving off in it is hilarious. Shouldn’t Galindo have better help? #MayansFX  #MayansMC.

With much love. Thank you for making this happen. Here’s to Season 3. @MayansFX @JDPardo #mayansfx #mayansmc.

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OH YEAH 🙏😜 LOOKS LIKE THERES GONNA BE SEASON 3 @MayansFX 🤔💻🎥🎞📺🔫🛠🧰⚰️🚬🧨🧱💉⚙️💊🗝🔪😜🔥🔥.

We ride on. Mayans is officially renewed for Season 3. #MayansFX.

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Prospect or Mayan. The season finale of #MayansFX is tomorrow at 10.

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